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4 Essential Tips to Convert your Employees to Talent Brand Ambassadors


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Almost 60% of employees are proud of their company and ready to tell the world about it.

Over half of employees would recommend their company to others as a place to work.

Learn how to leverage your greatest assets - your employees - to strengthen your employer brand:

• Understand what motivates employees to share their stories

• Discover the importance of engagement and measurement

• See how top recruiting teams involve their teams in brand-building

• Take away four steps to cultivate talent brand ambassadors at your organization.

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4 Essential Tips to Convert your Employees to Talent Brand Ambassadors

  1. 1. & & 4 Essential Tips to Convert your Employees to Talent Brand Ambassadors
  2. 2. & Research insights to drive your talent brand  Reasons to cultivate your followers  Top 5 incentives for employees to become brand ambassadors  Analysis of brand ambassadorship and how it relates to talent recruiting  Linkage between employee engagement and followers  5 reasons employees become drivers of your brand The truth about followers and connections Cultivating employees as brand ambassadors
  3. 3. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | Poll: What is your role at your current company? Poll Question
  4. 4. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | Carrie Smith Moderator LinkedIn Talent Solutions Marty Finn Presenter LinkedIn Talent Solutions Mike Schroeder Presenter CEO, TNS Employee Insights Presenters
  5. 5. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | Focus on providing innovative solutions to increase employee engagement, retain top talent, enhance brand awareness and overall business performance:  Employee Engagement  Retention of Top Talent  Brand Awareness  Customer Engagement  Leadership Development Normative database comprised of information from 2+ million employees surveyed annually in 120+ countries Global leader of custom research, analysis and insights TNS: Who are we?
  6. 6. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | We provide thousands of recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers with highly effective tools to find and engage top talent through the world’s largest online professional network. LinkedIn customers include 85% of the Fortune 100 and corporations from every industry around the globe. Sourcing – Employer Branding – Job Distribution - Insights LinkedIn: Who are we?
  7. 7. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | #1 Focus on employee engagement Ensure buy in from senior leadership with a focus on employee engagement and strategic planning #2 Educate your employees Educate your employees on Brand Ambassadorship #3 Encourage ‘Share and Tell’ Share authentic stories, pictures and company events across a variety of media in order for employees and followers to repost and drive viral dispersion #4 Measure & monitor your initiatives to gauge success Measure engagement and create action plans that build a foundation of engaged employees and brand ambassadors 4 Tips to Convert Your Employees to Talent Brand Ambassadors
  8. 8. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | SOURCE: 1 eMarketer (Lab42 study, August 2011) 2 LinkedIn Follower Analysis, January 2012 Most follow for incentives, rewards, or discounts.1 Follow for professional news, insights, and product information.2 People follow companies on social platforms for different reasons
  9. 9. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | Employee Value Proposition The attributes that you most want associated with your company Employer Branding The delivery of your EVP across every communication touch point both internal and external Brand Promise What is your Employer Value Proposition & Branding?
  10. 10. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | Source: LinkedIn study of 3800+ global professionals conducted in January 2012 People are 3x more likely to spread bad news than good, and social media creates a transparent boundary between your employees and the marketplace Long-term relationships 64% of followers would follow companies “indefinitely” 61% of members are more likely to share information as a result of following a company Brand evangelists Engaged talent pool 71% of members are interested in updates on job opportunities from companies they follow Impact of Social Media
  11. 11. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | cost a global manufacturing firm $73 million a year in lost productivity, poor quality & service levels, higher accident rates & absenteeism Disengaged employees… Source: TNS Case Studies TNS Research shows… Employee engagement can increase profitability Higher employee engagement often coincides with a higher level of service quality Employee engagement has an influence on customer retention Employee Engagement & Business Outcomes
  12. 12. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | Employee Engagement and Ambassadors
  13. 13. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | Employees that are PROUD of their company and glad to tell people about it Employees who would RECOMMEND their company to others as a good place to work Source: TNS Global Panel Study and TNS Normative Database Global Panel Study High- Performing Organizations vs.58% 81% 87% 53% vs. Do You Have Brand Ambassadors?
  14. 14. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | Source: TNS Global Panel Study Brand ambassadors are supported through strong leadership and effective brand training initiatives Top 5 Reasons Employees Become Brand Ambassadors 1. Company brand experience sets us apart 2. I trust senior leadership 3. Work gives me a feeling of accomplishment 4. My company is environmentally responsible 5. I feel valued as an employee 1. Our brand experience sets us apart from competition 2. Supervisor supports brand experience efforts 3. Brand experience coaching and training is effective 4. I understand the behaviors to deliver the brand experience Drivers of Ambassador Efforts Creating Brand Ambassadors
  15. 15. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | Employee Engagement  Highly engaged employees are your best brand ambassadors  Key drivers of employee engagement:  Shared Purpose and Values  Career Development  Recognition  Senior Leadership Case Study - HCA  Over 25,000 department managers received reports and insights  More than 10,000 action plans were created online  Increases in employee engagement have resulted in improved patient satisfaction, reduced turnover and improved financial performance Tip #1: Focus on Employee Engagement
  16. 16. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | Questions employees need answers to… 1. Why is this a great place to work? 2. What is the value proposition for a new employee? 3. Why do we exist in the view of our customers? 4. What type of talent does this organization need to grow? 5. What resources are available to help with this effort? 6. What are our social media policies? Case Study A Fortune 500 company in the service industry showed that: Almost 40% of its employees felt restricted by the organization’s current social media policy More than half of its employees would share company stories given more flexible social media guidelines After developing an internal social media platform, over 60% of its U.S. based employees engage in intranet social media sites either daily or weekly Tip #2: EDUCATE YOUR EMPLOYEES
  17. 17. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | Develop and Communicate a Social Media Policy Distribute social media guidelines that encourage participation and reduce fear Provide stories of fellow employees on social media platforms Communicate in the local language and on local platforms Bring Cross- Functional Teams Together Create alignment through communication Encourage social media professional collaboration with colleagues Enhance teamwork by breaking down internal silos Build communities Utilize Intranet & Social Media Sites  Use intranets & social media platforms to highlight the connections across employee engagement and positive customer experiences Tip #3: ENCOURAGE ‘SHARE AND TELL’
  18. 18. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | Salesforce was tasked with hiring hundreds of account executives and sales engineers. CEO Marc Benioff rose to the challenge by asking his employees to turn to their networks to drive applicants: The Salesforce Challenge
  19. 19. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | 1 Data: 10/15-11/16, excludes weekends The impact was impressive…60% increase in employee referrals that week! 350 Links shared via LinkedIn status updates 2x more than the daily average One post led to… RESULTS 159K Connections ~25% Sales Professionals 40K Companies Shared Links1 By SFDC Employees +128% Likes1 SFDC Employee Posts +70% Status updates visible to: The Salesforce Success Story
  20. 20. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | Employee Engagement  Measure employee engagement and focus on the key drivers necessary to create brand ambassadors Training & Coaching  Management  Brand ambassadors Brand Ambassador Programs  Impact or utilizing networks for recruiting top talent  Social media programs Case Study  A business unit reported estimated savings of lost productivity by improving engagement by $30 million per year  Operating profit increased from $1.2 billion to over $2 billion  Functional and department leaders utilized an online action planning and best practices platform in order to implement both global and local action plans Tip #4: MEASURE & MONITOR YOUR INITIATIVES TO GAUGE SUCCESS
  21. 21. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | What are my competitors doing? How do I leverage my brand ambassadors? What you need to know
  22. 22. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | What you need to know #1 activity on LinkedIn = viewing profiles of connections.  Help your employees be strong representatives of your company by hosting a brown bag lunch to provide tips to improve their profiles.  Use ad space on employee profiles to drive traffic to your career presence on LinkedIn. 20x more likely to be clicked than regular ads. Employees are automatically followers when listing their company employment.  Send targeted company status updates on LinkedIn to share relevant content.  Highlight your brand ambassadors on your Career Page to ensure the message really resonates.  Deploy targeted version of Career Pages to showcase relevant employees and opportunities to visitors. Employees can amplify your message.  Encourage employees to share key updates to distribute your message to their connections.  Follow the playbook.  Broaden your distribution of job opportunities to employees’ professional circles and increase employee referrals. Work With Us Own the ad space on your employees’ profiles LinkedIn Jobs Employees share high priority jobs with their network LinkedIn Career Pages Build your employment brand with highlighting your brand ambassadors
  23. 23. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | Training and engaged employees are MORE likely to create brand ambassadors Engaged employees are LESS likely to leave, lowering overall costs of recruiting Engagement & Your Brand LinkedIn & TNS Employee Insights research converge on two key findings… Summary
  24. 24. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | Questions? Please email us at: with any confidential questions or tweet @hireonlinkedin
  25. 25. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | Marty Finn LinkedIn Talent Solutions @HireOnLinkedIn Mike Schroeder TNS Employee Insights @tns_insights Building the future of insights together! Contact us
  26. 26. ©TNS & LinkedIn 2015 | TNS Employee Engagement Tips Booklet At last, a truly great employee engagement tips booklet you can use! Written by TNS research professionals, providing tried and true methods on how to engage employees. For a quick and easy download, visit: