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Funny Jokes Have a laugh silly LOL

Funny stuff enjoy some hilarious jokes and have a good time,. Ha Ha enjoy this set of jokes about everything. Funny make it funny for people

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Funny Jokes Have a laugh silly LOL

  1. 1. Top Jokes Fun stuff Games Graphics Codes
  2. 2. QUESTION Do you know what a mouse said when it saw a bat?
  3. 3. ANSWER Mom ! I see an angel
  4. 4. QUESTION "Will I ever be able to race my horse again" the owner asked the vet.
  5. 5. ANSWER The vet replied, "You certainly will, and youll probably beat her too!"
  6. 6. QUESTION Why do you need a drivers licence to buy liquor when you cant drink and drive?
  7. 7. QUESTION What is the pink stuff between elephants toes?
  8. 8. ANSWER A: Slow clowns.
  9. 9. QuestionQ: Why dont blind people skydive?
  10. 10. ANSWERA: It scares the heck out of the dog
  11. 11. QUESTION What do monkeys sing at Christmas ?
  12. 12. ANSWERJungle Bells, Jungle bells.
  13. 13. QUESTION Q: Why doesnt the dinosaur cross the road anymore?
  14. 14. ANSWER A: Because their eggs stink. (Theyre extinct).
  15. 15. QUESTION Why do women have smaller feet than men? -
  16. 16. ANSWER It allows them to stand closer to the sink
  17. 17. Knock Knock Knock Knock Whos there ! Czech ! Czech who ?
  18. 18. Who’s there Czech before you open the door
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