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Make it real - Barça Barça Baaaarça!


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Presentation delivered by Lisa Stevens at Entrust Primary Language conference 26th June 2015 about the activities and outcomes of Comenius Regio project between Birmingham and Barcelona 2009-11

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Make it real - Barça Barça Baaaarça!

  1. 1. Make it real - Barça, Barça, Baaaarça! Lisa Stevens Entrust Language Conference 26.06.15
  2. 2. Comenius Regio! ...bilateral partnerships .... to foster cooperation ... topics of mutual interest ... to enrich the educational offering to young people at school age ... to offer European learning experiences Image cc from Flickr @Katerha
  3. 3. Text ICU
  4. 4. May 2010 Barcelona!
  5. 5. Text
  6. 6. Text
  7. 7. Text
  8. 8. July 2010 Conference
  9. 9. Text
  10. 10. Text
  11. 11. February 2011 CLIL
  12. 12. Text
  13. 13. Text
  14. 14. May 2011 Revelation
  15. 15. Text
  16. 16. July 2011 Celebration
  17. 17. Text
  18. 18. So what?
  19. 19. ‘First hand accounts have led to increased enthusiasm, excitement and engagement.’
  20. 20. ‘Teacher visits to Barcelona have allowed us to ‘magpie’ ideas...’
  21. 21. ‘Staff have found it illuminating... their own awareness of pedagogy has increased ...’
  22. 22. ‘Pupils have gained a better understanding of the world... from the youngest age (they see) the role they and others play in the wider world.’
  23. 23. ‘Pupils have gone home excited about their learning and shared it, continuing the conversation and widening empathy and understanding.’
  24. 24. ‘I like the fact we are communicated (sic)’
  25. 25. ‘ A personal face to Spain.’
  26. 26. ‘ Difference is to be celebrated not mocked’
  27. 27. Language in isolation More than words.
  28. 28. Awareness of own culture
  29. 29. Text Integration
  30. 30. Text Getting active
  31. 31. Text Literacy
  32. 32. Through visiting Els Pins and sharing what we saw with our children, Whitehouse Common have been inspired! ! We are now planning to create an International Library of our own, with books from across the globe, to inspire our children and raise awareness of the wider world.
  33. 33. Text Maths and Science
  34. 34. Skype Els Pins and WCPS
  35. 35. Text Purpose
  36. 36. Context = ideas! FC Barcelona Barcelona Zoo La Boqueria El Bosc de Fades L’aquarium photographs stories books resources
  37. 37. then WHCPS would own a part of FCB" We could buy a season ticket...
  38. 38. “We could make Spanish recipes” “We could taste and evaluate the different foods” “We could do something creative linked to the zoo. Go on a trip to a zoo in England and find similarities and differences”. “The infants could name the animals in Spanish” “We could learn the Barcelona anthem in Spanish and English” “We could do a project on Barcelona FC” We can compare football in England and Spain”
  39. 39. “We can write setting descriptions” ! “We can make our own Gaudi style models” “We can use the photos to create a story” “We can play Spanish sports in PE” “We could look at where the different football players come from using atlases and maps” “We could debate about how close people should be able to get to animals in the zoo!”
  40. 40. The children’s perception of CLIL: ! “We could use the different books to learn more Spanish and find out about our topics” ! “I think we could use the pop up books to explore pop ups and levers in DT and learn Spanish too” ! “We can give each year group books that link to their topics in History, Geography, Science and Art”
  42. 42. Text
  43. 43. Text
  44. 44. Text
  46. 46. Taking ownership “Sí podemos”
  47. 47. “ … coming over to Spain… …totally immersing yourself in Spanish life, makes the idea of teaching through another language much less daunting. ! I have begun to approach everything we see and do from a different perspective… … ! I am beginning to see it through the eyes of a language teacher and can see and understand the benefits of language and learning complimenting each other rather than the teaching of language being purely words. ! The learning will be relevant and exciting for the children and the language will become embedded as part of the learning journey.”
  48. 48. Facing a world of opportunity ! “I have found the whole experience of Barcelona inspiring, thrilling and overwhelming. ! There are exciting times ahead and, with everyone on board, there is the potential for innovative and forward thinking teaching to find a significant and relevant place in Whitehouse Common Primary School.”
  49. 49. Entitlement
  50. 50. In the end... it’s all about the kids.
  51. 51. lisibo@me. com
  52. 52. Links ! Official project wikispace - open access BhamBarcaComenius wikispace - private as contains pupil images Project report