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Rang 5 ag briathra


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Published in: Education
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Rang 5 ag briathra

  1. 1. Rang 5 ‘ag’ briathra
  2. 2. ag siúl – walking ag rith – running ag eitilt – flying ag scríobh – writing ag snámh – swimming ag léamh - reading ag ól – drinking ag ithe - eating ag léim - jumping ag rothaíocht - cycling ag imirt cispheil – playing basketball ag imirt peil – playing football ag imirt hacaí - playing hockey ag imirt leadóige – playing tennis
  3. 3. ag imirt rugbaí – playing rugby ag déanamh gleacaíochta - doing gymnastics ag seinm ceoil – playing music (an instrument) ag péinteáil – painting ag tógáil griangraf – taking a photograph ag marcaíocht chapaill – horse riding ag déanamh dramaíochta – doing drama ag féachaint ar an teilifís – watching tv ag caint le mo chairde – talking to my friends ag éisteacht le ceoil – listening to music ag cócaireacht – cooking ag tiomáint – driving ag imirt gailf – playing golf