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Sharelike Pitch


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Sharelike Pitch

  1. 1. Let your customers convert their friends into new clients
  2. 2. Company and MissionSharelik is a customer referral service helping small and mediume-stores to get new customers from social networks. We’re newad channel for e-commerceOur Mission: - Help e-stores advertise, use their currentcustomers smartly, raise revenues easilyOur Promise: - We don’t sell thin air, we increase sales.
  3. 3. Problem: small businesses have no tools to advertise in social networks• Facebook ads are expensive and infrequently bring new customers• The amount of time to maintain Twitter and Facebook presence doesn’t justify the results for your business• You add social buttons to your site…but nobody uses them• Small business don’t even know how all this social stuff works, they want just sell and get revenue
  4. 4. The Sharelike Solution• Help small and medium E-stores finally get value out of social networks. Easily and Inexpensively.• You’ve got current customers, so why don’t you leverage them to bring their friends to your store…it’s that simple. (1) Integrate our service with your E-store in a few clicks, and set up conditions for sharing information (2) Customer posts a message using social networks in exchange for a discount or a special treat, after that you can relax and get your profits.
  5. 5. Screenshots/Demo Video (in Russian): 0&feature=plcp Video (in English):
  6. 6. Market SizeTop Down:• All traditional social media advertisement = $5.7 BillionBottom up:• There are tens thousands of e-stores around the world• Our main customers are e-stores which have been built on web platforms: shopify, magento, etsy, oscommerce and dozens others.• Business presence on social networks is rising every year. Businesses are ready to pay, but need to see results. If we subscribe 700 companies with $140 plan it will be already $98K per month, but this is just the beginning.
  7. 7. Why we can scale rapidly?Because we are going to integrate into theworld’s biggest web platforms, here are ourdrivers of scale:
  8. 8. Business ModelMonthly subscription Basic Business Ultimate Pricing $40 $140 Custom For Growing business Established business Big brands Posts Up to 500 Up to 1500 Unlimited shares shares/month shares/month Analytics - + + Geo-location - + +Broadened service - + + Trial Period 1 month risk-free 1 month risk-free -
  9. 9. Technology• Sharelike has developed a platform which enables E-stores to effortlessly give discounts and incentives depending on number of friends, geo-location, and create broad sharing conditions for customers.• Our secret we :highly-targeted advertisement and social buzz
  10. 10. Competitors• Direct: • SMM, SMO agenciesReferralcandy. Our point of differentiation is the referral model itself, and an experienced team strong enough to compete and get the product to a wider market.
  11. 11. Marketing Plan• Partnership with web platforms• Direct sales to e-stores owners• (Content Marketing): Spread the information about our service in top blogs about how to raise sales in e-stores• Partnership with web studios• Advertise inside our web platform partners
  12. 12. Team• Gusev Sergey, CEO & Co-Founderentrepreneur, economist, strong atmarketing and sales, Internet enthusiast.Sold one offline company.• Popov Vladimir, CTO & Co-Foundercoding guru, ruby ninja, js.node, js, tookpart in Techcrunch Beijing, 2 yearsexperience of working in Chinese techcompany.
  13. 13. Financing• Not actively seeking funding, but open to early discussions.• Open to discuss seed funding in order to expand faster.• Feel free to reach out with questions, interest or partnership ideas.
  14. 14. Hope you already like us and our productLet’s maintain close contact in order tomake E-stores’ life easier.E-mail: +7 967 048 4994Location: Moscow city