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MIE Toolbox, a Case for Drupal as an Application Framework


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Case study of using Drupal as an application framework.

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MIE Toolbox, a Case for Drupal as an Application Framework

  1. 1. The MIE Toolbox, a Case for Drupal as an Application Framework
  2. 2. What is the Toolbox? • CMS for distributing viral widgets around the web • distributed by inserting a javascript tag on a web page • returns javascript which manipulates the DOM adding the toolbox content, CSS, images, scripts, etc
  3. 3. Components • Toolbox • Toolbox Theme • Basic Item • Feed Item • Resource Locator Item
  4. 4. Backstory • First version developed using CakePHP • Decision to start from scratch and switch to Drupal • Concerns
  5. 5. How Drupal was Used • Keeping the footprint light (go small core!) • Contrib modules: admin_menu, CCK, Views, colorpicker, feedapi, imageapi, imagecache, node_clone, wyisiwyg • Custom modules: feedapi_toolbox, toolbox, toolbox_reports, toolbox_rl, toolbox_widget
  6. 6. Host Website submit zip code Resorce Locator API return results via http Categories and CSS, images, and domains via http javascript via HTTP Custom Modules Drupal LAMP Toolbox CMS
  7. 7. “Out of Box” Benefits • Reuse of items and themes across toolboxes via node reference • Role based security model • Basic information architecture, Zen • Fields via CCK • Administrative views • Image upload and manipulation
  8. 8. Drawbacks • Some square peg / round hole scenarios • We were an experienced Drupal team, not advised for newbies • ????
  9. 9. Questions? Lev Tsypin .com/loubabe