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Selling You & Your Services Drupalcon 2009

Delivered at DrupalCon DC 2009.

Discover how to build a thriving Drupal-focused web development business with a limited (or non-existent) marketing budget. In this session, Neil Giarratana will reveal his company's approach to marketing (and selling) their Drupal-based services without a budget.

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Selling You & Your Services Drupalcon 2009

  1. Selling You & Your (Drupal) Services Neil Giarratana twitter: lucidus_neil
  2. Lucidus World (Domination) Headquarters Keene, NH
  3. 1. The Ground Rules 2. How We Sell Drupal 3. Some Things We’ve Learned Along the Way
  4. The Ground Rules
  5. What do you really sell?
  6. Rule #1 The true product of a business is the business itself.
  9. Rule #2 Your Customer’s View is the Only One That Matters
  10. Is this really you?
  11. Rule #3 The way you deliver is at least as important as what you deliver.
  12. Rule #4 Consistent Attention to Detail Sets You Apart
  13. it’s easy to install. it’s easy to use. it has lots of features. it’s free. lot’s of people like it.
  14. “Our software is free.”
  15. lots of features blogs forums user groups rich-text editing collaborative books email notification wikis statistics threaded comments content commenting personalization version control custom content friendly URL’s blogger api image management online help content syndication events / calendar role based permissions news aggregator social bookmarks comprehensive search permalinks content rating ldap integration caching categorization openId member management localization tag clouds banner management templating workflow e-commerce
  16. there are more than 4400 modules
  17. “No, really...why do you use Drupal?”
  18. Configuration vs. Customization
  19. We can create new content types without writing code.
  20. What’s a content type? Web Pages Collaborative Books Photos & Videos Blogs Trouble Tickets Reservation Product
  21. Comments Product
  22. File Attachments Product
  23. Keyword Tagging Product “Customers Product who chose this product Product also chose...” Product Product News Article
  24. Subscriptions Category Update Notification Email users “ask” to be notified any time a product of a certain type gets added
  25. Restricted Access Restricted Content Group A Group B
  26. Syndication Product List Distributor Website
  27. Drupal was built for this.
  28. The Sales Process The Sales Process
  29. ? Targets Targets Targets Campaign Campaign Campaign Leads Opportunities Quote Contract
  30. Lessons Learned
  32. Getting the Gig... • No Hocus Pocus or Slicky-Boy Sales Guy • LISTEN! LISTEN! LISTEN! • Find their pain (at a high level) • Explain your process & your USP • Let them set the next step.
  33. Qualifier Questions • We do projects between $5000 & $100,000. Would you be in the $5-$15k range, $15-50k or $50-$100k range? • What is your time frame to make a decision? • What is your anticipated launch date? What is driving that?
  34. “Closer” Questions • On a scale of 0 to 10, (0 being not interested at all and 10 being ready to move forward) where are you? • How would you like me to proceed?
  35. The Quote & Contract • Set expectation for payment increments • Indicate that you’ll call the next day to follow up • Get a signature • Get a blanket agreement
  36. Resources • The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber • Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service by Ken Blanchard • email: