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Sallie Krawcheck Has a Way to Fix Wall Street


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We spoke with Sallie Krawcheck about what went wrong on Wall Street, how to turn things around, and why diversity is good for the bottom line.

Read more and watch the first half of our interview:

Some of our favorite excerpts:
"Diversity isn't just this nice-to-do thing we do that we talk about, that we have a once-a-year board meeting on."

"Whereas corporate America has gone sideways on senior diversity over the past five, ten years, Wall Street went backwards. And is underrepresented with women."

"We've done research that said that only 15 percent of professional women believe that the financial services industry is doing a good job for them. The majority of professional women's self-created wealth is unmanaged."

"Maybe this diversity thing isn't a nice-to-do. Maybe it can help us get to what, in my view, is the largest emerging market in the world, which is women."

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