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The Facebook Effect


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So you joined Facebook, accepted friends and started posting status/wall messages. However, does your boss need to know about Friday night? Should your friends be contacted by your friendly financial advisor? Would you accept a friend request from a student? How can Facebook impact your teaching? Join us to learn how to protect your privacy on Facebook.

Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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The Facebook Effect

  1. 1. Lisa SjogrenOsseo Area Schools
  2. 2. • Lisa (Simonet) Sjogren• Tech Integration Specialist from Osseo• 6th Year teaching, 3rd in Osseo• Speedskating, Travel, and Cooking
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Make friends with your friends list.
  7. 7. 1. Click Account2. Select Edit Friends3. Click +Create a List4. Type the name of a list (i.e. work, high school, family)5. Select friends to add to list.6. Click
  8. 8. Regardless if you know someone from various places, pick only one list.
  9. 9. 1. Click Account2. Edit Friends3. Hover near the right side to see lists.4. Click edit list if your friends don’t have a home.
  10. 10. Never let your boss, ex-boyfriend, or grandma know that you drink, swear, or punch your husband.Photo from inStudio
  11. 11. • Account Privacy Settings• Select Custom, then Customize Settings.• Includes: Information found on your wall, profile information, status messages, and notes/links.• Select Custom in the Drop Downs, choose which lists to share with or exclude.
  12. 12. Keeping Our Friends Quiet • Friends can check me into places. • Edit settings. • Select disabled. • Choose okay.
  13. 13. • Things people share- make sure this is set to only your friends, with custom exceptions. • Contact information- set to only me. • Click ‘Preview Profile’ - defaults to search. Type in a name to view friend’s settings.
  14. 14. Facebook, Bing, and Google are the newest members of the interviewing committee.
  15. 15. • Account Privacy Settings• Applications and Websites• Public Search• Edit Settings• Uncheck the ‘Enable Public Search’ box.
  16. 16. • Go privacy settings. • Select ‘View Settings’ Under Connecting on Facebook. • Select how people can search for you, send friend requests, and send messages.
  17. 17. Tag on the playground had one set of rules,tag in the 21st century has a different set. g /tag- rd erby rolle /blo gs/st S .com/C abble //www.b http:
  18. 18. 1. You cannot avoid the tag.2. Pictures/Videos are tagged by you or others.3. As long as you know someone’s email address you can tag them in a photo.4. You can tag someone in your status message by putting the ‘@’ sign in front of their name. It will then write that message on their wall.
  19. 19. • Individual writes a status message and includes you with the ‘@’ sign. The post goes on your wall for your mutual friends to see. • Your wall is visible to anyone, your photos are not visible. You post new photos, but because a ‘non-friend’ can see your wall, they can see your photos.
  20. 20. Just because we have beenfriends since we were five,doesn’t mean you should postpictures from junior high.
  21. 21. • Click account and then privacy.• Select Edit privacy settings for existing photo albums and videos.• Use the drop down menu to select privacy.• Set rules i.e. work friends ≠ seeing family pictures.• You have to do this for each photo album.
  22. 22. Suggesting Photos• Account and then privacy settings.• Customize settings.• Suggest photos of me to friends.• Edit settings• Select disabled and okay.
  23. 23. I will not give you sympathywhen I read, “It’s Complicated”
  24. 24. • Hover over the item in your profile and click the x to remove the post. • This will take care of your friend’s News Feeds in about 30 minutes.
  25. 25. No one cares if you gaineda level in Mafia Wars.
  26. 26. • Account Privacy Settings• Apps and websites, edit settings.• Apps you use.• Edit Settings• To chose what this app can and cannot do.• You have to do this for each application.
  27. 27. • Just in case you don’t want to read everyone’s adventures in Farmville • On the home page click a friend who is using the application and select ‘Hide Farmville’
  28. 28. There are other annoying things you can do with your time. In other words, I don’t want a play-by-play.
  29. 29. • Click the lock on your status message to not share with everyone.• Status messages can be update on a post by post message. Although not on mobile phone.
  30. 30. • Account Privacy Settings • Apps and Websites, Edit your settings • Info accessible through your friends. • Uncheck every box.
  31. 31. • From Main Page, select game requests. • Select Ignore invites from this friend or Block this application. • Do the same for app requests.
  32. 32. Before you get sent to the principal’s office, know what is going on first.
  33. 33. • Account Account Settings• Notifications• Select which notifications that you would like to receive.• My recommendations: Tags me in a photo and tags me in a video.
  34. 34. Never be guilty by association.
  35. 35. • Choose your friends wisely, well almost.• Find a particular friend.• Scroll down past their friends and select unfriend.• Select remove from Friends to de- friend someone.
  36. 36. My Front Door Policy• To be a friend, I have to be willing to let you through my front door.• Or, I have let you through my front door at one point (high school friends).
  37. 37. Full - Access• To see everything on my page, must meet any of the following: • You have current walk in privileges at our house. • You are in my ‘People I Really Like Group’ • You know a family secret.
  38. 38.
  39. 39.
  40. 40. Check What People See• Account and select privacy settings.• Customize settings• Preview my profile• Type friend names and see how they see your profile.