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Making Tech Meaningful


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Presentation for VAIS Technology Conference, March 2012.

Published in: Technology, Education
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Making Tech Meaningful

  1. Making TechMeaningful VAIS 2012
  2. Embrace... Right now, with social networksand other tools on the Internet, allof these 500 million people have a way to say what theyre thinking and have their voice be heard. - Mark Zuckerberg Founder of Facebook
  3. Resist... The things we may beunlearning, tweet by tweet -- complexity, acuity, patience,wisdom, intimacy -- are things that matter. - Bill Keller Former NYTimes Executive Editor
  4. Divided Schools
  5. We tend to think less about howto integrate new tools into ourlives than about how to simply keep up. - Douglas Rushkoff, “Program or Be Programmed”
  6. What do youalready do that works?
  7. Welcome to SLA!
  8. Opened in 2006 in partnership with the School District of Philadelphia and The Franklin InstituteInquiry-Driven Project-Based 1:1 MacBooksHow do welearn? What can we create? What does it mean to lead?
  9. Where does techsupport what we do?
  10. Learn by Doing
  11. EmbraceCore Values
  12. Learn fromEach Other
  13. Teacher ≠Gatekeeper
  14. ClassroomObservation
  15. Ethic of Care
  16. Network with the world
  17. Made forEduCon,used bystudents too!
  18. Where does techget in the way?
  19. Collaboratio n
  20. “Tech-Free
  21. Play
  22. Offline Impact
  23. Where does it transform?
  24. Where will it help?Where will it get in the way? Where could it transform?
  25. Get out of the