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Social Selling Done Right: Strategies for Creating a Social Selling Culture


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Today’s salesforce is ditching the phones and leveraging social media to find prospects and close deals. While Social Selling continues to drive higher revenue and increase pipeline, most organizations still do not have a social media strategy for their sales organization. Although companies understand why Social Selling is important, they don’t know how to make the change. It’s time for these organizations to implement a Social Selling culture before they get left behind.

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Social Selling Done Right: Strategies for Creating a Social Selling Culture

  1. 1. SALES SOLUTIONS Social Selling Done Right: Strategies for Creating a Social Selling Culture #inSalesChat
  2. 2. SALES SOLUTIONS Today’s Speakers: 2 Carlos Gil Global Sr. Social Marketing Manager LinkedIn Sales Solutions Celina Guerrero Social Selling Trainer Social to Sales #inSalesChat Julio Viskovich VP, Marketing rFactr Matt Heinz President Heinz Marketing
  3. 3. SALES SOLUTIONS 3 • All attendees are muted by default. Please type your questions into the chat panel and send them to all panelists. • Questions will be addressed at the end of webinar. • The webinar recording will be emailed out before the end of the week. • Tweet questions to @LinkedInSelling / #inSalesChat #inSalesChat Housekeeping Notes
  4. 4. SALES SOLUTIONS 4 • Speaker Introductions • How Sales Has Evolved • Creating a Trusted, Professional Brand • Focusing on the Right Prospects • Social Selling with Insights • Panel on Social Selling Culture • Q&A #inSalesChat Today’s Agenda
  5. 5. SALES SOLUTIONS are now involved in the average B2B buying decision people Boss Peer Direct report Business leader Cross-functional partner Corporate Executive Board 2013 – Winning The Consensus Purchase Your target buyer 5.4 Sales has evolved and the buying process has too. Today, decisions involve more people than ever before. #inSalesChat
  6. 6. SALES SOLUTIONS 75% of B2B buyers now use social media to be more informed on vendors International Data Corporation 2014 – Social Buying Meets Social Selling Decision makers rely on social media to choose between potential vendors Network referrals White papers Company websites Blog posts Company pages Your target buyers Social relationships #inSalesChat
  7. 7. SALES SOLUTIONS Focus on the right people and companies Stay informed on key updates at your target accounts Build trust with your prospects and customers Building relationships with prospects and customers is different in this new economy #inSalesChat
  8. 8. SALES SOLUTIONS Billions of professional relationships 347M+ members 2B+ member updates per week LinkedIn has a wealth of information on the people & companies with whom you want to build relationships #inSalesChat
  9. 9. SALES SOLUTIONS Create a professional brand Find the right people Engage with insights Build strong relationships + 17% + 25% + 40% + 29% Social Selling Index + 26% Avg. increase in SSI seen by Sales Navigator customers in the first 3 months after activation. 3 Months After Activation LinkedIn helps your team improve at selling socially Our sales reps and customer success team partner with you to support your social selling initiatives. #inSalesChat
  10. 10. SALES SOLUTIONS Sales professionals with a high SSI… 1.6X faster to get promoted to VP 3X more likely to go to club 51% more likely to exceed quota Exceed Quota Go to Club Get Promoted Faster #inSalesChat
  11. 11. SALES SOLUTIONS Celina Guerrero Social Selling Trainer Social to Sales
  12. 12. SALES SOLUTIONS Photo & Headline 12 Headline ● First word focus ● Action word ● Keywords ● 1st 50 characters #inSalesChat
  13. 13. SALES SOLUTIONS Connections & Summary 13 Summary ● Let people self-qualify ● Quantify value ● 1st 200 characters ● Get feedback Connections ● Know, Like, Trust ● Referrals #inSalesChat
  14. 14. SALES SOLUTIONS Recommendations 14 Recommendations ● Ask (Not only your boss) ● “Social proof” ● Reorder ● First 200-250 characters #inSalesChat
  15. 15. SALES SOLUTIONS Write Long Form Post 15 Long Form Post ● Deliver value ● Story tell ● Personal / professional ● FAQ ● Image / Title #inSalesChat
  16. 16. SALES SOLUTIONS Share Long Form Post 16 #inSalesChat
  17. 17. SALES SOLUTIONS Julio Viskovich VP, Marketing rFactr
  18. 18. SALES SOLUTIONS 18 Advanced Search ● Granular searches with Boolean ● Tweak to return only relevant contacts ● Titles, keywords, name, company, industry, location are all free to use Saved Searches ● Save your best searches ● Get notified when new people are detected #inSalesChat Focus on the right people and companies
  19. 19. SALES SOLUTIONS Focus on the right people and companies #inSalesChat
  20. 20. SALES SOLUTIONS 20 Relationships Matter ● Look for social proximity ● Can your connections help accelerate the relationship? ● Referencing a mutual connection increases accepted requests and InMail’s up to 50% Groups ● Active Groups can be goldmines to get at bats and show value ● Groups allows you to message non 1st degree connections Focus on the right people and companies #inSalesChat
  21. 21. SALES SOLUTIONS 21 Evaluate ● Current title/role accurate? ● Match buyer persona? ● Previous companies and experience ● Common ground? ● Contact and other information Focus on the right people and companies #inSalesChat
  22. 22. SALES SOLUTIONS Focus on the right people and companies #inSalesChat
  23. 23. SALES SOLUTIONS Matt Heinz President Heinz Marketing
  24. 24. SALES SOLUTIONS Trigger Events 24 #inSalesChat
  25. 25. SALES SOLUTIONS Trigger Events 25 #inSalesChat
  26. 26. SALES SOLUTIONS Engage Their Content! 26 #inSalesChat
  27. 27. SALES SOLUTIONS Individual Insights – The 3x3 Method 27 #inSalesChat
  28. 28. SALES SOLUTIONS Do’s & Don’ts of InMail 28 #inSalesChat
  29. 29. SALES SOLUTIONS Company Insights 29 #inSalesChat
  30. 30. SALES SOLUTIONS Company Insights 30 #inSalesChat
  31. 31. SALES SOLUTIONS What are best practices for moving your team away from cold calling and building a social selling culture? #inSalesChat
  32. 32. SALES SOLUTIONS What should sales leaders do to immediately get their teams social selling? #inSalesChat
  33. 33. SALES SOLUTIONS Thank you!  Julio ViskovichCelina Guerrero Matt Heinz
  34. 34. SALES SOLUTIONS Questions? Twitter: @LinkedInSelling / #inSalesChat Email: Web: