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Every building has an architect


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This is in connection with the campaign "Every Building has an Architect". A continuous public awareness campaign to give due recognition to the architect who is responsible for the design of a building. A call to journalist and photographers to include the name of the architect whenever they are publishing any thing related to the building.

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Every building has an architect

  1. 1. Every Building has an
  2. 2. Architecture is about Designing a Structure
  3. 3. by a qualified professional called the “ARCHITECT”
  4. 4. TRAINED to provide the HIGHEST LEVEL of DESIGN
  5. 5. Conducting Thorough Analysis of the RELATIONSHIP and FUNCTIONALITY of SPACES
  6. 6. Solves and eases the ACCESSIBILITY and CIRCULATION pattern from Inside and Outside the building
  7. 7. Determine the ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT and considers SUSTAINABILITY of the structure
  8. 8. Creates UNIQUE DESIGN crafted with the best ARTISTRY
  9. 9. Provides STRUCTURALLY SAFE and SOUND Buildings
  10. 10. Introduce New and Innovative ways to create INTELLIGENT BUILDINGS
  11. 11. Not neglecting the CULTURAL HERITAGE of the community
  12. 12. The concepts, ideas,and creativity of a building design
  13. 13. came from the person who is technically trained and professionally qualified.
  14. 14. He is legally authorized by the Board of Architecture
  15. 15. That person is called the ARCHITECT!
  16. 16. A Public Awareness Campaign to Recognize the Work of an Architect Every Building has an Reference website Call to ArchitectsTo Publish your Design Contact:
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