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The Cost of a Lead


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Last year, Madison Logic conducted a research study, analyzing hundreds of thousands of lead generation campaigns to determine the average CPL (cost per lead) in several industries.

We've returned this year with some updated numbers and a few stats to inform digital marketers on the current state of online lead generation.

If you'd like to learn more about how we conducted this study, please visit

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The Cost of a Lead

  1. 1. * These are averages on our system from US, Canada, EMEA, APAC & LATAM The data presented above reflects the average cost per lead in our most popular verticals. Source: MarketingSherpa B2B Technology Marketing Community Madison Logic analyzed over one million leads for this study. Recommendations 1. Less Filters = Lower CPL; More Filters Doesn’t Always Mean Better Leads. 2. Leverage Intent Media For Enriched Lead Analysis And Nurturing. 3. The Average Sales Cycle Has Increased 22% Over The Past 5 Years Due To More Decision Makers Being Involved In The Buying Process. Source: Sirius Decisions If you would like to learn more about Madison Logic’s Lead Generation platform and capabilities, please visit and send us a message.