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Bring In Your Parents Day 2014


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LinkedIn’s Bring In Your Parents Day is happening on November 6th 2014. To celebrate the launch of this year’s BIYP, we conducted global research to uncover the extent and nature of this untapped source of advice – our parents. There was one data point that stuck out for me: 60% of us believe our parents have valuable skills that they have yet to pass on, whilst parents might be under valuing themselves with a third (35%) feeling the same. Learn more:

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Bring In Your Parents Day 2014

  1. 1. Your parents can still be an inspiration in your career. LinkedIn conducted some research to uncover the extent and nature of this untapped source of wisdom. Problem solving 44% Perseverence 42% 39% 37% 37% of parents are held back from not sharing advice by not knowing enough about their child’s career of parents worry their child wouldn’t listen to their advice if they passed it on 22% Highest parental influence 92% India 76% Australia 75% USA 1 in 10 workers admit they never thank their parents for their advice Over half agree they should thank their parents more Who’s saying thanks the most? 95% India 82% Brazil 81% Spain Integrity Time management Organizational skills 58% of workers know their parents hold knowledge & skills they haven’t passed on yet 35% of parents share the same view