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InMail 2.0: How to Make Good InMails Great [Webcast]


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Whether you've written hundreds of InMails or are just starting to write your first, check out InMail examples and techniques that will grab candidates' attention.

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InMail 2.0: How to Make Good InMails Great [Webcast]

  1. 1. 3 InMail 2.0: How to Make Good InMails Great Wednesday, September 9th starting at 11am PT I 2pm ET
  2. 2. What we’ll cover today InMail subject lines: The keepers, the sleepers and the bleepers 1 The do’s and don’ts of InMails2 How to make good InMails great3 4 Q&A 6
  3. 3. InMail subject lines: The keepers, the sleepers and the bleepers
  4. 4. Most likely to entice a candidate to read the InMail 8 The keepers * image by The Terminator
  5. 5. Get your candidate to actually consider the position 9 The keepers ​1. (Shared connection) suggested that I reach out to you… ​If your candidate is connected via LinkedIn with someone in your company, leverage that relationship. ​2. Hello from a fellow avid Scuba diver ​Most people put interests outside of work on their LinkedIn profile. ​3. We overlapped at Columbia for two years, but… ​Leverage any sort of shared experience you have with the candidate. ​4. Tara, do you wish you could come back to Instant Technology? ​This one only works if you are targeting someone who left your company. Source:
  6. 6. Boring subject lines likely to be ignored 10 The sleepers * images by Jeff Hill
  7. 7. Don’t let potential candidates hit the “snooze” button on your InMail 11 The sleepers ​1. You are probably happy at LinkedIn, but… ​It’s been used a thousand times before. ​2. New product marketing manager role ​Yawn. (Really? I was looking for old product marketing manager roles) ​3. Looking for a dynamic Director of Marketing with a broad marketing background for a great company! ​I’m really starting to get tired now. (Can you be any less generic?) ​4. Career Opportunity with XYZ Co. ​Zzzzzzz… Source:
  8. 8. The worst of the bunch 12 The bleepers ​* image by travelwayoflife
  9. 9. Almost a guarantee to drive candidates away 13 The bleepers ​1. Did you get my earlier message? ​Yes, and I didn’t respond that time either. ​2. I couldn’t reach you via phone so hoping you check your InMails ​Getting “stalker-ish.” ​3. My client is interested in filling a marketing leader role immediately ​Don’t make your problem, mine. ​4. Nice LinkedIn profile. How are you? ​What’s next, a dozen red roses and a cheap bottle of champagne? Source:
  10. 10. Make your InMails count 14 Final thoughts on subject lines ​ Just like a headline is the most important part of an article, a subject line is the most critical part of an InMail. ​ Personalize the subject line and remember it’s all about the candidate ​ ​ Recruiters who take a few extra seconds to write great InMail subject lines will get stronger candidates, improve their firm’s brand and garner higher InMail response rates. For similar tips on LinkedIn products, visit our blog for weekly updates:
  11. 11. The do’s and don’ts of InMails
  12. 12. 16 Don’t: Include too much information
  13. 13. 17 Don’t: Make it feel like a template
  14. 14. 18 Don’t: Put the job title in the subject line
  15. 15. 19 Don’t: Focus on the job
  16. 16. 20 Do: Use our Social InMail framework Social Who & Why WOW Factor Call to Action
  17. 17. • School • Relationship • Function • Groups • When joined 21 Do: Use our top five InMail filters
  18. 18. Regardless of your level of interest, what are the most important pieces of information that an in-house corporate recruiter or a headhunter for a search and staffing firm should include in their initial message to you? Do: Consider what talent wants know when crafting your initial outreach The role’s responsibilities Projected salary range Why you’re reaching out to them specifically The company’s culture The company’s mission 64% U.S. and Canada Global 69% 72% 52% 60% 73% 47% 45% 34% 33% 22
  19. 19. How to make good InMails great *Names, photos, titles & companies have been changed to protect the innocent & guilty alike
  20. 20. 24 Good Hi Alex, Even with thousands of restaurants at our fingertips, doesn’t it always feel like our favorite spots – our neighborhood gems! – are the ones that don’t deliver? This startup is the solution. And with your background at LinkedIn, you would be the perfect fit for their city manager role! • Extremely flexible hours: work from anywhere at any time! • Rare opportunity to build out your city’s FIRST TEAM • Proven success & profitability in San Francisco, Seattle and NYC! • Competitive salary, full benefits & transportation cost coverage Let’s schedule a time to chat this Monday! I’m available between 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. Best, Sarah InMail | People First Recruiting Fast track to leadership! Opportunity to own your market and build a team below you! Sarah Smith, Senior Enterprise Recruiter January 10, 2014 Make this a question. Remember to consider the candidate’s schedule. Shorten subject line. Try to personalize. …to great
  21. 21. 25 Tara, I wanted to reach out and follow up to our previous email as I felt you might be a good fit for one of my clients. This is an exciting opportunity based here in Chicago with a well-funded start-up in the mobile retail space which is quickly growing. They are looking to add to their Sales team at the leadership level. In the interest of transparency, they are looking for someone able to develop new retail clients and willing to travel significantly. Some travel would be international. Let me know if you are interested in connecting this week to explore further. If you are not interested but know of someone who might be, feel free to have them reach out to me. Regardless, let me know! Kean InMail | WEM Staffing Let’s Connect Kean Nerve, WEM Staffing April 24, 2014 Sounds like a neat opportunity – but why are you reaching out to me specifically? Too generic. Mention something about the candidate. Always good to ask for a referral, but be sure to highlight why you’re interested in the candidate. Good…to great
  22. 22. 26 Tara, I hope this note finds you well! I wanted to reach out to you after viewing your profile; your impressive retail skills really caught my eye! I am always looking to network with bright Sales individuals, and I would like to learn more about you and your career goals. As Quality Search Partners continues to thrive, it never hurts to know more about people in our industry! If you’re interested in networking, please look at my LinkedIn profile and let me know 2-3 times when you are available to talk, as well as a good number to call! Look forward to connecting, Robert InMail | Quality Search Partners What are your plans after graduation? Robert Knight, Senior Recruiter May 5, 2011 Start with something other than “I came across your profile…” Great place to call out their major or why they’d be a good fit. …to greatGood
  23. 23. 27 Hi James, I noticed your connected to Brian Smith (CEO of BNC). Brian is a client of mine who I’ve worked with for the past 5 years and I’m currently looking to find a strong leader who can take on the VP of Sales role at BNC. Brian is interested in someone who has extensive experience in sales strategy – and seeing that you have built out multiple sales organizations, I think you’d be a great fit. I’m sure you’re busy, but I’d value the opportunity to discuss the role with you and a few new initiatives they’re looking to role out. How does the beginning of next week look for you? Thanks, Dominic 555-555-5555 InMail | Search Savvy Expertise Request! Dominic Dom, Senior Recruiter February 9, 2010 Give your InMail the subject line it deserves. Add a WOW factor or additional skills they’ll gain in this role. …to greatGood
  24. 24. 28 What does a great InMail look like? Hi Tara, Would you like to join a company that’s experiencing record breaking sales? With your extensive sales background at CareerBuilder and success you’ve had up to this point in your career, have you thought about your next move? My client is seeking an influential player to increase revenue by 10%. This will give you the opportunity to secure new business, as well as expand our existing client base to add to your resume and diversify your skills. With three years of experience under your belt, I’d love to hear more about what you do in your current role and your career goals. Would you have any availability next week on Wednesday to grab a cup of coffee? Best, Wally Wan 555.555.5555 InMail I XTS Recruiting Interested in diversifying your skillset? Wally Wan, Senior Recruiter March 30, 2015
  25. 25. 29 Checklist before hitting send Leverage personal profile information Appeal to passive candidates Include a clear call to action Write to be mobile ready Ask yourself if you would open, read and reply
  26. 26. New InMail features in Recruiter products
  27. 27. View candidates’ profiles while you write 31 Personalizing InMails just got easier
  28. 28. Easily find your templates 32 Do more in less time
  29. 29. Message length matters 33 Get real-time guidance
  30. 30. We’ll automatically save your signature 34 Set your signature, and forget it