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Problem solving (gstd)


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Published in: Education, Technology

Problem solving (gstd)

  1. 1. PROBLEM SOLVING (GSTD) student lockers at a large public high school
  2. 2. WHAT IS A GSTD?  GSTD is a Problem Solving method used to solve day-to-day issues.  It is splitted into 3 parts:  Go-See  Think  Do
  3. 3. GO-SEE  In this first part, go to place where the project is based with a group of people who have experience with problem related.  For the Exercise, i would go to the public high school, gather a few key people (the principal, a representative student, teachers etc.) in order to define what is the main concern with the locker.
  4. 4. THINK  After defined what is the current problem with the locker the team is supposed to start elaborating some improvements:  In the Example:The whole team could make a brainstorm section to list the improvements that could be done to the locker.  After the section, everyone would analyse which of the actions listed are actualy feasible and which of them are the ones that are the most cost-benefit.
  5. 5. DO  In this last part, the group is supposed to organize all the feasible ideas and start working on the solution for the problem.  For the example:The group should organize the main ideas listed and start working on the re-design of the student lockers based on the points raised.