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In Defence of Stories


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Presentation as part of the AFP Newfoundland & Labrador Chapter's Fundraising Day in St. John's on May 30, 2016.

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In Defence of Stories

  1. 1. In Defence of Stories Leah Eustace, MPhil, CFRE, ACFRE Chief Idea Goddess Good Works @LeahEustace
  2. 2. “Storytelling is so last year.”
  3. 3. Actually, it’s so last 100,000 years
  4. 4. Person 1: “Where’s Jack?” Person 2: “Well … I didn’t want to have to tell you, but I saw a yellow VW parked in front of Susan’s.” Props: Kendall Haven
  5. 5. He went to the store. Fred died. Sharon went hungry and wept. Props: Kendall Haven
  6. 6. Rodrigo Abd/Associated Press
  7. 7. Cathal McNaughton/Reuters
  8. 8. Let’s unravel our brain
  9. 9. How we think we make decisions
  10. 10. How we actually make decisions
  11. 11. Thinking fast and slow
  12. 12. Emotion vs logic
  13. 13. Emotion vs logic
  14. 14. Feeling emotion Empathy is the ability to see the world as another person, to share and understand another person’s feelings, needs, concerns and/or emotional state. (source:
  15. 15. Feeling emotion
  16. 16. What are we getting at here? Emotion trumps logic … Logic seems to take over when things are far away and hard to grasp …
  17. 17. Scenario one: Karen Klein
  18. 18. Scenario two: Syria
  19. 19. But then came Alan Kurdi
  20. 20. Something going on really far away, for a really long time, involving millions of people, suddenly became relatable. Why?
  21. 21. Donors experience psychic numbing “If I think of the mass I will never act, if I think of the one, I will.”
  22. 22. How many saved lives?
  23. 23. Give $10 million to fight a disease claiming 20,000 lives and save 10,000. or Give $10 million to fight a disease claiming 290,000 lives and save 20,000.
  24. 24. Emotion drives action
  25. 25. How did Alan’s story make you feel?
  26. 26. How we feel story
  27. 27. How we feel story
  28. 28. Our brains change as we age
  29. 29. Visualized autobiography
  30. 30. Psychological bias
  31. 31. Why, not how The cause, not the institution
  32. 32. “Your $100 donation today will help us double the size of our cancer center.” “Your $100 donation today will give a cancer patient’s mother a home away from home tonight.”
  33. 33. Stories are all powerful
  34. 34. Kronberg Castle @LeahEustace #NPStoryConf
  35. 35. Leah Eustace, MPhil, CFRE, ACFRE Chief Idea Goddess Good Works
  36. 36. Before you go …