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LinkedIn Skills on the Rise

Members who list skills on their LinkedIn profiles receive an average of 13 times more profile views than those who don’t. In today's era of technology, it's easy to assume assume that technical skills would be the the fastest growing area of expertise. Our analysis of the top skills, however, revealed a surprising trend: non-IT skills are on the rise on LinkedIn. The data shows that skills related to health care, administration, hospitality, retail, and education are seeing the most significant growth. In fact, eight of the 10 skills that have grown the most in popularity ranking over the past year are non-technical and nearly half of these are healthcare related.

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LinkedIn Skills on the Rise

  1. 1. SKILLS ON THE RISE In today’s era of technology, it’s easy to assume that technical skills are the most popular and sought after areas of expertise. However, LinkedIn’s recent analysis of the top skills being added to members’ profiles today versus a year ago, shows that here has actually been substantial growth in non-IT skills. Skills relating to health care, administration, hospitality, retail, and education, in particular, are all seeing positive trends. RISING STARS 1 Direct Patient Care 6 Events Organization A LOOK ACROSS THE GLOBE A spotlight of the five non-IT skills that have grown the most in each country. US Downstream Oil Forklift Operation Maintenance Medical-Surgical Mergers FRANCE Community Outreach Courts Nonprofits Public Speaking Time Management NETHERLANDS Administrative Work Community Outreach Crisis Intervention Patient Safety Telephone Skills MEXICO Architecture Adult Education Nonprofits Project Estimation Time Management BRAZIL Invoicing Nonprofits Office Management Time Management West law ARGENTINA Architecture Community Outreach NonProfits Office Management Time Management JAPAN Budgets Customer Service Nonprofits Public Speaking INDIA Teamwork Chef Electrical Troubleshooting Food Student Affair Time Management ITALY Architecture Basic Life Support Certification Electronic Medical Record Certification Retail Sales Nursing GERMANY Administrative Assistant Budgets Events Organization Office Administration Public Speaking CANADA Direct Patient Care Maintenance Smart Serve Certification Telephone Skills Vital Signs RUSSIA Community Outreach Contractor Customer Service Inventory Management Public Speaking TURKEY Architecture Customer Service Health Management Nonprofits Public Speaking CHINA Budgets Customer Service Footwear Jewelry Public Speaking UK Administrative Assistant Maintenance Mergers Money Management Mortgage Banking AUSTRALIA Acute Care Cashiering English Food Maintenance Below is a list of skills that have increased the most in popularity ranking overall. 2 Cash Register 4 Statistical Data Analysis 8 Electrocardiography 7 Appointment Scheduling 9 Laboratory Skills 3 Node.js NEW SKILLS ON THE BLOCK Some new trends have emerged from the 1,000+ new standardized skills recently added. Members are no longer just listing their professional expertise, but also adding their skills with the latest and greatest gadgets: YOY GROWTH Xbox One Raspberry Pi GoPro The fastest growing non-IT skills include: No matter your industry, make sure you are putting your best professional foot forward and showcasing your skills on your LinkedIn profile In the past year, LinkedIn members have added more than 380 million skills to their profiles Members who have skills on their profiles receive an average of 13x more profile views than those who don’t Google Glass CPR Instruction Zumba Instruction Barista 122% 111% 59% 60% 24% 8% 37% 10 Food Preparation of these top 10 skills are non-IT of these top 10 skills are healthcare related 8 5 Intravenous Therapy 4 < < / 23 Skills