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Leigh Winterbottom Portfolio

A selection of highlights

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Leigh Winterbottom Portfolio

  1. 1. Leigh Winterbottom Portfolio
  2. 2. Led social marketing campaign starring Jesse “Fewer” WattsMulti-platform mediacampaign to promotethe sale of efficientlighting – TV – Print – Web – Point-of-PurchaseResults: – Sales goals exceeded by 25%
  3. 3. In “The Ballad of Jesse Watts”30 second TV spot:
  4. 4. “Fistful of Dollars”30 second TV spot:
  5. 5. “I Am Spent”30 second TV spot:
  6. 6. Created an informative and interactive voted Adobe Site of the Day - 2/4/08
  7. 7. and memorable print ads
  8. 8. Launched dynamicsocial media campaign
  9. 9. Secured Ben & Jerry for New England Cable News (NECN) PSA
  10. 10. Oversaw Direct Mail Campaigns targeted to 15k businesses & 25k homeowners
  11. 11. Led successful PR campaigns
  12. 12. Collaborated with US EPA on ENERGY STAR® PSAFeatured in Entertainment Weekly Dwell O – Oprah Magazine Better Homes & Gardens
  13. 13. Featured on HGTV’s“My House is Worth What?” Premiered September 30, 2008 to 98 million homes
  14. 14. Updated and improved stagnant websites AFTERBEFORE
  15. 15. Updated and improved stagnant websitesBEFORE AFTER
  16. 16. Launched accessible energy advice columns and e-newsletters
  17. 17. Imagined a company mascot named “Wattson”
  18. 18. Recent Performance Assessment“Leigh hires talented, self-motivated people and provides excellent,on-going support to bring out our best on a daily basis.” – Direct Report“Leigh responds very positively to new ideas and is ready to acceptand/or tweak them or to provide insights about current conditionsthat make an idea unfeasible. Leigh is also very respectful andupbeat in the language she uses. Lastly, she provides all the supportthat a viable innovation requires, whether it be brainstorming,advocacy, prioritizing or resources. This not only has resulted ingreat new approaches but also in increased efficiency, staff growthand job satisfaction.” – Direct Report“Leigh is the best supervisor I’ve ever had.” – 2 Direct Reports