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The Future is Now: AR and Vr in Education


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What are the applications of Augmented and Virtual Realities in the classroom? How can teachers leverage these technologies to support engagement and learning with students?

Published in: Education
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The Future is Now: AR and Vr in Education

  1. 1. Hands-On Learning Experiences with Augmented and Virtual Realities
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Alicia Ray lead digital learning and Media Innovation facilitator Meadowview Magnet Middle @iluveducating
  4. 4. Lucas gillispie director of academic and digital learning surry county schools @lucasgillispie
  5. 5. New Realities
  6. 6. Augmented Reality
  7. 7. Virtual Reality
  8. 8. So What?
  9. 9. What We’ve Learned with AR
  10. 10. What We’ve Learned with VR
  11. 11. Our Setup
  12. 12. Our Setup
  13. 13. Tour The World! Google Earth VR
  14. 14. VISIT SATURN! Titans of Space
  15. 15. See inside cells inCell
  16. 16. Solve problems Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes
  17. 17. Build worlds Vivecraft
  18. 18. Our Setup HTV Vive ($799) COMPUTER - Must SUPPORT VR (~$1500-$2000) Optional: External TV Couch Ikea Lamps Phillips HUE Lighting
  19. 19.