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Key to Social Media Success


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Kayla Wills reviews how LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help financial services professionals tackle social media and best utilize the platform for driving business development and uncovering revenue-generating opportunities.

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Key to Social Media Success

  2. 2. Type questions into the Q&A panel Housekeeping Download Resources from Library NOTE: Audio is only available via VoIP. There is no dial-in. Please turn on your computer audio.
  3. 3. Keys to Social Media Success Kayla Wills Account Executive LinkedIn Sales Solutions
  4. 4. Digital world. 2005
  5. 5. 2015
  6. 6. 6 The business environment has changed Lacking Credibility Losing Touch with Prospects Missing Critical Players
  7. 7. Missing Critical Players people are involved in the buying decision on average6.8 of decision makers change roles every year20%
  8. 8. of buyers don’t believe sales reps understand their business and don’t think they can help. 77% Lacking Credibility
  9. 9. Losing Touch with Prospects of forecasted deals go dark.24%
  10. 10. Adopt social selling to avoid these pitfalls members 467M countries & territories 200
  11. 11. What is social selling? Create a professional brand Find the right people Build strong relationships Engage with insights
  12. 12. Sales Navigator gets you to your buyers first Understand your prospects and their businesses Engage throughout the deal cycle Target the right buying committee
  13. 13. 13 Sales Navigator Demonstration
  14. 14. Social selling leaders create 45% more opportunities per quarter than social selling laggards. Social selling leaders are 51% more likely to hit targets than social selling laggards. 45%more opportunities 51%more likely to hit targets Based on a global study LinkedIn ran in Q4 2013 of Q3 performance for reps focused on new business and reps focused on existing business. Respondents reported performance; they were matched to their LinkedIn profiles to understand their engagement. Relationship leaders have an SSI > 70; Relationship laggards have an SSI < 30 Sales Navigator & Social Selling – Why should you care?
  15. 15. How can we start in a measurable, scalable and trainable way?
  16. 16. Look at Social Selling as a whole - an ecosystem, if you will – one that’s encompassing and bigger than any tool..... Training Support Solution
  17. 17. Q&A Learn more at