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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Data Sheet


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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Data Sheet

  1. 1. The New Sales Navigator Establish and grow relationships with prospects and customers With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can focus on the right people and companies, stay up-to-date on what’s happening at your accounts, and build trust with your prospects and customers. Preferences Accounts Personalize Sales Navigator by telling LinkedIn the types of people you target, and add accounts with a click or import them automatically from Salesforce. Stay up-to-date on what’s happening with the people and companies you’re interested in. Your homepage and emails will offer up five types of alerts: S A L E S N A V I G A T O R Lead Updates: Be one of the first to know when your leads change roles, have an anniversary or connect with someone in your network. Shares: Understand what your leads care about by seeing their professional shares on LinkedIn Company Updates: Receive key information about your accounts that is posted to their Company Page. In the news: See when people or companies get mentioned the news, sourced from sites across the web. Potential Leads: Identify new potential contacts or decision makers when accounts make new key hires.
  2. 2. Deep dive into company-specific updates, news, and relationships with Account Pages. Discover new leads with recommendations tailored to you. See your existing relationships at a company with How You’re Connected. Use TeamLink to find people your colleagues know at your target company. Find the right people through Premium Search, and qualify them using extended profile access. Find the right person with search filters that reflect the way you prospect. See full profile and LinkedIn activity for 3rd degree connections and beyond. Save people who are important to you to see their updates on your homepage. Uncover the best way to get introduced with TeamLink. See the people in your company’s network who can introduce you to a prospect. The New Sales Navigator Both worked at SunEnergy Send Noah InMail S A L E S N A V I G A T O R S A L E S N A V I G A T O R Tap into the power of LinkedIn with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Designed for sales professionals, LinkedIn Sales Navigator combines LinkedIn’s network data, relevant news sources, and your accounts, leads, and preferences to produce customized recommendations and insights.