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Multithreading & Relationship Strength


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Our Senior Insights Analyst, Jonathan Weindel, will walk through his analysis and findings on multithreading and relationship strength. Learn how multithreading can impact your deals and increase your win rates.

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Multithreading & Relationship Strength

  1. 1. Multithreading & Relationship Strength ​ Demonstrating the value of multithreading with CRM data Jonathan Weindel Senior Insights Analyst
  2. 2. Today, More Decision Makers are Involved in the Buying Process Account Rep 6.8 DMs Involved in the Average B2B Purchase
  3. 3. Majority of Deals Are Not Multithreaded 78% Single Threaded or Not Connected 7% Multithreaded 6+ Connections 0-1 Connections
  4. 4. 2 out of 5 Accounts at risk due to combined decision maker and rep turnover Relationships Put at Risk when Decision Makers or Sales Professionals Leave Account Rep Account Rep Account Rep Account Rep Account Rep
  5. 5. 50% 57% 1 6+ Number of Connections into an Account A Multi-threaded Approach to Sales Lifts Win Rate by 14% 7pp % Difference 14% Lift
  6. 6. Multi-threaded Reps Focused on New Business See a 34% Lift in Win Rate 35% 47% 1 6+ Number of Connections into an Account 12pp % Difference 34% Lift
  7. 7. 66% 71% Not Multi-threaded Multi-Threaded Multi-threading Also Impacts Win Rate for Reps Focused on Existing Business 5pp % Difference 7% Lift
  8. 8. Multi-threading Impacts Many Parts of Existing Business Deals Deal sizes are 43% lower when not multi-threaded Average bookings are 88% higher when multi-threaded 14% shorter deal cycle when multi-threaded
  9. 9. The Different Levels of Multi-Threadedness Lead Connection Strong Relationship
  10. 10. Attended the Same School 10 Not All Connections Are Created Equal Worked at the Same Company Have Common Connections Actively Engaged
  11. 11. 50% 57% Single-threaded Multi-threaded Let’s Revisit the Impact of Multi-threading Win Rate by Connectivity into an Account 7%
  12. 12. 50% 61% Single-threaded Multi-threaded Win Rate by Connectivity into an Account With at Least One Strong Connection 11% Let’s Revisit the Impact of Multi-threading
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