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Global Social Login and Sharing Trends

LoginRadius is the fastest growing social provider serving over 120,000 different websites globally. We leverage social login, user profile data, and social sharing tools to help websites engage, understand, and market to their users.

These social login and sharing statistics are based off of LoginRadius's unified social platform with millions of monthly users.

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Global Social Login and Sharing Trends

  1. 1. Global Social Login and Sharing Trends Based on content from LoginRadius’s unified social platform
  2. 2. Who can benefit from this? Social has become an integral part of the web and has a major impact on almost every Internet user. These social stats could be very useful for anyone interested in social media trends, such as: ● Marketers ● Product Managers ● Social Media Enthusiasts ● Business Owners
  3. 3. Social Login Preference by Users 49% of users prefer logging in with Facebook on a website; Google+ is preferred by 29%, Twitter by 6% and Yahoo! by 4%.
  4. 4. Social Login Usage Among Gender Male users are 12% more likely to use social accounts for logging into a website than female users.
  5. 5. Social Login Usage Among Age Groups Users under the age of 35 are more likely to use social login than older users.
  6. 6. User Engagement and Return Rates with Social Login Male social login users are 15% more likely to return to a website than a female social login user. Older users are more likely to return to a website than younger users. Vkontakte users, on average, return to a website 18 times per year; Twitter users return 10 times and Google+ users return 9 times.
  7. 7. Is Social Login Popular on Mobile Devices? Logging in with social accounts is gaining popularity on mobile devices, but 84% of adoption is driven by PC & Mac.
  8. 8. Social Login Preference Among Websites Facebook is chosen by 55% of websites as a social login provider; Google and Twitter each are chosen by 37%.
  9. 9. Global Sharing Popularity Facebook has 53% of sharing activities. Google, Twitter, and Email respectively have 11%, 10%, and 6%.
  10. 10. Social Login Trends Facebook is maintaining its position with around 50% of all social logins.Google+ has increased their market share to 29%, while Yahoo! has fallen to 4%.
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  12. 12. Who is LoginRadius? We’re powering social login and sharing on more than 100,000+ websites worldwide. We have simplified the connections with 30 major social networks into one unified social platform, allowing websites to integrate social login and social sharing, capture user profile data, and obtain social analytics. By using LoginRadius, websites can increase user engagement, better understand their users, and convert users into their brand ambassadors to drive business. Learn more at