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5 strategies for avoiding meetings

Many small business people and entrepreneurs do not have the time for too many meetings BUT you do not have a meaningful strategy for avoiding them.

Here are 5 practical strategies that you can use to avoid meetings and still maintain your professional reputation.

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5 strategies for avoiding meetings

  1. 1. 8 5 Strateøües Q Avaoüding , Meėtünøs WD?
  2. 2. Do you hate meetings? Do you spend more than half your week in meetings? Would you rather watch paint dry than attend another meeting?
  3. 3. Why would you feel this way about meetings? Perhaps you're like what CPF and author Steve Kaye says: Bad meetings provide a sophisticated form of executive busyness. Some people find this useful because it keeps them from having to work on difficult tasks such as planning, coaching, learning, and communicating.
  4. 4. If you're not like what Steve Kaye says. .. Here are 5 strategies to help you avoid h attending meetings. .. .
  5. 5. 1; lęgę / xãa3,e. .ll3,g Ask 'the person llilhO planned 'the meeting ils/ nai: is : five objective ~o'i *the meeting v Helps you to decide if : to attend - Florces *une planner *to re- evaluaize li *the meeting is V . e" l really necessary ęiàžl In
  6. 6. z g llãaųens Share your thoughts on the shortcomings of the planned meeting 0 Do you think it's poorly planned? ' Too many unnecessary people invited? ' Let the planner know BUT don't be rude or insulting when you do. ..
  7. 7. u: /iãe;1.ei. alq; g Question the need for your attendance v 'lillhat lilillll happen to me or the meeting ii l ? deo not atïtend? v is *this the best use of my time? iii/ hai: is the cost a , n (OpEí9lOi"ïiL! l1i'łïy and actual) roi y attending this meeting? n g,
  8. 8. 1:7 ti; Ããããłiåçłlïųg Try making your contribution hy phone v This iryorks yrhen *the purpose ofthe meeting has merit hut you don't ilàlañï to sit at a table ilyaiting for a chance to speak. Call the planner and share your perspective, then fOHOiJiI-Up xrvith a yyritten summary.
  9. 9. 5 # llãaųens Simply be unavailablemij' all else fails 0 You may actually have commitments preventing you from attending a meeting. .Iust let the planner know. - If you want to establish your unavailability while you watch paint dry. ..please, do have your secretary call!
  10. 10. mý” Remember. .. You can't always avoid meetings, so you have to know something about planning and attending them. Check the next slide for resources that will help. ..
  11. 11. noA Jo; SBDJHOSGJ aaų Here are 3 meeting resources you will Iove. ..and they are free! 1. Help for cutting your Team Meetings costs by over 60%. ..get it here! 2. Learn more about the meeting agenda here Don't lVIeet by Accident: 3. And best of all. ..if you want to plan your meetings better, here is a little, free report you can download
  12. 12. Illiłlvïti lllsllllllltł llïzlltíël. ulrll. liãlll“ till* lt. " ÉMiF ïäthilill mmm asuen If you like these strategies. .., do your friends and colleagues a 'faVOurHSl-LARE ThiEllÃ! f* . . , a auf 'f V" f" TC; "AV/ L" "a V l V `: `"“"“ . z . J l J. .a , l . J _JLJ . al CI i' nie ~' . » W, " e' “rail *om . 7 . arm i v? a; , a, " = ' . a ç lllví~'fll . ..lift LC? ? rif; li, if. Wíflr' . illlïl ill/ il laf: W ? il if. ” t. - . S LC. (Lil li l/ 'll