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LinkedIn Pulse Presents: Productivity Hacks


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Learn how to make every minute count: LinkedIn Influencers share their top productivity hacks. Read more:

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LinkedIn Pulse Presents: Productivity Hacks

  1. DON’T WORK HARDER — WORK SMARTER. LinkedIn Influencers know how to make every minute count. They’ve figured out how to do it all, how to balance their to-do lists with the things they love.
  2. NOW YOU CAN TOO. They’ve shared their favorite productivity hacks, from extra-efficient workouts to time-saving keyboard tricks. Learn how these business leaders operate, and start hacking your own workday.
  3. The One-Minute Rule: “It’s very simple: do, without delay, any task that can be finished in one minute.” Read More Gretchen Rubin – Bestselling Author
  4. “Manage your mobile, don’t let it manage you.” Read More Richard Branson – Founder at Virgin Group
  5. “Ultimately, the way I hack is by creating a tremendous team of people around me. I’m a human hacker.” Read More Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO Co-Founder of Vayner Media
  6. Arne Sorenson – President and CEO at Marriott International Hack Your Meeting 1. Use visuals “Executives are people too. They’ll get more excited about your idea if they’re excited by your presentation.”
  7. 2. Rethink the space “Meetings are not about tables and chairs. Envision presentations as a performance.” 3. No multi-tasking! You can actually lose the equivalent of 10 IQ points. “Nobody wants to look dumber in front of the boss.” Read More
  8. “When you feel like you are stuck in a workday rut, go for a walk. Chances are it will lead you all down a more creative, agreeable, and—yes—productive path.” Read More Brad Keywell – Co-Founder of Lightbank & Groupon
  9. Don’t multi-task. “Whatever I have taken on, I give 100 percent. That’s my quality control.” “Multi-tasking is the ruination of quality.” Read More Suze Orman – Television host, author, motivational speaker, producer
  10. Take a nap. “All I know is that since that day I fell asleep in the conference room many years ago, my business has grown five-fold.” Read More Paul Metselaar – Chairman & CEO at Ovation Travel Group
  11. Be happy. “Happy people are creative, productive people.” They’re: • 31% more productive • 40% more likely to receive a promotion • 10% more engaged at work Read More Naomi Simson – Founder, RedBalloon
  12. What are your favorite #productivityhacks? Tell us: LinkedIn Facebook Twitter