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Qr code (quick response code)


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All About QR Code ( Quick Response Code )

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Qr code (quick response code)

  1. 1. Likan PatraGEC - CSE - 6th SEM0901292405
  2. 2. QR Code Stands for Quick Response Code, is a type of 2DBarCode which was First used in designing automotiveIndustry.It is Presently Very Popular as it is very Fast Readable andhas large storage Capacity as compared to the BarcodeThe Code Consists of Black modules arranged in a Squarepattern on a White Board.Invented by the Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave in 1994 totrack vehicles during the manufacturing process.It was designed to allow its contents to be decoded at highspeed. In recent years consumers have grown used to seeing themin consumer advertising and packaging, because thedissemination of smartphones "has put a barcode reader ineveryones pocket" for the first time. For Commercial, hardware scanners available in severaltechnologies; no more expensive than other barcodescanners.For Causal use, software generators and readers areavailable for free in the Internet and many Apps for PC andMobile (which have camera) .
  3. 3. Visiting Cards BillBoards CansFor Billing
  4. 4. QR Code has started in India since 2years. Indian Commercial Companies use QR code in their Advertisements to promote their Product ` ` ` `
  5. 5. QR Code is Scanned throughthe Mobile and it is Decoded Online and Gives a fast response
  6. 6. QR Code is encoded in 4 Types-1. Numeric - 3 characters are encoded to 10bit length.In theory, 7089 characters or less can be stored in a QRcode.2. Alphanumeric - 2 characters are encoded to 11bit length.In theory, 4296 characters or less can be stored in a QRcode.3. 8bit byte data- In from of 0 & 1In theory, 2953 characters or less can be stored in a QRcode.4. KANJI - A KANJI Character(this is multi byte character) isencoded to 13bit length.In theory, 1817 characters or less can be stored in a QRcode.
  7. 7. The Size of QR Code defined as version. Version is from 1 to 40. Version 1 is 21*21 matrix.And 4 modules increases whenever 1 version increases. So version 40 is 177*177 matrix.
  8. 8. QR- Code Scanner uses three Corners aMarkers, regardless of Position Scanned
  9. 9. The QR Code can be of any ColorOther than Black and of any SizeWith Various Patterns and Designs.
  10. 10. Very Fast Decoding - It takes a second or two to decodethe Information from the encrypted in the QR Code.About 5-6KB of Information is transferred online toThe server and it responds very faster as compared toThe General Barcode.High Density – This QR Code can contain up to 1852 characters(a total of 1,264 characters of ordinary/ASCII text ).
  11. 11. ZXING is an open-source, multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing libraryimplemented in Java, with ports to other languages.However the project can be used to encode and decode barcodes.The Source Can be Downloaded from the Link given below
  12. 12. You do not need any Knowledge to Make a QR Code.There are various Online Applications using which one can make a Customized QR of any Data GoQR.ME Invx.Com KEREM ERKAN Myqr.Co Unitag QRHacker
  13. 13. Here are the List of Applications using which you can Decode any QR Code using a Mobile. MobileTag QR Code Reader i-nigma QR Code Reader Kaywa QR Code Reader UpCode QR Code Reader NeoReader QR Code Reader BeeTag QR Code Reader SnapMaze QR Code Reader TapMedia QR Code Reader
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