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The Best Advice LinkedIn Influencers Ever Got: Highlights


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LinkedIn Influencers reveal the best advice they ever got.

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The Best Advice LinkedIn Influencers Ever Got: Highlights

  1. 1. LinkedIn Influencers have received lots of great advice.
  2. 2. The advice that made them better leaders, better innovators, better thinkers. The advice that helped shape the best minds in business. And now they’re sharing that advice with you.
  3. 3. Angela Ahrendts CEO, Burberry “I know these simple truths helped form the fabric of my leadership, inspiring me and reminding me of my place and purpose.” Read More Tweet this
  4. 4. Richard Branson - Founder at Virgin Group “My headmaster told me I would either go to prison or become a millionaire!” Read More Tweet this
  5. 5. Jim Kim President at The World Bank “One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received sounds pretty simple: give it a shot.” Read More Tweet this
  6. 6. Naomi Simson - Founder, RedBalloon “My best advice: Discover what is inside the book.” Read More Tweet this
  7. 7. Brad Smith - President & CEO, Intuit “The truth is: making mistakes is actually an important part of a leader’s job.” Read More Tweet this
  8. 8. Suze Orman Television host, author, motivational speaker, producer “I would rather have 50 percent of something than 100 percent of nothing.” Read More Tweet this
  9. 9. Julia Boorstin - CNBC Correspondent “Say YES, no matter what the ask, and put in the elbow grease.” Read More Tweet this
  10. 10. Denise Morrison President & CEO, Campbell Soup Company “Your ability gets you so far and your relationships take you the rest of the way.” Read More Tweet this
  11. 11. Tweet this Steve Stoute Founder and CEO, Translation Advice from Jimmy Iovine: “When the s**t gets bigger than the cat, you’ve got to get rid of the cat.” Read More
  12. 12. Maynard Webb - Chairman, Yahoo!; Former COO, eBay; Author “I’m inspired by the knowledge that my best years are not behind, but still very much ahead.” Read More Tweet this
  13. 13. Read all the advice from Influencers here. And share your best advice with us on LinkedIn on Facebook on Twitter