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LinkedIn & MHI Global Customer Success Story


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LinkedIn & MHI Global Customer Success Story

  1. 1. “LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the single key resource for sales leaders”. John Dougan Client Director Sales and Marketing MHI Global Objectives: • Discover a superior sales system for both internal use and to recommend to clients • Enhance the productivity and effectiveness of the sales team • Enable close monitoring of employee interaction and sales performance on LinkedIn Solution: • Equip the sales team in Australia and APAC with Sales Navigator • Utilise dashboard to optimise the sales team’s outcomes with Sales Navigator Why use LinkedIn? • Find key target groups with ease • Simplify the communication process with prospective clients • Broadcast information through LinkedIn’s publishing platform Results: • Increased revenue by 22% with only half the salespeople • Previous revenue stream with 3 verticals expanded to 6 verticals • Engaged a commercial real estate agency and turned a pilot into a $250,000 account MHI Global helps clients drive profitable, predictable top-line growth in an increasingly complex world. By providing an objective source of industry knowledge and insight, MHI Global helps clients overhaul their sales techniques, re-energize their sales force and fine-tune their customer interactions. As a worldwide leader in sales consultancy, MHI Global leads by example and when management decided to enhance their own sales system, they turned to LinkedIn. “It’s easier to engage with people on LinkedIn, it really is”. John Dougan Client Director Sales and Marketing, MHI Global Sales Solutions
  2. 2. Copyright © 2014 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. Connecting Through Content As a former journalist with a large network of contacts, Dougan creates content regularly and publishes it through LinkedIn. Dougan says, “I’m a huge fan of the new publishing platform and I’m finding that a lot of people are reading the blogs”. MHI Global has carried out extensive research on the benefits of creating publishable content and found that the content translates into successful prospects. Dougan feels that salespeople can also create a personal brand and says, “I’m getting an average readership of 2,500 and 20 comments, with about 70% of those readers being sales leaders”. Mixing business with pleasure can also be a worthwhile method of connecting as Dougan adds, “I also use LinkedIn to connect locally with my passion, Rugby Union”. Doubling Revenue Opportunities After being a salesperson with a proactive approach for many years, Dougan was delighted to see that LinkedIn led to sales that were reactive. Dougan says, “We started to connect with staff at a large commercial real estate agency, then the marketing manager, then the managing director, and it turned from a pilot into a $250,000 account”. After implementing Sales Navigator, MHI Global increased their revenue by 22% with half the salespeople. Dougan adds, “Also 71% of our revenue last year came from three verticals, that same figure now comes from six. LinkedIn’s capability to allow us to find prospective customers and listen to their market challenges has certainly played a large part in this”. John Dougan’s Tips for Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator “There’s no doubt I would use a top down approach. I deal with C level executives that are in growth or trouble and they are easier to find and reach out to on social media. Encourage your sales force to adopt social media to network and make valuable connections with a meaningful prospecting message”. On a side note Dougan adds, “I wouldn’t hire someone who didn’t have a LinkedIn profile”. To learn more please visit to find out how you can reach your target prospects on LinkedIn