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Shelter in the Storm

"Oh ... my ... damn." Young blonde never knew how good ass rimming can be up to now. She felt her sp...

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Shelter in the Storm

  1. 1. Shelter in the Storm "Oh ... my ... damn." Young blonde never knew how good ass rimming can be up to now. She felt her sphincter relax feelings, and then Andy gently but firmly pressed her tongue to open. Morgan's body violently moment and she had to brace your hands on the surface as a wave of desire shot through her body. Andy then got a short blunt nails digging into his back legs Morgan on her ass cheeks. She rolled a condom on the penis, and extended some of its moisture lover to him. Cock slowly into her pussy, and Andy held once was halfway inside heeled whispered in his ear. "I knew I loved your ass. Felt so good on my mouth." Morgan shivered in his voice and warm breath caressed her ear. "Oh God ... promise me you'll do it again." "Oh, I plan on doing it often. Gotta admit, though, I think it can turn into an obsession. Can I fuck your ass, or lick it until you arrive." "Yesss." He hissed from Morgan. A tall woman began to dance in a steady motion, cock slowly pumped into Morgan's very slippery pussy. Each of them moaned his pleasure, and then wet thumb pushed into Morgan's ass causing her to scream. Andy has increased the movement of the penis, while her thumb slipped in and out of the rear hole of her lover. Soon plunging cock deep into Morgan's pussy feeling curved on the inside of the touch-sensitive spot. "Oh ... ga ... UHD." Andy shouted to her release. "M-O-R-G-a-n." Scream gave back immediately after the Morgan lips announcing its climax. "Oh ... god ....-N-d-y." Andy pulled out, he collapsed into each other on the desktop. "I love you." Gasping into a small ear. Young woman pushed her to her like a sea green eyes fixed on the Ocean Blue. She stroked shaped face, and said, with surface tears, "I love you too. Actually, I have for you that first night I treated your wounds in your home ---- even though you acted like such an ass." They laughed and said to Andy, "Well, I'm glad it was not my charm that you pulled." "It was weird. Tam was something I felt ---- like I should be there. Something is pulling me, and when I saw her beautiful blue eyes, I just melted." "I think I know what you mean." In fact, I'm sure you know who it was that brought us together. Thank you Katie, and I thank my mom. She then enjoy it. With her face nestled in the crook of Andy's neck, she said: "Is there a final paperwork I have to do, and then we can go." "Okay." She captured the delicate pink lips and searing kiss.
  2. 2. They got dressed and walked out of the office. To their shock and embarrassment personnel Morgan stood in the hallway with his arms crossed against their chest and raised his eyebrows. Then, they started clapping in unison. Both women turned red in the face, knowing that everyone heard their lovemaking. Morgan buried her face in Andy's shirt. Suddenly, the front door bell announced a visitor. Group disbanded tend to do business again. Maxx approached Andy. "Would you like to see that Shepherd, who was presented a week ago?" "Yeah, that would be great. How is she?" "Actually quite well with regard to the condition it was in." He led her to the board. There were dogs participate in games with Erin, and the party was a shepherd. Just stood there and looked at the others, knowing that not engage in any activities with them. "Lucy," called Maxx her. Dog's ears perked up and turned her head toward the voice. "Come on, Lucy." Andy saw the rear half of the dog was chained to a wheelchair "dog". Her legs were in casts and hung down from the contraption between the wheels. This caused the rear half of her a few inches to her feet should not come in contact with the ground. Slowly trotted to the Maxx and wagging his tail. "I named her Lucy. Guess that even though there may be a name, or anything like that, because she is quickly taken to him." Maxx said as he bent down and scratched under his chin. "You're a good girl, yes, they are." Andy got down on one knee and slowly reached out for shepherds sniff. "Hi., I see that they are doing better." Lucy lightly scratched his neck and sides. "I'm so glad you're happier. I think I like it here." Lucy moved to lick Andy's face. Club owner chuckled. "I think you do not remember me, do you? What a beautiful girl you are." She looked at Maxx and asked: "Do you think you'll be accepted?" "But she has a home waiting for her." He said with a grin. "Really?" "She's coming home with me." He scratched behind his ears, and then said, "I fell in love with her. I tend to her every day, and I'm going to help her with physical therapy.'s Very smart and so sweet." "I'm happy for both of you. Believe that you will be great for me." Pugsley suddenly ran up to her, grabbed her without a coat between his teeth and tugged. Andy laughed. "I think he wants to play with him." Commenting Maxx. She left her Rottie lead to a grassy area where he picked up a tennis ball and gave it to her. "You want to play with the ball Pugsley?"
  3. 3. He barked and turned on the spot. Andy showed him the ball and said, "Bring Pugsley." Then he threw it. He ran at top speed and caught him in the air after it bounced once. Proudly ran back to her dropping the ball in his hands. "What's going on here?" Morgan asked cheerfully Maxx. "It seems that our trouble maker declined by tall, dark haired beauty." "He's not the only one." Maxx her huge smile. "Are you still plan on taking Pugsley?" "Yes, I do. I was actually doing the paperwork for him tomorrow." With his hands in front of his chest as he tapped his index finger on his chin. "Hmm ... I really like her." "I'm really happy for you. Though I'd be jealous. Know that it was hard to work here with three very attractive lesbians and one gay man. Does not help my ego, but each of you have become valuable friends with me." "Thank you. This means that a lot. And I'm sure that you will meet that special someone soon. Know, Lucy is a big girl magnet for you." He chuckled. "Yeah, I know." Andy went to her lover behind her arms around his waist and small planted firmly kissed her on the cheek. "Hi. I'm ready." Morgan said. Whisper in my ear got was, "I bet you are." She pressed her nose against the peach fuzz on Morgan's face. "You know, I have a dick before I pass out." "Would you go with me?" "Hmm hmm." ************* They grumbled in unison again as Morgan took the cock deeper into her, she straddled Andy. One hand pressed dark nipples, while her other hand pulled and turned over its own silver ring. Her hips danced on dildo and her pussy swallowed it, Andy felt it push more into himself. Andy coated thumb in saliva and began circling her lover's clitoris. "Fuck ... ing ... Christ ... Andy." She fell forward and began to violently penis harder, and then she cried. "Aaaa-n-d-y-y-y." The second shout came from the owner of the club, as her body convulsed with her orgasm pleasure.
  4. 4. Morgan pulled out, undid the straps and gently removed toys and harness from his lover. They snuggled together comfortably. "My pussy hurts." Andy moaned. Little blonde chuckled. "That'll teach you about yourself that thing for so long. But I know that having a penis attached to me so horny." "Hmm, I'll remember that." She kissed the top of blond crown. "Um ... I'm not trying to be rude when you change the subject ... so ... uh, I was wondering how long Pugsley was in a shelter?" "In two months. Been there the longest. Why do you ask?" "I really like him, and I did not think he likes me. So I thought about taking him. Would be nice to have him around., I train him with me to the club and act as a watchdog possible." < br /> Morgan laughed. "That would be nice., But ... uh ... we already have people interested in it." "Oh really? Damn. Might really like a different person from the menu or something?" "He is not auctioned." She said with surprise. "But you could get your way when you kissed me." "A kiss is everything?" Black eyebrows step by step your way up to the forehead and corners of the mouth appeared. "Wait, you want to take?" Morgan smiled and nodded. "I've been thinking about for weeks." "Hmm, what do we do now?" "Well, I think it's important for him to have two parents, and .... I have a big house with a courtyard and pool." Andy gave her a toothy grin. "You want me to move?" "Maybe." She said shyly. Finger hooked under the chin brings her face to meet the ocean blue eyes, the passionate kiss was planted on his lips. "Pugsley does need both parents. Plus my lease is up next month." Andy responded with humor. They rolled around laughing and kissing, enjoying each other's company. Soon after he fell asleep with satisfaction on their faces. ************** "Morgan. Morgan honey." "Huh?" She rubbed her tired emerald eyes and tried to concentrate. Finally, he was able to see his girlfriend. "Hey, what are you doing here? I mean ..." She felt a little embarrassed at being caught in such circumstances. "Do not worry baby. Saw everything." Build laughed. "This will be my last visit to you, and I wanted
  5. 5. you to know that I am very happy for both of you." "Well, I have to thank you for putting us together." Morgan commented. "Oh yes, but I had a desire to drive to reach --- Andy." Build stroked young blonde's face. "Good bye Morgan." "Wait. Told you that would tell me who you are before taking a final farewell." Figure laughed. "I definitely yes or no?" The figure closer to Morgan's face. "Look at me carefully, baby. See anything familiar?" Green eyes looking face for the first time clearly saw eye color. Sharp breath and said, "By the gods on Olympus. Thats why you knew so much about her.'re Andy's mother." Ms. Navarro laughed heartily. "Yes, dear. Sorry that I can not tell in advance. Falls in love with her your daughter should be purely of their own volition. Thought so long as you did not know who I was, it would not convince you, she finally said , her story. "He bent and kissed Morgan on the cheek. "I am proud to have you as a law-daughter-in. Oh yes, I know that you two are together for a long time." She moved to kiss Andy, and then began to fade. "Goodbye, and thank you." Morgan said quickly. "No, thank you Morgan." Andy rolled over and opened sleepy eyes. "Hey, is everything okay?" Little blonde wiped a few stray tears. "I'm fine." Andy sat down to notice moisture on your face. "Why do you have tears of love?" She took the woman in his arms, holding her close. "I'm so happy." She sniffed. "I'm sorry. Woke up ... uh ... a dream. Was beautiful ... about you and me, I've got tears of joy." Andy looked into the green pools and wiped her wet bars with your thumb. She smiled. "I love you." Lips met in a soft embrace. "One day soon, I'd like you and I to talk to you about my mom and Katie. Could you make it for me? Could you tell me more about who they were?" "Sure." Since dark gray light of a new day approached, the two lovers fell back to sleep ---- their bodies entwined as one.