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Using social media effectively in the property industry


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Using social media effectively in the property industry

  1. 1. Using social media effectively in your  property business SocialB Ltd @SocialBUKSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  2. 2. What you will leave with today?  The four key areas to build social media success  What social media platforms you should be using for your property business  Tips on using social media as part of your every day businessSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  3. 3. Social Media in the UK About 73 percent of UK Internet users interact on social media platformsSocial Media& Online Marketing Experts
  4. 4. Different types of social mediaAlthough they all enable sharing, there are several differenttypes of social media Blogs are online diaries Microblogs (Twitter) is texting online Forums are conversational threads Video sharing (YouTube) is shared video clips Social photo (Flickr/Pinterest/Intagram) is shared images and photos Social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, Googleplus) is all of the aboveSocial Media& Online Marketing Experts
  5. 5. How it relates to business  Businesses can – and do – use social media. For every major business function of every organisation, there is an equivalent social media function:  Research=Listening to the conversations people have with each other to understand their wants and needs  Marketing=Talking in the conversations people have with each other to spread messages about your company and products  Sales=Energising customers to sell you by finding your most enthusiastic customers/employees and supercharging them online  Support=Supporting customers to support each other by setting up tools that help them do this  Development=Embracing customers to work with each other by integrating them into the way your business worksSocial Media& Online Marketing Experts
  6. 6. Why the social media explosion?  Free!  Sharing is a deeply ingrained human instinct  Traditional communications were brand led  New communications are word of mouth led  Access to internet  InstantSocial Media& Online Marketing Experts
  7. 7. The four key S’s to social media success  Strategy  Social  SEO (keywords)  SearchSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  8. 8. Social Media StrategySocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  9. 9. Social Media Strategy  Without a plan you plan to ……..  What does success look like?  How has your business become successful? With a plan/strategy by any chance?? Q1 “What do we want to achieve with our social media activity?”Social Media & Online Marketing Experts
  10. 10. Social Media Strategy  Your overall objectives will inform what you do in social media in terms of:  Who you want to connect with  What content you share  How you interact with people  How often you need to interact with people  How you want to influence people to actSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  11. 11. Social Media Calendar In social media, it’s key to Do Something Every Day! When you create a new blog post, tweet about it! When you attend an event/show/networking follow up with someone you met by connecting with them on Twitter and or LinkedIn. Read any interesting blog articles? See a good video on YouTube? Tweet about it.Social Media & Online Marketing Experts
  12. 12. Measure, Measure, Measure!  Google analytics  Hootsuite/Tweetdeck  Sproutsocial  Tweetreach  SocialmentionSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  13. 13. SocialSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  14. 14. Social - Two-way communication The key feature that differentiates social media from traditional media is its facility for two-way dialogue This brings with it a number of important advantages:  More powerful engagement  Improved recall  Active involvement  Participative for both parties Make this principle core to a social media strategySocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  15. 15. Two-way communication Engage with your target audience (whoever they may be, e.g. journalists, potential clients, existing clients) Help people if you know the answer or contact Share useful informationSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  16. 16. SEOSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  17. 17. SEO  Search engine optimisation  Search engines index websites & social media platforms  Google, Yahoo, Bing have to decide what answers to give people  SEO = having the right keywords that people search on  More on this in relation to social media laterSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  18. 18. Where to go keyword digging?  Use  Use the search engines and their predictive text  If you pay for advertising on Google adwords note these down  Use your Google Analytics data (keyword source)  Google Insights Trend tool Media & Online Marketing Experts
  19. 19. Google Keyword Tool  Note down longer keywords i.e. properties for sale by the sea / houses with land – great tip later!  Think like a client! Ask friends / colleagues what they would type in  What locations do you cover? City, county, regions, UK wide, global  Set up an excel sheet with keywords/key phrases so they can be used across all your online areas (social media, website, etc.)  Review every two to three months if you get the chanceSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  20. 20. SEO friendly Twitter These Bios contain relevant keywords and info  The locations they cover  What services they provide  Why you might want to contact themSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  21. 21. SEO friendly LinkedInSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  22. 22. SearchSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  23. 23. Search Bottom of Google Page 1Social Media & Online Marketing Experts
  24. 24. Search – LinkedIn example
  25. 25. Search – Twitter &Facebook EG
  26. 26. Search - Blog exampleSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  27. 27. Search -YouTube example
  28. 28. Search - Pinterest example
  29. 29. Great Social Media Tools for Search  Hootsuite/Tweet Deck/Sproutsocial  Use to set up streams to target your audience  Use for lists – great way of staying in touch with people (Twitter)  Scheduling – but don’t get in that trap apart from blog posts etc  Measuring – all have a stats sectionSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  30. 30. Search - Twitter keyword examples  Two examples of searching the right keywordsBy setting up a search for Norwich andholiday this type of information will beready for you respond tokey targeting but potential great resultsSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  31. 31. Which Social Media Platforms to use?Social Media & Online Marketing Experts
  32. 32. Facebook Great for B2C companies (local and large brands) Interaction is key, Facebook want you to work for your credibility The REAL value is in your fans content and interaction you your page Think target audienceSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  33. 33. Facebook examplesSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  34. 34. Twitter Great for B2B and B2C businesses Create / share links to send traffic to you website/blog Keep up to speed on your industry Network Find / Answer questions – great for credibilitySocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  35. 35. LinkedIn Great for B2B and B2C businesses Online business networking Keep up to speed on your industry Find / Answer questions – great for credibility Great in Google’s eyesSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  36. 36. Blogging Great for B2B and B2C Brings your business to life Shares useful information Good for search engine results Blogs are often shared on social media networksSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  37. 37. Bringing your business to life
  38. 38. YouTube Great for B2B and B2C Brings your business to life Great for search engine results Its about content not how slick your video isSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  39. 39. Pinterest  Great for B2B and B2C businesses  Based on pinboards and sharing useful info  Successful because it is different to any of the other social photo networks (instagram, flickr, etc)  Great for search engines (if you want it to)Social Media & Online Marketing Experts
  40. 40. Google+  Every business needs to be on here  Different from all other social networks  Although new(ish) and has been getting some negative press you need to be on here as a business  SEO – search based around contactsSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  41. 41. Social media success  Strategy  Social  SEO (keywords)  SearchSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts
  42. 42. Actions  Review where you are now if using social media platforms  Think about what success looks like  Ensure you have a strategy in place These are serious business toolsOnline Marketing & Social Media Experts
  43. 43. How we can help you  Inhouse social media training  Open social media courses throughout the country One day - £495 plus VAT Two day - £995 plus VAT  Consultancy  BloggingOnline Marketing & Social Media Experts
  44. 44. Questions Lynsey Sweales +44(0) 1223 258000 @SocialbukOnline Marketing & Social Media Experts
  45. 45. Using social media effectively in your  business SocialB Ltd @SocialBUKSocial Media & Online Marketing Experts