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BBDO Lessons In Attraction


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How to get a 'swipe right' from consumers.

Published in: Marketing
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BBDO Lessons In Attraction

  2. 2. CRAFTED BY THE PLANNING DEPARTMENT @ BBDO SINGAPORE Love is in the air, but finding ‘the one’ these days is often more about swiping a screen than sweeping your sweetheart off their feet. When it comes to attraction, online daters know how arduous it is to entice the elusive ‘swipe right’ from a potential ‘perfect match’. As advertisers, we suffer a similar struggle to capture the attention of people in an effort to ‘stop the scroll’. So, this Valentine’s Day we explored what brands can learn from the world of dating apps in the attempt to ‘swipe right’, or ‘stop the scroll’. INTRODUCTION
  3. 3. CRAFTED BY THE PLANNING DEPARTMENT @ BBDO SINGAPORE Dating has been forever changed by the rise of online tools that seek to play the role of cupid; connecting and uniting like-minded strangers in the hope of true love. The dating apps industry is booming. In fact, since 2013 there has been a rise in online dating across all age groups, to the tune of roughly 36%. If you are a Millennial, research reveals that there is a 1 in 5 chance that you have used or are currently using one of these apps. Overall, Millennials are set to become the most ‘single’ generation ever, with marriage rates predicted to be lower than any generation previously. Asia boasts the most fragmented dating app market in the world. While you may have heard of global powerhouse apps like Tinder, locally styled dating apps prevail in Asia. For example, China’s own Momo has a staggering 180 million registered users and reported revenue of $157 million (USD) in Q3 of 2016, alone. MODERN DAY DATING
  4. 4. CRAFTED BY THE PLANNING DEPARTMENT @ BBDO SINGAPORE DATING APP GLOBAL ESTIMATED REGISTERED USERS #1 APP IN … (ASIA ONLY) 338 million, total Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand 50 million, per month India, Philippines, Singapore 180 million, total China 20 million, total Vietnam 10 million, total Japan 8 million, total Taiwan 1.2 million, total South Korea YYC Heartbeep
  5. 5. CRAFTED BY THE PLANNING DEPARTMENT @ BBDO SINGAPORE Worldwide, singles are now spoilt for choice when it comes to methods for meeting new people. Dating apps are becoming even more tailored, aiming to increase your chances of a perfect match through intelligent use of algorithms and volunteered data. Hater, for instance, is a new dating app launched this month which seeks to connect singles based on their mutual hate of anything, from Trump to coriander.
  6. 6. CRAFTED BY THE PLANNING DEPARTMENT @ BBDO SINGAPORE Even social media giants like Facebook and WeChat have caught on to the dating app boom. Spotting the potential early, WeChat already offers a tool called ‘Look Around’, which allows users to strike up a conversation with nearby strangers. Facebook, on the other hand, launched its ‘Discover People’ function this month. ‘Discover People’ will recommend a selection of random profiles to users who are not already friends, but share similar interests. However, having more ways to meet a potential soulmate may not be the answer to a lonely heart.
  7. 7. CRAFTED BY THE PLANNING DEPARTMENT @ BBDO SINGAPORE The ‘paradox of choice’ is a phenomenon whereby people confronted with an abundance of equivalent options end up feeling depressed and are ultimately incapable of making a decision. Psychologists maintain that too much choice not only causes choice paralysis, but also self-loathing, regret and inflated expectation. ‘The Jam Study’ is considered a classic experiment in consumer psychology. It related the ‘paradox of choice’ to purchasing behavior. Conducted by psychologists at Stanford University, the study found that consumers were 10 times more likely to purchase jam displayed in a supermarket when the number of varieties was reduced from 24 to 6. THE PARADOX OF CHOICE
  8. 8. CRAFTED BY THE PLANNING DEPARTMENT @ BBDO SINGAPORE A 2016 experiment by the University of Wisconsin related this theory to online daters, with the exact same conditions. Unsurprisingly, participants who chose from a collection of 24 possible dates were less satisfied with their choice of date than those who chose from a collection of just 6. On top of that, the daters who had more options were more likely to want to reverse their decision. These singletons were unable to shake the anguish of the ‘FOMO’ or in consumer terms, ‘buyer’s remorse’. Expanding on these ideas, a report by University College London related that it is not necessarily the quantity of choice which disheartens us, but an absence of distinctiveness. In other words, it is the lack of meaningful contrast between options which drives our discontent. ...IN THE WORLD OF DATING APPS
  9. 9. CRAFTED BY THE PLANNING DEPARTMENT @ BBDO SINGAPORE Contrary to the science of choice, the online dating industry continues to grow in size and increase efforts in algorithm optimization for similar partner pairings. As a result, standing out in a sea of sameness is the secret to success. Fortunately, online love experts have proven that presenting yourself differently can increase the likelihood of securing a date. SECURING THE SWIPE
  10. 10. CRAFTED BY THE PLANNING DEPARTMENT @ BBDO SINGAPORE THE FIRST MOVE THE ICEBREAKER THE COMPANY YOU KEEP BE BOLD Using the word “sorry” in your opening message to a potential date reduces your chances of getting their number by 56%. BE AUTHENTIC Your online profile stands the best chance of attracting attention if you appear more humble and real. Revealing some flaws, either in your profile or photos, will increase your trustworthiness and hence, your response rate. CATCH THEIR EYE 49% of online daters say they are looking for someone with physical characteristics they find attractive. FIND A SHARED PASSION 64% of online daters say they are looking for someone who shares common interests. HAVE A FRESH PERSPECTIVE Research shows that “hey” is a poor performing opening line. A fresh take on a classic pick-up line could increase your response rate. For example, “best discovery: Netflix or avocados?” could improve response rate by 20%. “Two truths and a lie; ready, set, go!” by 30%. FEEDBACK MATTERS Many dating apps now include peer review systems for singles. Poor reviews will mean you are 88% less likely to receive a ‘swipe right’. Whereas, being well rated will increase your chances by 78%. ALIGN WITH AN INFLUENCER To increase responses from women by 30%, men should quote or name-drop Shakespeare.
  11. 11. CRAFTED BY THE PLANNING DEPARTMENT @ BBDO SINGAPORE THE PARALLEL BETWEEN SECURING THE SWIPE & STOPPING THE SCROLL Whether you are single and swiping or choosing a laundry detergent, the ‘paradox of choice’ is present in both the dating world and the psychology of purchasing. Parallels can be drawn between how we secure a swipe and how we convince consumers to choose our brand. Building a meaningful brand positioning is at the core of standing out and gaining loyal followers in the art of love, and advertising. Logically, we can use the above tried and tested methods of attracting a date online as inspiration to capture the attention of consumers.
  12. 12. CRAFTED BY THE PLANNING DEPARTMENT @ BBDO SINGAPORE THE FIRST MOVE THE ICEBREAKER THE COMPANY YOU KEEP BE BOLD Have a point of view on the world, and present it boldly without apology. BE AUTHENTIC Be human. This means speaking like a human, talking to people not ‘users’. CATCH THEIR EYE Great design, whether it’s of your social post or packaging, can be what captures attention. FIND A SHARED PASSION Find out what your customers, whether they’re current or prospective, love, and talk to them about it. HAVE A FRESH PERSPECTIVE Apply the first date rule. If you only talk about yourself, no one will stay for long. Be original, be fresh, and make it about them – not just you. FEEDBACK MATTERS Much like dating, a bad experience is great fodder for conversation. Pay attention to the experience you’re creating to be nothing short of delightful. ALIGN WITH AN INFLUENCER You are the company you keep. Co-create with the people your audience respects and listens to, to add some cred to your own brand. The art of attraction is complex, particularly in the context of a crowded market, digital community, or bar. Yet it is clear that while the playing field may change, the same rules apply. 
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