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Try Mnemonic Devices to Enhance bad Memory!!


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Have you ever seen clips of people competing in so-called memory competitions and asked yourself: How do they do this?

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Try Mnemonic Devices to Enhance bad Memory!!

  1. 1. Try Mnemonic Devices to Enhance Bad Memory!!
  2. 2.  World record - Simon Richard looked at a deck of 52 cards for 20.44 and could arrange another deck in the same order.
  3. 3.  Ale Mullen, Memory World Champion Alex Mullen from the US, could memorise 3029 digits from thousands of number.
  4. 4.  Two techniques to increase memory; 1. Right technique 2. Proper time
  5. 5.  Mnemonic devices; 1. techniques to memories
  6. 6.  Three key principles of Mnemonic devices: 1. Systematically organize the material 2. Elaborate on the material 3. Involve mental imagery
  7. 7.  Use the current memory website by Ale Mullen to memorise things
  8. 8.  Contact US Website : Email : m Facebook : Twitter : @ _helpassignment