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Road Not Taken: Influencers on Their Alternate Paths [INFOGRAPHIC]


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In this latest series on LinkedIn, “The Road Not Taken,” we asked some of the world’s most successful professionals to explain how their career paths might have turned out differently. From Suze Orman and Deepak Chopra to the World Bank's Jim Kim and General Electric's Beth Comstock, more than 60 Influencers chimed in with inspiring tales and reflections of what might've been.

Road Not Taken: Influencers on Their Alternate Paths [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. 1. THE ROAD NOT TAKEN Influencers on their alternate career paths TARA HUNT “ WEIGHING THE OPTIONS MAYNARD WEBB ESTHER DYSON “ A DECIDING FACTOR IN CHOOSING THEIR CURRENT CAREER WAS: HELPING OTHERS LAW FINANCIAL OTHER REASONS WHAT AGE WERE YOU WHEN YOU CHOSE YOUR CURRENT PATH? WHAT INDUSTRY DO YOU THINK IS IN THE MOST NEED FOR REPAIR/INNOVATION? SALLIE KRAWCHECK BANKING 18% 8% 6% PUBLISHING W HAT TREND OR MOVEMENT ARE YOU THE MOST EXCITED ABOUT OR WISH YOU COULD PARTAKE IN? OTHER GREEN ENERGY 17% WEARABLE Sources: 1LinkedIn 2014, 2 Data based on responses from group of LinkedIn Influencers TECH AUTOMATED DRIVING INGE GEERDENS BETHANY MCLEAN 22% 24% 37% 25% 43% OIL / GAS EDUCATION HEALTHCARE 18-25 26-30 31-35 45% 29% 12% 36+ 14% PETER GUBER CRAIG NEWMARK IMPACT ON INDUSTRY OPPORTUNITY FOR GROWTH 21% 25% 38% 8% 8% MARK GRABAN “I had twins! HEATHER ELIAS JOHN BURNS REAL ESTATE SPORTS MARKETING ENTREPRENEURSHIP NAOMI SIMSON TECHNOLOGY SPACE NON-PROFITS I still remember the date I missed three board meetings at the same time, with no feeling of conflict: "Sorry, I'm training to be a cosmonaut and can't make it!" “ I got my foot in the door as a security guard, but my willingness to take on any task and ability to solve problems won me mmoore responsibilities and more senior roles. As I look back on it, [my startup] Homerun Services was an early attempt to combine my passion for baseball with my passion for analysis. II sshhoouulldd hhaavvee bbeeeenn aa sabermetrician! ...My passion for baseball analysis has been replaced by my passion for real estate analysis. If I had stayed at Apple [as a marketing manager], I never would have done my own thing. “ JORDY LEISER MARYANN KELLER DR. CHRIS STOUT SAM SHANK LINDA DESCANO WHAT PATH DID THEY CHOOSE?