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First Steps In Hypnosis


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A first experience that explains what hypnosis is, what it can do, and how it feels.

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First Steps In Hypnosis

  1. 1. First Steps in Ericksonian Hypnosis Chris Keeler and Linda Ferguson, NLPCT inc.
  2. 2. Begin where you are. Where are you?
  3. 3. How do you know who you are? • The self that you know is only part of yourself • Biology/ psychology/ philosophy/ theology all agree: you are more than you think and you are exactly what you think • What changes if you get to know more of yourself?
  4. 4. Who is in charge? • have you ever surprised yourself? • have you ever done something that wasn’t like you? • how did that happen?
  5. 5. Wouldn’t it feel good to be just one self?
  6. 6. Like a tree • you can’t see the roots but you know they’re there • you can’t see the seeds but you know they’re there • the tree is more than what you can see • you are more than what you know you know
  7. 7. You are one • one mind that thinks through the brain and the body • one system of sensory perceptions transformed into meaning • one seamless blend of past, present and future
  8. 8. Use your senses to pull into the focus you want
  9. 9. Pay attention to everything you are noticing now. Notice what you see, what you hear, what you feel.
  10. 10. When we pay full attention, all our parts come together. We are aware of being one self.
  11. 11. But most of the time • We are all monkey brains • Conscious attention has evolved to notice threats • Conscious attention bounces around scanning for difference • Difference reminds us that we have internal differences
  12. 12. Settling the mind into just one thing requires that the body settle. Settling the body settles the mind.
  13. 13. As you watch the ripples begin to relax
  14. 14. Become calm • Begin at the edges and consciously relax, from top to toe or from toe to the top of your head • Imagine light and warmth around each part of your body as you tell your muscles to unwind and relax and soften • Notice that even very tiny muscles, like the ones around your eyes, can be told to relax
  15. 15. You can become completely relaxed
  16. 16. Just pretend to be in trance • pretend you can’t open your eyes • pretend your arm is resting on a shelf • pretend your hand is floating gently in the air • pretend you’re not pretending
  17. 17. Where are you going when you go into trance?
  18. 18. Know where you want to go
  19. 19. Why alter your state? Do you want to relax and recharge? relieve pain? solve a problem? change a behavior? explore your unconscious mind? retrieve a memory? accelerate learning? take a mental vacation?
  20. 20. What do you want to know? • Decide (with your hypnotist) on the reason for your trance • Decide (with your hypnotist) how long the trance will last • Decide (with your hypnotist) what you want to learn or suggest • Decide how you will know you got what you wanted
  21. 21. As you relax into trance, your mind focuses on just one thing
  22. 22. You let go of distraction
  23. 23. You decide how far down into the trance you will go
  24. 24. Deeply aware, deeply relaxed, deeply in trance
  25. 25. My voice will go with you • To guide the process so you can focus on the experience • To provide metaphors through which you might find new resources, new healing, or new patterns for solving problems • To offer direct suggestions at a level where they can easily and naturally change your thoughts and behaviours • To ensure that your state of intense focus remains safe and positive
  26. 26. And in a few moments you will return to the room, relaxed and refreshed
  27. 27. You may feel • as though no time has passed (because you stopped the world so you could focus) • as though you were wide awake (you were) • as though nothing has happened (but it did)
  28. 28. How will you know if you get what you want?
  29. 29. What’s different when you come back from the trance?
  30. 30. When you’re all the way back • You might remember suggestions when they are useful • You might follow suggestions at appropriate times without remembering • You might feel strangely relaxed and clear-headed • You will be able to find your way back into trance when you want to go there
  31. 31. Unconscious processes are a little bit wild
  32. 32. Which you is in charge of your trance? • Choose a hypnotist wisely • Learn self-hypnosis and set safe limits • You work best when conscious and unconscious processes collaborate • Safe journey, safe home