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Lora Poepping: LinkedIn Member Inspiration


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Losing a job can be the beginning of a journey, not the end of the road. In Lora's case, it was a gift that set her on a path to building her own business. Read her story:

I had a great robust career as a diversity manager at a large tech company. And one day, when I came into work, I received an email from my manager and it said, “I’d like to talk to you.” It was that day that I was laid off of work. But, I left that office thinking that this was a great opportunity to demonstrate to my younger daughter that transition can be a really good thing. The next thing I decided was that I wanted to update my LinkedIn profile. I’m going to put myself out there, I’m going to talk about what I do, I’m going to showcase who I am. And all of a sudden I realized I’ve really accomplished something over the last few years. Once I updated my profile and people started calling in saying, “Hey you were a recruiter and I’m looking for a job, and could you coach me?” And what was happening was the coaching that I was giving people actually worked. They were getting jobs. I thought… this could be a practice, this could be a business. And Plum was born. I understand now that LinkedIn really empowered me. It gave me the opportunity to tell my story in the way I wanted to tell it. Losing my job was tough, but I was tougher.

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