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Killing it with Kindness


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Slide show from "Killing It with Kindness: Incorporating Sustainable Assessment through Kindness Audits," a Virtual Conference Webcast given by Jessica Olin and Joe Hardenbrook on March 26, 2015 as part of the Association of College and Research Libraries Conference, Portland, Oregon.

Session Description: "Learn how to design and conduct a kindness audit, a low-cost and high-reward assessment method that helps librarians examine barriers to library services and spaces through a user experience lens. Varying methods for kindness audits, lessons learned, and suggestions for identifying and implementing low-cost improvements for library spaces and services, will all be discussed."

URLs for the narrative will be available soon.

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Killing it with Kindness

  1. 1. Killing It with Kindness: Incorporating Sustainable Assessment through Kindness Audits Jessica Olin and Joe Hardenbrook Virtual Conference Webcast March 26, 2015 Association of College and Research Libraries Conference, Portland, Oregon Twitter: @olinj and @mrlibrarydude #acrlkindness Email:
  2. 2. Speakers Joe Hardenbrook Jessica Olin
  3. 3. A. My favorite movie is Legally Blonde. B. I am a certified storm chaser. C.Winner of an airport code trivia contest. Joe’s Statements:
  4. 4. Jessica’s Statements: A. I was in a made for tv mini series when I was a kid. B. I have lived in 10 different states. C.I am a descendent of someone who signed the Declaration of Independence.
  5. 5. Kindness Audit What is it, anyway?
  6. 6. Carroll University
  7. 7. Todd Wehr Memorial Library
  8. 8. Librarian Audit
  9. 9. Library Lobby Commendable: Library Info
  10. 10. Library Lobby Commendable: Technology
  11. 11. Commendable: Library Coffee Shop
  12. 12. Needs Improvement: Signage
  13. 13. Needs Improvement: Services
  14. 14. Changes Implemented: Library Classroom Changes Implemented
  15. 15. Changes Implemented: Library Classroom Changes Implemented
  16. 16. Changes Implemented: Single Occupancy Restrooms
  17. 17. Changes Implemented: Librarians’ Offices
  18. 18. Changes Implemented: Group Study Rooms
  19. 19. Changes Implemented: Outlets
  20. 20. ● Easy fixes ● More to like than not to like ● Marketing/Branding and Info Lit What surprised us
  21. 21. Wesley College
  22. 22. Robert H. Parker Memorial Library
  23. 23. Student Audits
  24. 24. “Things I Like”: Friendly Staff
  25. 25. “Things I Like”: Displays & Polls
  26. 26. “Things I Like”: Consortium
  27. 27. “Things I Don’t Like”: Study Areas
  28. 28. “Things I Don’t Like” Furniture
  29. 29. “Things I Don’t Like”: Signs
  30. 30. “Things I Don’t Like”: Noise
  31. 31. “Things I Don’t Like”: Computers
  32. 32. “Things I Don’t Like”: Pay for Print
  33. 33. “Things I Don’t Like”: Librarian Offices
  34. 34. Changes Made: Basement Study Room
  35. 35. Changes Made: Second Floor Alcove
  36. 36. Changes Made: New Printers
  37. 37. Changes Made: Reference Desk
  38. 38. What surprised us: ● Overlap with librarian audits ● Consortium ● Easy fixes
  39. 39. Context Based Differences Image credit: Medical College of Wisconsin
  40. 40. Your Turn
  41. 41. Caveats ● ADA ● International ● Cultural ● Shared Spaces ● Need States ● Campus Regulations ● Improvement Cycle
  42. 42. Audience Participation Ways to connect today: ● Chat window; ● #acrlkindness or @mrlibrarydude or @olinj; ●
  43. 43. Audience Participation Picture from Alia Moore at The University of Arizona University Libraries.
  44. 44. Audience Participation Picture from Megan Brooks at Wellesley College.
  45. 45. Audience Participation Picture from Andrew Whitis at University of Findlay.
  46. 46. Further Questions: Jessica: or @olinj Joe: or @mrlibrarydude