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Digital Experience Management in Drupal


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Learn about Digital Experience Management under the guise of a fictional pet shelter and some Drupal tools and tricks to make it happen.

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Digital Experience Management in Drupal

  1. 1. Digital Web Digital Experience Management In Drupal
  2. 2. “Think of the Pets” A rescue shelter lost in the world of digital experience management.
  3. 3. Meet Sarah, she loves animals
  4. 4. Scenario 1: No CRM
  5. 5. • Drawn to the cause, loves puppies • Donates $100 • Volunteers to help organize a charity auction
  6. 6. then … nothing Time to visit that site again.
  7. 7. The home page features kittens. Too bad, she's really a sucker for puppies.
  8. 8. Still, she loves animals, and decides to make another donation. The donation amounts start at $25 and end at $100. Don't they know I already gave them $100 wonders Sarah?
  9. 9. Please help us organize our upcoming Auction! Finally, she's being asked to volunteer for the same event. Sarah really wishes they'd just thank, rather than pester, her.
  10. 10. It will be many more months before Sarah comes back to visit "Think of the Pets", if at all. Sad puppy.
  11. 11. Meet Joe He works in development for “Think of the Pets”
  12. 12. Poor Joe! • No record of past interactions • Forced to use the same messaging • Customization is hard He has no record of Sarah's past interactions. He is forced to use the same messaging to everyone, regardless of their engagement over time. Joe would love to send Sarah a customized message, but it's so labor intensive and he has so little time!
  13. 13. Think of the Pets failed to capitalize on Sarah's interest in their cause and increase her engagement.
  14. 14. Scenario 2: CRM Lesson learned!
  15. 15. Now we can: • Track interactions • Segment contacts • Tailor messaging - Track all of her interactions in one place - Segment contacts and do manual stuff like mail merges - Tailor messaging and outreach based on a users engagement.
  16. 16. But … • What about the data we don't capture in the CRM? • How do we measure engagement in a world of clicktivism and social media? • No realtime feedback and/or customizations.
  17. 17. A CRM has allowed us to customize the experience when we *go to them*, not when they *come to us*.
  18. 18. Scenario 3: CRM + CMS
  19. 19. Lets revisit Sarah’s repeat visit to “Think of the Pets”
  20. 20. She loves puppies Bring ‘em on! Content customization.
  21. 21. The “ask” • Thank Sarah for her past contribution • Set her last amount as the starting point
  22. 22. It worked! • Sarah significantly increase her donation • Flag it for a special follow up
  23. 23. Track all interactions • Blog comments • Page views • Purchases / donations • Event registrations • Social media sharing
  24. 24. Geographic Targeting
  25. 25. Engagement Scoring 1. Define 2. Record 3. Respond Engagement is more than attending events and making donations Good for the big stuff, but great for the details that you can’t otherwise track
  26. 26. Customized User Experience • a/b testing • discounts • targeted donation campaigns • targeted messaging
  27. 27. Joe Loves his Job
  28. 28. • All contact data is one place • Automatic segmentation • Context to cultivate a relationship • Identify candidates for deeper engagement
  29. 29. Increased Engagement! And happy puppies!
  30. 30. DEM tools for Drupal
  31. 31. RedHen, a native Drupal CRM
  32. 32. • Contacts, organizations, and connections • Engagement scoring • Memberships • Donations • Data scaffolding
  33. 33. Salesforce • When Drupal isn’t enough • Rich ecosystem • Sync any data • Fast and flexible
  34. 34. Entity Registration
  35. 35. MailChimp for email campaigns and Mandrill for transactional emails.
  36. 36. Acquia Lift • Targeting • Testing • Recommendations • Offers
  37. 37. Conclusion??