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Solutions pre intermediate-wb


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Published in: Education
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Solutions pre intermediate-wb

  1. 1. l i Pre-Intermediate Workbook Tim Falla, Paul A Davies OXFORD
  2. 2. Solutions Pre-Intermediate Workbook X17 RD Tim Falla, Paul A Davies S2i'r; rts1(r? i*1ti; ss
  3. 3. OXFORD . '!'l'EISlTY PIES‘ Great Clarendon Street. Oirforid ox: GDP Oxford University Prvss is a department of the UI‘IlVl. 'HlIy of Oxlordi li liirlht-ts llic Unji-crsity's objective 0! excellence in research. scholarship. and education by publishing worldwide in Oxfonl New York Atickland Cape Town Dares Salaam Honi: Kong Karachi Xii.1Li Lumpur Madrid Melboumr: Mexicociiy Nairobi New Delhi Shanghai Taipei Toronto With olficmin Arizentirin Austria Brazil Chile C1:-eh Republic France Grrece Guatemala Hungary ltaly]: tp.1ri Poland Portuiisil Singapore $0ulhKOl1.‘-’: Switzerland Thailand Ttirltt-y Ukraiiic Vietnam oxroux and oxrorin ENGLISH are registered rrade marks of Oxford U| '|i‘¢r'iily Priest in the UK and in certain other countries 0 Oxford University Press zoos The moral nghts ofthc author have been asserted D.1t: tb.1sc right Oxford Unlvenily Press irnakcri l-lrst published 2008 mi: 201) row 2009 1008 10 9 H 7 6 5 4 3 2 I No unzuthorlzed photocopying All rights reserved. No pan ofthis publicaiion may be reproduced. stored in ii retrieval system. or lransnutied. in any torm or by any means. without the prior pennissibn in wniini: of0xford Uiiivenity Press. or as expressly perrnilted by law. or under terms agreed with the appropmte ivprugraphics rights oiganiratiort l-Lnqiiirics wnoeming n. -pmdiiiiioti outside the scope of the above should be sen! to the ELT Rights Depanmcnt. Oxford Ull’('l‘5l| 'y Press. at the addn. -st above You must not t: truil. ite this book in any other blnrling or cover and you must impose this same condition on any acqumtr Any websites rrferred to In this ptiblicatlan an: in the public duimiri and their addresses are provided by Oxford University Press for inlomnrion only. tlxtord llniversity Pm-is disclaims .1n)‘rL-sponsibililylurlho: t‘0nlI. ‘nl ISINZ 978 0 I9 455i7oo Printed in Spain byorymu SA. ACKNO’lED(. ‘I. MlNYS 77i¢'/ with/ iilivr iuiiIi7ii. 'Ii. >ri un' h. 'r_‘_L3'iJh'fl1Ifnlhvlllilvli‘ r. in / in i run! i. '.‘iii‘. 'n. 'i ii hi: I. .i. .’ im. /['t(ii. 'u/ I/Je I'l. lIflASi‘I‘I[If, imilpnii-iiii-Jini. ii'ii. r-‘vi’c Ii i-. /Iuii t’ Hm‘: i/ nu . -.i. "iz'r. ii: A~ ri- ll. iri. i Mii, ilLuit('1ei: h Rcpuhlici, l i. i Paiilernia i( zi. -eh Rcpuhlir l. Dagni. -ii ‘ikivrpiLiial('2ccl1Rcpiiblicl. l). iiiii-. i (iundoiq (Slm . ikiai. ls) im / 1l. llll. l (l| iing. ir_v), I lch. -s Katalin tlliingaryi. Kelcmcn h-rem‘ Illimg. ‘LRC1lIll| g‘ / i-lt. in tlliriii-. ir}l. N‘. it.1L; i Kultkoll kmincl. Zinla Arid}; ini. ' ll . ii i. . Irena Iliiilrcikicnc ILilhu. ini. H Ii» Ilmr l‘lFHIfI’7lI/ II -.1; /1‘ [bu A/ i’| l‘l'I‘flIIll'H/ «-1 Il. «i- . n/ mi. an M ii i lililimniul min. -rialr hr Jaimtsi (j: iu| i imil ii'i1lfl0|"[i| l.'l lL'l'1lI("> ska Tlic iuuimrr tiliilpiih/ iiliu‘ um gmlcliil in Iliuw II In. ,liI(‘ iui i‘H; l('vlIlllrIl. ' in ii ; vm. .‘ii. ‘. I'M’ / ulluiilliiz i-rim. -ii imil uilupmimnr ii] I i-pi right min. plli‘ ‘lzvery l). i_v is Suivil. i) Ilcrc' h_ “ieliclv: llansoii 4. opyrii: l1i i liehelc ”. llll'| ll 2000. p.19 ': ulhuf lnicnicii (Lip Yinirs fortiriiii ll llp-'rcpri-liiwil iiiili {Yf‘llllInIll i-I inns gag‘; -gr com pJl< ‘(j. il. ip. igii~‘ by K. .lOflIL'l’llx'fTl ii i ; .;y~i1pmh. _;_r_ii5] gull’ Ri. -prixluced “llh [‘fi! |l~I0fl. p-is ‘(‘i. il; ip. ipns . ‘: iiii>ii. il Park Rules’ ii: piii<li: ci. -il ‘v : ili [L‘! 'l'llI'sl0n ni’iwiii__g. il. im; 'r12i; Wrilinc (um psti‘ 'Tl]~. ‘in Pmicri tI‘. rcll ’hili- 'lsi'-ppiiig Oiiliiin“ V 3006 by Marcy Zit/ . I, wil iutli pcriiiissiiiri ii! ’ lxiiit. lric _tliii li i. i:i be hiiinil ivnlini: .il iiviuahiiui mm. rl| Ri_uht~. Rewncd phi‘ '”ll_t'll(l IK Vii, fiiiidcrrixticl Rc~. ulls'b) Pcicr (’ Bullet Fruiri llic'cii York llllltm lti. -pti| Illll‘ ' I'll. ‘ lhe i~i» York limes All Right» Rexencd llwil '1}[KI'Tll| Ull. !l'ltl[‘l'l1tClCLl hi the ('iip_iri1_vm l. .iis ofilic lfriiiril SLiic~i Thi: priiiliiiy. ciipyiri'_; _ n. 'lllll| hlllli1Kl. in t‘Il'. llllIl| lil‘a ufilic . 1Jl€fl. l|Ill'1UllI[‘l’b wriiicn p(rn1}s| Ufl l pmliiliitcil p‘u ' n . -I_i [)l. if I um. -~’ hi . -ni-ela Kiduui R€PflX’lllfL’(’ iiiih [‘flI2l'H'lri nfiui ii igv. liii'ii, '_q: _~l«_-r.4.. i_»l, _i in ‘A Musical (': iri-er ('r. ip’ reproduced vi iih peniiission M l iii. '. ip)i. ‘.ii "'_l P"-5 ‘ ‘Lll'1| l lniervicu‘: Philip Pullllldll-r retinviliitcil II'| P('TTl1lliIX|1ll Pliilip l‘i: llir. iri . iiiil Sch<il.1sticlivniii: d All Riglih Rl‘CTL‘d pl| l'-‘ ‘il 3‘ UV ’iinli i-t‘(i. iilgi-ts Neicr l'L‘I RC1 out ufilie Hm’ Fi: iiin; _- 'i. mil. ixil‘ iiir. i, rlgfliL, !«, -i1.“~, iil. Repmdii; rd ii iili kinil iem1mioiiivI'Sulu §_'ndl‘. |lIl‘ll Althiiiiizh cs :1) etlhn hih hceii ni. idc in ti. ir'e anil ‘ll1lLl, l coii_'rii. -lii liiililen hi-ins: piiblicaliiiti. this has not been possible in mini: L'. |3C, ‘ . ipii| u;i/ t‘ fin . iri; . , ll‘[‘. |i'k'l‘vl inlrmgcnicnl rvl'cop_'ri1.'hI am! Irllflllrlfd. the P| lhll'l‘f is ill be ple. i~¢i. l in | ''(l| l) Jll_ crmrx m iHIll‘, l(I)§ at the k‘. lK| l, 'lUpI| lf1|llIll S‘IlF(4.’ in» ii i. !lrJ‘gl - lldL‘ 501:! Illiiimmmii Iii‘ Imus Bcrpstraiid (l. ppl‘-'. 2.‘. l. tvlItl’H IiI_t~T. .*«.1<l) I) |1tI]‘l -ii -I‘ (‘husk Himlelmii ~gcntlJlJ2 pp‘ l3‘ l5. In. N. 4*. ‘I. 5.l.1v| >,1i% C‘ . l. ~7- l's'll. Illl)| . Kn. J‘. |ll 1 um (iiicriii tivmillii» pllfl‘ i). :iiiJ (). iL. lc_ ‘1!kI~l)1.'l l l til mi‘-H. 59. l—-(]4 9llIcnii: r and 'UlllL‘l’ll§ p. i;_vc>. HM ilimiiiiai. l r'] ‘. i:i ”L‘C| 'll RL‘b¢3l }‘! II llic ()r‘_. '.iK| l'sJlllll PIN‘ II. N, 21. Iii. 37. -15. N5. ‘Mi 1-1 lmol. LtlCli‘ V‘ flu’ l’i/ Ivli-hvr iiiiul. i‘ Mi‘ tn Iliiml rfii _l«»i'i'nii my / in W. U pi / mmiwi '4. r. -/ri--, i': i. . ; -hi mi-, -r. .-; -Iii L‘llUl| |'lu~ r'[3('lK£llCb(1i| l’lIflg. lwrv: ridiiig). l. I Muliaiiinir-il ~li I. iiin . li| |_i: i lcmii I05 I Paula R. idclillL-L Al. 'iiii_‘ p-ll, “ ivirl i’-ii pliiiizi-i ‘ii []. |Xll~: ll. ir1lwvliiiiii. -ii I‘ ‘W (recycling llclenc Rugersl. |Pl| lk‘l D. ii ii] lliilliimii Plii-: u Libiarj» I, Mk I ll. ii id ll. il| i. Apple p‘lHl[‘0d~l. 'll0x Dcugnl iii pg-~'ml)‘| i plim, i. i:riiLiiiu I t’ Ilpl‘-jscll “ l| IVl(lllC b igl. KII tmuelisll. ( airicra l’ic~ plh I ii£i. i kurii. ii1ci. i l Hxldlll Rxcpkii (Jmmn i. ‘|Hc. iiiimri£cri. (‘whit , vptiik. ir. iici. I0iI. i:u£i l; .iri- | Ili'l$. ‘l. /vi ll. (loin Rick lhrreniiiiel. [ls (l i| llL'. I'1l'ilf| ll‘L I ll(. ll'Illkf‘lI‘[L[l. Hlll1.l. l'. (.l7i[H l RciitcrsMl’clc lliiliim-Dciiisi-htkrlleciiiiiii . ‘.‘i1. ‘ci ii-(M. I ”)lI‘ll| lit . izi i: : Limp Iinaircsl, 3|. .W (tiir1.m an iiiiihile phiiric R riglill, f-I ll! ‘ I x l’ l‘ l . i1|. ili Ftinii) i. llN| Fli/ alietli 'liitiii1: . & . '~«‘l. ]lL‘] liiipiugill iJuliii(. il; ~i ti. -ri_ | m i : <- ppoimiiil ll-llmi ()ogl’ri1iirtii»n~i. -*1;-rim, is it um; f'urg_, . [[ i 1-, .p__: ,_r, ,., v, “in Dar ii. l ('. iriiim~ii, JI| hXlA‘l '. tXI t}; irii~imriliii . ‘iI if)‘-r. -K I g‘lV1l «kin Ii i§nriiidisiii. i l). iiil iviiiii_ ; ‘7CiIIllrll u~ p. i_p‘iiiiii' Pillll r‘llV'-il . .5" ‘W Mini. on pliuricl. ', '1itrup ~pi; ij. in-__- l’ liiitk Kccltr lulli. ‘l | N_: rii»v, piiliiiri ill . ii~1:iii~- phi-iiii; r.i; wlicti, |ll'Ckr‘hll5ll J-. . in l. ir. mi. i p""l. l|l1c~| _ I miiénri l e. iii. rc~ In! (“ll isiiiircri, 1ciliii hilen. iirii'. wms [VllI‘I.1i}ll. ‘llllYlII‘ '. »ki. i;i5|liiiiiiE~rlc; i‘i. ii. i I [H l' ( L| I. 'l ppf‘. -$5 Nliglrl iiithliurxcl. Ill‘ i. i-. i p. ii. 'l l'NItrKX. li_'(l. l'l. 'llI‘1‘~[= i§il l'l‘lI (ire) ThlllllPUl"l(lslIL‘"l(Ilflllijvlrpl. Kl’P5“lllli’ll. ll7.l1lil| .PVxl( - [H in-. i l. Jnscphine Siiiiglrin and Simon Penile I. Raniluiii | l|| l‘(' pvt», Rc l c. i:ii ~ I iil : ~p Ilwod), punk), ll 1-l, 41, 44. -l. I ~i-. ~rci-, .'. llll«' inn-ii-le. zilm . -.~wrt: c- i l $lg‘C| '1sUl)I_ 54, _-M ich-air Il‘i, i-: _ 5: l‘. ‘.rl <H_ l'nI‘ I’! -.iiiii[ mmri ppf. ‘ I . .m till plriifnnii. l. mil~t'ill . Ili. ‘|. 74; llw Kn? fl”L‘‘llU! l mi‘: Fl-I i i»: lii xl ml ‘. .il* [))ng‘)‘I, |‘"1(S']dg‘| '1'|1,1lI‘1_| f'g'l iiri l'ieiii. 'c» llic '. |l7l| ,l'g'll'i, ll, I'l4}l1 H: (': incr Society MS. 9:10) p50Ili. ird disk rcti-tili: ri ( I)ll‘IlI| !il1't' Cnfhls
  4. 4. 0 0 G 0 6 ® 0 Personalities Present simple Free time Verb 0 infinitive or Appearantes Giving in opinion A personal profile I i p"< and continuous -1195] form :11) '5(| JO(lCK I A question cl sport Past slrnple On the river Past simple and Shark mad: Talking about the An nrticie ‘ pl 2 continuous past pi’? -sruarmt 2 :1.‘ EXAM I all) 0 leading . u” or gnglish I Listening I Writing I Speaking ‘ V Landscapes same. any. mud). The United Articles St Kllda Giving direction: A leaflet ' pl 2 many. a lot of. Kingdom ' i " ' a few ta: 9 I Stu area: 3 ’ ‘ At the cinema (pmparallves and lkensed to kill (nov as as, too. Solla Coppola Buying tickets A film review ' I ' ' ' 930 superlatlves enough 93? 'Sl1lOII(K '1 , "A, —' HAM 2 . ' its 0 Rnading I Listening I Use oi English a Writing I Speaking _' At the shops Present perfect (elebrations Present perfect The Empire State Buying clothes An informal letter F ‘ r‘i' pull! and past simple Building pii7 -seucnmt 5 (.74., ,4, ‘ Exam 3 p-is -Reading 0 Use oltnglish I listening I writing - Speaking Uselul gadgets will and going to Mobile phones Zero conditional Robots of the Arranging to meet A formal letter ‘ i - 950 future p57 ' SILI (MIG! 6 "4. ' EXAM A 1.5;, -Reading I Use of English 0 Listening I Writing I Speaking _ Body language must. muslni. Bonfire Night first conditional Unusual lestivals Making invitations A male poo needn't pm? I 5!]! OIICI 7 i as EXAM 5 ri'>‘€; 0 Reading - Use oi English I Listening I Writing I Speaking t . Global issues Second conditional Going green I wish . . Disaster! Giving advice An essay " W p70 -, V71 -sxucnrcx a l~‘. I. EXAM 6 pic. Iiteading 0 Use of English 0 Listening I Writing I Speaking Crimes and Past perfect inspector Morse Reported speed! Computer virus Reporting a then A slory ' ‘ I ‘ u i pthil criminals ; ‘«7 -Sluortat 9 3: EXAM 7 Ar 4 0 Reading 0 listening 0 Use oi English I Writing 0 Speaking V Publications me passive Romeo and luliet The passive (other Philip Pullman Buying books A book review l : ‘ L190 (present simple) tenses) N4,’ ' SIUOHCI 10 l~ ~I‘- In EXAM E ‘Reading I Use oi English I listening I Writing I Speaking Functions aux n'. 'fl wmmr. BANK gm: REVIEWS -. —m pl05 Wherever you see this symbol. you will find interactive cnumwm H1(EitLN(l; v“ii Worousl pm innzcuun Vmus p120 » practice in the corresponding section of the MuliiROM.
  5. 5. l 11 EE 1 Find the opposites of these personality adjectives in the word square (1 and --). la’ 1 ‘lift I can a/ wzribe _f6n1C0l't£: $ pcrxamrlin/ . “”*"§IfIlcA'uilntanrif£is7£nrua: ' Personalities I / J an al li. <_-+1" . "’I' VJ '‘ Eill-inliilliitltlaigllltizq 'i 1 '! I:r{¢, ;1‘iirL . .Lf‘r-"§'r3Irl'3,i1/in'. ~. 1 c-oefideat 6 polite . _ 2 ha]-d. work]ng 7 quiet 3 Make the adjectives negative by adding the correct 3 mean 3 serious prefix: un-. dis-. in- or im-. 14 optimistic 9 unfriendly 1 comfonable Um. m~; o,«jJbj, 5 patient 10 unkind 2 honey I V f 1 f’ _ I M P A T I E N T o 3 " _ or . . . .. . . . , A polite F R E P A F I K A P 5 tidv 7 ' ‘ ' ‘ ’ ‘ ' ~ ‘ ' 6 lucky / ‘ D_l'S‘R‘rGlR. G_lSlL. T Wye, u N s E ‘ E u o H j K u 3 '°'°'*’“‘ . . ' ' ‘ E . H ‘ Use the adjectives in exercise 3, with or without their F _ R , I _ E y N _, D I L ‘Xx’. A _ H prefixes. to complete the sentences. U M M K E 1 E A H T X ‘ 1 I couldn't sleep because the bed was , Li«IJ£0lVl0I‘L‘$: '»9 . ' ' ‘ ’ = ' ' ' ' ‘ ' 2 Pete's very . He goes running every N E I Q R D Z E I S . V j , _ j . y _ I . evening. N A S U ‘ 0 F y R V R 3 In many countries it’s , _ to start eating A - r —— ~ — 7- e - before others are ready. V G T I l U C [ 0 N E N 14 His bedroom is always — he never puts ' . ' ‘W ' E ' ‘ ' anything away. L l I F S E K I N D V i. , , , , _ . ‘ 5 We should be . oipeople who have 5 E C U N K H Y U | _ diiierent religions and beliefs from us. ' ‘ 6 She's very . T . She wouldn't lie to you. 2 Use the adjectives from the word square to complete the 7 10"" W35 in 3 lellible C3’ at‘-‘dent '35! WEEK H93 sentences. to be alive. 1 it was very WV‘ oiyou to help me with my homework. 3 " W35 > Olvouf friend to say bad things 2 She's a bit . That's why she didn't talk to about you when you weren‘t there. many people at the party. 3 W5 ’ ‘f’ ‘° Wk Wm‘ V°”' "‘°""' ML 5 Make a mind map ofwords that describe personality. lo Sally isn't very . Shc prefers to listen to other people. V . 5 Mark is very . He always thinks things will get posrm/5 m""mq' worse! 3 l 6 All the students were very towards me on my "‘1‘*‘“l«"= ""' first day at my new school. K 7 She is too to help me with the housework. Lvtiiylrili NEGATWE 8 Harry's very . He's always telling jokes. ,. 9 After waiting over halfan hour for the bus. Ben began to '1’ get 10 It was very , oiyou to pay for my coffee. “"“""“ /77 Unit 1 - The real you
  6. 6. ‘S Present simple and continuous/ ‘I Some of the verbs in these sentences are incorrect. Correct them if necessary. 1 'wha1are you doing? ’ ‘I'm a teacher. ‘ [)7 ". -.‘n. :i ‘. _r: -. . ‘in. " 'l iii J ‘. e3.: lr. ri" 2 Look. That girl is smiling at you. 3 Hc‘sgoing lo the gym every day. to I wear jeans today. 5 I'm not understanding you. 6 I don't like classical music. 7 What does she do tomorrow evening? 8 which do you prefer. pizza or pasta? 2 Mario and Sarah are at a dance. Complete the conversation with the verbs in the box. Use the present simple or present continuous. some do have like stay study want work not work Mario Hi. I'm Mario. Sarah Hi. I'm Sarah. wherei 4" you WW from, Peter? Mario Croatia. I 7 with a family here in Brighton. Sarah you it here? Mario Yes, it's a nice town. I ~- a great time. Sarah Your English is very good. Mario Thanks. I ‘ at a language school. What you . Sarah? Sarah I'm a nurse. Mario That's interesting. Sarah I usually ’ at night. but I this evening. Mario ‘ you to dance? Sarah OK. 2 ’i'r. '. I can my wit. -.t I icmnlly do and minor! I'm doing now. CHALLENGE! 5 Write two sentences for each use. Present simple: something that happens always or regularly I 2 Present continuous: something that's happening now ‘ 3 4 Present continuous: arrangements in the future 5 This evening , . 6 After school tomorrow 3 Decide whether the present continuous is being used (a) for something that is happening now or (b) for an arrangement in 1 2 3 VOWlOU'| h- 10 the future. write a or b. What are you doing tomorrow night? It's starting to rain. ‘Are you planning to stay at home this weekend? ‘ ‘No. we're visiting friends in London. ’ Penny is wearing a pink skirt. ‘Where's Wendy? ‘ ‘She's reading upstairs. ‘ is Ann coming to the cinema with us this evening? 1 I can't meet you on Saturday. I'm playing football. My aunt is coming to see us this aftemoon. What's that music you're listening to? What are you wearing to Tom's party? it Look at Neil's diary and complete the conversation. Use the present continuous. Neil It Kate 0h? Who-‘ r-SATURDAY. ” 3 pm faatba/ I - (fie/ sea v Arsenal (irmrm - ‘War of tire War/ Is’/ nee: Becky at 8 4: [I124 cafe’ , . — 41' st ‘% (watch) a football match on Saturday. (play)? Neil Chelsea and Arsenal. Why don't you come round and watch it with me? Kate I don't like football. What ' . you (do) in the evening? Neil I * (go) to the cinema. Kate Who * you (go) with? Neil Becky. Do you want to come? Kate Yes. I'd love to. What time *> you and Becky (meet)? Neil Eight o'clock at the pizza café. Kate OK. See you there. Unitl-Therealyou { 5 ‘
  7. 7. r mil mik . ib6:(. ’ ’ i bbi' ' ' 1 . . 10 w mm is/ crc. rrr , i‘iv1rr63t1ivlj-iii<. '-filrtgina ' 1 Complete the phrases. Use the words in the box. 3 Are the sentences true or false? write T or F. 1 Sarah has got .3 horse. _ ‘ 2 Sarah goes riding every weekend. chess ' computer games magazines music 3 Mam“ “keg playing footbam swimming sport the intemet . ‘_. to an aerobics class TV volleyball 1‘ Mam" p"3V5 g”"“' i" 3 ba”d' e ~ 5 Vanessa does three different sports. 1 “$13110 ‘““""‘ 6 so 6 Vanessa'5 favourite sport is judo. 2 watch 7 go 7 Ben hates watching films. 3 P'3Y 3 read ~ ' 8 Ben doesn't get any exercise. I; :55 1: :3” 1! Answer the questions aboutyour hobbies and interests. 1 What's your favourite hobby? 2 Read the texts and match them with the pictures. Mal-fin 2 Where do you do it. and who do you do it -. '.'itl1? Sarah I don't like doing sport very I love animals. I've got tour much. but i like watching pets - a cat. a dog and mo Itootbail on TV. My lavourite 3 What Sports do vou like? gotrrnsn. Iiorses are my , "Why '5 waving the guitar. favourite animal. I 90 riding j My friends and I have got a every weekend. 1 band called Fusion. We _ _‘ Practise together every ‘ ‘ ” ” Frid 3 av evening. CHALLENGE! en if Complete the sentences with one of these prepositions: in. I've got Ms M hobbies‘ | on. to, with. Tick . / the sentences that are true for you. love computer games and I vanes“ 1 i do a lot of sport ; n my free time. like watching films on W or I love sport! play volleyball 2 I sometimes listen to music my own. at the cinema. I also like at school and I sometimes 3 I'm addicted computer games. P'aY''"9 011838.! don't do go swimming WWI I“! to Football is more popular boys than girls. much sport. but I often go sister at the weekend. But 5 I spend a lot of money CD5. “”'9“”3‘“"9 Wm! my my favourite S90“ 79 I“d°- i 6 I'm very interested computers. m“‘‘‘- I go to a judo club three 7 I'm not very keen physical exercise. times a week. 3 - Ii ' “ fl/ . ‘ P, . A C‘. . (4., ' "-9: ‘>"’ b ; r’'*'«’' .7 .5 Y 1, X2’ 7 x _~ ~ 5 r _ ‘ ‘ ‘ ' '_ - 'r‘1‘ ‘ ” "5 ', ' ~ . 4 / I vb‘ M , . ~f . _. ., , ‘ ‘i_ - . - " . . , t '. .-’ “ "“ . 1 ~ ti, .. i . . .5. v .2 I/ fir‘) Unit 1 - The realyou
  8. 8. gs verb infinitive or -ing form / Complete the sentences. Use the -ing form of the verbs in the box. copy get up go have help live play think watch I Do you fancy i'y'”I{i to the cinema this evening? 2 I spend a lot of time computer games. 3 The food in the school canteen is terrible. so I avoid lunch there. [A I can't help that he isn't telling the truth. 5 I don't mind my parents with the housework. 6 Ican’t stand early in the moming. 7 Bob suggested a DVD. 8 Can you imagine in a foreign country? 9 It's really annoying — he keeps my homework. Complete the sentences. using the infinitive form of the verbs in the box. Then match the sentences to the pictures. be buy cany let pay study 1 Kate wants 10 b? a nurse when she leaves school. 2 Tina's parents agreed 3 Harry decided not a new DVD player. They're too expensive. 4 lake broke the window. but he refused for a new one. 5 Liz is pretending — but she's really listening to music on her MP3 player. 6 Ben offered my suitcase as it was really heavy. her go to a rock concert. I can idcvtlify and iuc rtiffircitt vcrb pnttcnu. 3 Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the verbs in brackets. 1 Tom offered I0 MP me with my homework. (help) 2 We spent an hour on the phone. (chat) 3 I can't stand . - a jacket and tie. (wear) 4 He refused his mum where he was going. (tell) 5 He pretended not me. (hear) 6 We decided to Majorca this summer. (go) 7 She can't help i nervous about the exams. (feel) 8 I don't fancy tonight. Let's go out. (stay in) 9 I hope you next weekend. (see) 10 Ican’t imagine . - old. (be) 11 What time do you expect i in London? (arrive) 12 I don't mind football on TV. (watch) 13 Why do you keep that song? It's annoying. (sing) 14 I didn't want to go to the party on my own. so my sister agreed with me. (come) 1! Underline four -ing forms and four infinitive fonns In the e-mail. Some of them are incorrect. Correct them. 7'41.) Hi Jackie How are you? I keep to phone you, but you’re always out, so I decided sending you an e-mail I'm having a very boring week. I spend all my time studying for the exams, but I refuse to work all weekend, too' So do you fancy to go to the cinema with me on Saturday? There are several good films on that I want to see I don't mind seeing any Oi‘ them, 50 you can choose plton lfltgfi I hope hearing from you soon Lots of love, VI/ liilaf'I'l CHALLENGEI Write sentences using these verbs and either the -ing form. or the infinitive. can't help Lemglttltislhimng about the creme- can't stand . _ want 7 . agree hope avoid OU'| «>AilNl| -D Unit 1 o The real you <| v7
  9. 9. limo , Appearances car: u. r-. l'er; !.t-1.1’ .2-.1 . lr‘tlLr': .tbG: '.f : r‘C£‘. .i‘l‘l (:4l. ‘.«. r'; ‘, / .1’ gt} trfljq r I: -'«“t 3 Read the text again. find: 1 Complete the text with the words in the box. 1 two things that hip-hoppers wear. and a ree allowed t ban eha hio . fagshionable gerferation jgapb heft tef: cSher" rule 2 M0 "M35 that Skaters wear" . _. unfair uniform and 4» 3 two styles of music that goths listen to. There's a ‘ ml! at our school that ’ and people from wearing hooded tops. I think it's really /4 two groups Wh0 50mElim€S have C0l0U't‘d “J”- ‘ 7 . We don't have to wear a school ‘ — and we can wear * clothes and jewellery. so why 5 two bands that skaters listen to. aren't we" wear hooded tops? Hooded tops are and an important pan of teenage A’ . The 4‘, "3 5 “"0 Slouos who often wear makeup- and two styles of music that hip-hoppers listen to. . Mr Brown. thinks that people who wear hooded tops badly. But l don't 1° . Mr Brown is quite old. There's a '~l , between him and the students. and ‘I Complete the sentence. Use present continuous or present simple. 2 Read the text quickly and label the photos with the words A“ th b , ‘h I ‘ _ m inthebox‘ (‘VET Slrl E EX 8T(‘| |'1 C k because they describe actions that happen regularly or facts 5 ale! goth punk hip-hopper that are always true. CHALLENGE! ‘ 3‘ Young people sometimes 5°‘ °"8'Y “""°" °d”'_'f write a short paragraph (about 30 words) about (a) or (b). ~ Judge the" pe"°"”l'be‘ a The clothes that you like to wear; 3 from (Se dome‘ they Why do you like them? Do your friends wear similar clothes? W"‘l DRE ‘:2’ ’'°”"5 What do your parents / teachers think of your clothes? peop ° ° cf‘ ° cxacuy b The clothes that a group of young people in your country the “me "mg when we’ likes to wear- , .— _ see other young people. ' , . _ J ‘ . . A ». . They don, ‘ look at 3 Does the group have a name. Do people / udge them from ' r ‘ ' " ‘ s ' h .7 ' ‘ ’ _ perm" and imagine what they are many mm. “mead, they the clot es they wear What kind of music do they llkE‘7 look at their clothes and behaviour and immediately put them into a group. The four most common groups are: skaters, goths, hip-hoppers and punks. Skaters wear baggy, casual clothes: jeans and hooded tops. They have long hair and sometimes it's coloured. They listen to bands like Green Day, Blink I82, The Offspring and Sum 41. Goths like to wear black. They're usually quiet people - much quieter than hip-hoppers. They like rock or heavy metal music, not pop music, They often have black hair and make-up. Hip—hoppers wear sports clothes: smart tracksuits and expensive trainers. They wear baseball caps and often jewellery too. They usually listen to hip hop and rap. Punks wear old torn clothes. They have coloured hair and often wear make—up and jewellery - but it's often safety pins or rings in their noses, lips or even tongues. However, some teenagers think that these fashions are xilly and that it's better to be an individual than to belong to a group. /1; 8 7 Unit 1 -The real you . .111‘, ,. _
  10. 10. g ' 1 iv: livlfAY; EndLlsn% I can ocprux my fr" an likc. r «Mi di. rilkc. :. gs / " 1 Label the pictures. Use the words in the box. ‘I Choose the best reply. c-betting-aniline dancing doing sport drawing 1 I like playing chess. 3 I enjoy taking photos. going outwith friends listening to music A Me too, _ A so do | _ a playing chess playing computer games reading 3 Good idea 3 Sum! I 5h°p”i”g taking phoms watchmg W 2 I'd rather go swimming. A Do you fancy dancing? A Do you? '7' A Sure. Good idea. I 3 Really? B So do I. 5 Put the words in the correct order to make questions. Then write true answers. 1 1 you I your / do / what / in / doing / time / free / like /2 2 doing I do I you I what I like I else / ? D 5 write the lines in the correct order to make a dialogue. Q Ann Do you? I can't stand playing computer games. ., K ‘ Really? I prefer Keane. What else do you like doing? So do I. What's your favourite band? 7 B 9 what Jeremy I like playing computer games. I love listening to music. The Arctic Monkeys. Ann do you llkr r; lniii. jl": n your free hint? Jammy i love Ann CHALLENGE! ,, ,,e, ,,, How many more hobbies and interests can you add? Ann _, 1 5 Jeremy J 2 _ 5 Ann , , - T W- . 3 3 7 7 Write a dialogue like the one in exercise 6. Use the ' “ 3 inionnation in the chart. W‘; -"Ill; K WW‘ l‘ip: <-1; :1 2 Match the phrases with the same meanings. watching Span ® 1 9° V0“ ‘3"CV 3 ' '93"V “ke Favourite: iootball Favourite: rugby 2 i'd rather b I really don't like shopping ® ® 3 I love c Iprefer 4 Ican’t stand d Would you like to R°b Sue 3 Write a sentence using each of the phrases 1-4 from Rob exercise 2. Sue 1 Rob c + 2 Sue 3 — — Rob 10 ’ I “ Unit 1 -The real you ‘ 9 ‘
  11. 11. A personal profile T Preparation 1 Read Tom's profile. Match 1-3 with paragraphs A-C. 1 personality 1 2 hobbies and interests .77 3 introduction, with personal information L A I'm Tom and I'm 16 years old. I'm at Saint Mary's School. I'm in year 12. I live with my mum and I dad and my two sisters. 8 My hobbies are playing the guitar and going outwith my friends. I'm also interested in fashion. I'm not very I keen on sport, butl sometimes go ice-skating. C I think I'm quite confident and my friends say I'm very ambitious. I get on well with funny people. 2 2 Underline phrases in Tom's profile with a similar meaning to the ones below. I go to school My name's I believe I like I'm quite a person I don't really like QU| §lJN)I-O 3 Put the lines of Mandy's profile in the correct order. I—, Harry and I go to Hillcrest School. . ‘I I live with my parents and older brother, Harry. 1 IT. My name's Mandy. if I'm 16 years old and I'm from I -- Hastings. _I As for sport. I play hockey at school. I've got lots of hobbies and interests. i I also enjoy dancing. I like drawing and I spend a lot of time reading. _ ‘I, I'm quite talkative. I'm very lazy. I've probably got one big fault. ‘ ‘_ in fact I really love chatting on the phone with my I friends. All 1/ 10 ’ Unit 1 - The real you I win write or pcrxonvll profile for an Inlcmu chatroom. Write fourtruesentences using the phrases in the box. Use nouns (people orthlngs) or -ing forms. imrloivaqkocnonwnlplnorgameo lnallyujoyuperldirlghnwwithnryhficnds 1 es; r, N Put the words in the correct order to make sentences. 1 ambitious I am I I / not at all 2 is I Kate I mean I a bit 3 my I is I very I best I loyal I friend It tolerant I person I Henry I a I quite I is 5 Toby I slightly I shy I is 6 impatient I my brother I quite I is Writing task 5 in your notebook write a personal profile of a friend or family member. write 70-80 words and include this information: 0 an introduction with your name. hometown. age. and brief information about your school and family. 0 information about hobbies. interests and sports. 0 a description of your personality.
  12. 12. EMF . . 1 °. ead the clues and complete the crossword. Across (—-I 2 7 10 13 15 16 18 19 20 The opposite otparient He never tells the truth — he’s very I can’! tries to dance. laughing when my dad ‘I love reading. ‘ ‘Really? I can‘t He's very patient. He doesn't waiting if you're late. Don't be with your little brother. ‘is Pete sleeping? ’ ‘No, he reading. ‘ ! Share your sweets ‘I like playing chess. ‘ ' too. Kate spends a lot of time TV. My sister is very tells iokc-s. . She often Downtll 1 ‘She doesn't say much. ’ ‘No. she's very Ihe opposite of optimistic lo ‘I like playing computer games. ‘ 12 10 17 ‘Do you? what do you like doing? ‘ I hope study medicine at university next year. you feel scared in lifts? ‘ ‘No. I don’t. ' Sam Patricia. He wants to marry her, '00 they wear trainers to school? ‘ ‘No, they ' You're very — you should take more exercise. I like watching football on TV. but I‘d play it. The opposite of hard-working 10 14 18 9 ~. - i = No problem! 1 3 2 6 8 11 12 I3 I5 16 17 19 20 I CAN , Read the statements. Think about your progress and tick (I) one of the boxes. = I need more . ~ : = I sometimes practice. find this difficult. I can describe someone's personality. (SB p. Ia) I can say what I usually do and what l‘m doing now. (SB p.5) I can talk about hobbies and Interests. (SB p.6) I can identify and use different verb pattems. (SB p.7) I can understand an article and a song about youth culture. (SB p.8) I can express my likes and dislikes. (58 p.10) I can write a personal profile for an lntemet chatroom. (56 p.11) Selfcheck-1 1 11
  13. 13. Winning and losing I can talk about A A question of sport 1 Complete the sports. Add a. e. I. o. u and y. Then match them with the pictures. L3‘ . '@. "3 1 Athl£_ti_CS 11 k_r_t_ 2 b_dm_nt_n 12 r_gb__ 3 b_s_b_ll 13 s_rf_ng 1: b_sk_tb_ll 14 sw_, mm_ng 5 c_cl__ng 15 t_bl_ t__nn_s. ... . 6 f__tb_| l 16 t_nn_s 7 g_lf 17 v_lleyb_l| 8 g_mn__st_cs. ... . 18 w__ghl— 9 _c_ h_ck_y. ... . I_ft_ng I 10 ]_d 2 Write the sports from exercise 1 in the correct column. W “U f 11 ’ Unit 2 - Winning and losing W a) “GP .511 ' 0 Extension: CUHOCBKIUD. ‘mm: -; and games 3 Complete the sentences. Use the words in the box. use the past simple form of the verbs. Carl Lewis s in four Olympic Games and nine gold medals. the winning goal in the 2 Fabio Grosso 2006 World Cup final. 3 Maurice Baker . é__ the ball to Darius Rice. who threw the ball Into the basket. 4 Thierry Henry scored two goals, but France still 2 the match. 5 David Beclrham 2 a penalty against Turkey in 2003. The match finished 0-0. 6 Venus Williams has the fastest serve in women‘s tennis. In 1998 she the ball at 206 km I h.
  14. 14. var‘- T‘: ~. if? B GRAMMAR 2’ [win ducribc “ ‘.11 Pfllt CVCHIJ. 1 Complete the text. Use the past simple of the verbs in 3 Complete the sentences with the negative form of the brackets. verbs. 1 He won a silver medal. but he _ didn't “IL a gold medal. 2 l was at the final of the World Cup in 2006 but I at the final in 2002. 3 She competed in the Sydney Olympics but she Tmni Circi'- Ilioiiipsoii is miv iii. in the Athens Olympics. : 'l'~. c niust siicccxsliil Ji. «.il>lctl . iIhli-it-s ‘ My dad learned to ride a bike but he i to 1.: -. tin‘ iinrld. Slit‘ ‘T. be born with . ~piii. i bilitii. so swim s: ".i‘ -’ 1 iiut mii milk and C ; luw in: 5 we played voueyba" last nigm_ we : .~t- . i 'Iir-clcli. iir. .1t -scimul licr ('. l'llt'T3 " not basketba" cipt-ci her to be good . ii spurt but her disability 5 6 I was happy when Wayne Rooney scored a goal. bu“ ~"~~‘l Wt‘ "" -"Ni *"*' ° 1-‘“""“‘ -‘"3 ' , happy when the referee sent him off. g-i. ii l. ‘.1Skt‘ll. ‘.l”. Ilicii slic *‘ _ ‘sort the Luiitlun 7 She Saw the London Marathon’ bu‘ she . i. ir. illitin on -I. . . inti 9 decide "l to try athletics. the New York Marathon X: [hf mgr -ill IS slit‘ “’ - 1 ri-pri-st-nt i '.1li's in die 4 Write true sentences about what you did last weekend. Use lumor N. iii0n. il (Liirit-s and ‘‘ Cfllllt‘ lint in the _ lllti inrtrcs. lit-iii: -cn l‘)‘). ’. and 200-l sin 12 ; ‘ win 1 me East sImple' amrmauve or neganvm and the phrases in §: ({t‘l'll P. ir. il_riii}Vic incti. il. s and " _ llirt-. ik', 30 e ox. unrlsl rcmrds. Slit‘ 1‘ rciirc lrnni whct'lch.1ir racing in 2007. 2 Complete the texts. Use the past simple of the verbs in the 1 l_ur. nl / didn't go to _il_ic cingma , , ~ boxes. 2 i 3 ’ _ Funny football stories 4 w _ ~ 5 7 _ . , in 1991. in a British cup final match. Peter Devine l tried to take a penalty for his team. but he tripped and -‘ over. He the ball properly and it only moved a metre. “Even the 5 Put the words in the correct order to make questions. Then write true answers. 1 last Iwhat / you I did I night I do / ? 3Ilhat_did_you do last nglfl , 2 last I you I what I do I did I Sunday I ? referee ‘ . . one spectator. tn 1989. the Italian football team eianra ° t>l3~i¢d a match against 3 you / how many hours I last night I did I sleep I ? 4 do I on your last birthday I did I what I you I ? Arpax. The referee 7 to send off one of the Pianta players. * > , D'Ercoli. so he 52 him the 5 did I last summer I where I go / you I on holiday/ ? red card. but D‘! -Zrcoli 9 the pitch. He took the red card from the referee and 3° it! 5"" “'"“'“‘ "’ Unit 2 - Winning and losing 13 Q
  15. 15. I can undcrrtnnd infcrmntion arbour n rporupcrrart. On the river Revision: Sllrdr. -I‘-l's Bool. pnge lb 3 Choose the correct answer. Complete the sentences about the Oxford-Cambridge 1 '" 3 ‘°°"'°55 mu" there 5"’ 50.3 , m,_ use the mm, in the bu A three rowers and a B Your rowers and no ‘ COX i__ _ COX 2 Redgrave and his team won the final The boat race . 11_¥_0Ll>l3!-L in London. A : :c‘: ::"Pn a B : :;: ::; e than a it is an I , _ event. me” am Mo _ _ (one {mm oxford and one 3 Redgrave won his first gold medal in from Camb, w8e)_ A Los Angeles 8 Sydney In each boat there are eight _ Z _ and a 1, gedyave 3|“, won an Olympic ~ -~— — - Wl‘° 5l°°"5- A silver medal _ B bronze medal Lots of 1 : watch the race from the banks of we met 5 Redgrave holds In 1877 both boats finished at exactly the same time - A Mo mom 3 nine records it was a _ _ . 6 Redgrave also likes In 1982 Sue Brown was the firstwoman to A winter sports B water sports ' __ in the race. In 1998 Cambridge set a new __nf n for the ‘°“'-59 ' 15 "‘l"“l°5 “"5 19 5°C°"d5- Write a short text (about 30 words) about a sportsperson you like. Include this lnfonnation: 0 name and nationality 2 Read the text. How many Olympic gold medals did Steve , his/ he, span Redgrave win? Choose the correct answer. 0 his/ her biggest achievement / success a four is live c six . whyvouuke mm/ he, l_czJ. lrl: :r. e.»e, ._ _ n K r. -poet-nber 23rd 2000 was a special day for British T; ; * r ' — rower. Steve Redgrave. He was rowing in the final -—- — — of the ‘coxless four’ (four rowers without a cox) at the — — — Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. The spectators ——e — e on the bank were cheering as the boat finished the race. He and his team won the race by 0.3 seconds. with the Italian mam second and the Australian team third It was Redgrave’s fifth Olympic gold medal. He also won gold medals in Los Angeles (1984), Seoul (1988). Barcelona (1992) and Atlanta (1996), and a bronze medal in Seoul. It was an incredible achievement. Only four other sportspeople have won gold medals in five different Olympic Games. Redgrave has also won nine World Championship gold medals, and he holds one world record and one Olympic record. But he doesn‘t just row. He also likes winter sports and in 1998 was a mcrnber of the British bobsleigh team. 3/ 16 l Unit 2 - Winning and losing
  16. 16. V _____ = r._‘ _ GRAMMAR ‘ . ° - 3D Choose the correct tense: past simple or past continuous. - winter. I ‘had/ was having a nasty accident while - / was siting. I was with my friend loe. It was a - morning. The sun tshonelwas shining and "- of people ‘skied / were skiing. Suddenly Joe . — lwas losing control as he was going round a I _ - and ''crashed / was crashing into me. I ‘films falling and broke my leg. An air ambulance . .- / was arriving and ‘tool: /wasuldng rneto ' "usual I was in hospital for two weeks! I the sentences. Use did. didn't. was. wasn't. were « ‘t. _'1_ you playing volleyball when he arrived? ‘ ‘No. Q . ' _ ‘ she win the race? ‘ ‘Yes. she . ' ‘ you watch the match while you having Caner? ‘ ‘No, we , , . .' ‘ Um you do when you got home? i ' , he ring while she . doing her homework? ’ ‘ks. he . ' _ ‘lbw many goals he score? ‘ ‘He mgoals. He _. playing! ‘ 5C0|'8 '1 tornplete the sentences. Use the past simple or past continuous of the verbs in brackets. Last year my dad and I ‘ VIGIW5 While we 1 "_ T (go) to a basketball game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Bulls. The (visit) the USA. f . (stay) in Los Angeles, we azmosphere inside the stadium - (be) really exciting. Thousands of spectators L , , (cheer). The Los Angeles Lakers ‘ (score) 30 points in the last 10 ! 'l'liI'1U[€5, but they ’ (not win). After the game, one ofthe players 3 (throw) the ball into the crowd and a man in front of us ‘T (catch) it. While we '-(‘T leave) the stadium, the man H (give) us the ball and '7 (say): ‘Here's a souvenir! ‘ Past simple and continuous r 1 com tell at rlwrt rtary wring par! tuuu. 3 Look at the pictures and write the story. Use the prompts to Last month Joe and Sally / go / the motorbike Gmnd Priic The sun / shine / and the crowd / be / happy. /09 and Sally / stand / near the finish line. The race / be / really exciting. Two riders / race / very close. On the last corner / Colin Edwards / lead. Suddenly, / Nicky Hayden / pass / Edwards. Edwards / be / surprised. He / lose / control of his motorbike. Edwards / crash / 500m before the finish line. While he / check / his motorbike, eleven other riders / finish / the race. Hayden / win / the Grand Prix, but the crowd / cheer/ when Edwards / cross / the finish line! Unit 2 - Mnning and losing < 15
  17. 17. I can ztmicrtr. -.>i. i‘ . - imz_qce, 'ti: c . rr{lt. ’c. ‘. Yr c "t—‘v”* : '—. 'ilit-llH: '§tl; la_il'J,1It‘-iilighlggi ‘ " 3 Answer the questions. 1 Label the picture with the words in the box. 1 whme We": the 5""im'"e'5? h 'l h ri - beac is and 5 ark su er surfboard wave 2 How many dolphins appeared? ii‘. I o ~ _ 3 Why were the swimmers worried at first? 7 . , 14 What did one of the swimmers try to do? 5 Why did one of the swimmers scream? 6 How long did the dolphins stay with the swimmers? 1% Put the events of the story in the correct order. One ofthe swimmers screamed when she saw a shark. The dolphins started to swim around the people. Ron tried to swim back to the beach. l The lifeguards were on a training swim. The shark swam away. Ten dolphins appeared. The dolphins stayed with the swimmers for A0 minutes. The shark tried to attack the swimmers. The swimmers returned to the beach. The dolphins pushed Ron back to other Swimmers. 2 Complete the article with the words in the box. attacking clear eventually professional screamed swimming thought Friendly didlphiris save . ”~$itil. i'Ei’i: “ltt’ii«8E’2% One moming in November 2004, four people were 3 shark and it was swimming towards them through the 1,, 7 in the sea about 100 metres from the '—- blue water. It came very close to the beach near Auckland, New Zealand. They were swimmers. it was only metres away. but it couldn't -’ _ lifeguards on a training swim. Suddenly, attack them because the dolphins were there. The about ten dolphins appeared and started to swim around dolphins stayed with the swimmers tor 40 minutes. them in circles. At first the swimmers were worried - they 5 ’ the shark swam away and the dolphins ‘ that the dolphins were ‘ let the swimmers return to the beach. A scientist. them. One of the swimmers. Fion Howes, tried to swim Rosemary Finn, who studies the behaviour of dolphins back to the beach, but the dolphins stopped him and wasn't surprised when she heard the story. ‘Dolphins pushed him back to other swimmers. Suddenly. one of . often help other animals and fish when they are in the swimmers ‘ . There was a three~metre ; trouble IN the sea, ‘ she Said. -/67 Unit 2 - lmnning and losing
  18. 18. niinensnx 1 Complete the labels with the verbs in the box. I-I chat go go go have help "Mae 2 with my friends on the phone out 5 the 7 my8 Shopping oedroom Choose the best reply. 1 3 had a terrible weekend. A Oh dear. 8 It was OK. What did you do on Friday evening? A Ididn't. 8 Nothing much. Did you have a good weekend? A itwas OK. 8 We're having relatives to slay. i went to the cinema. A Cool. What did you see? 8 Oh dear. '. ""‘_r. ... ... ‘- :2 take tidy visit my parents with the housework away for the weekend r l can that about what Z imzp_Dr. '>1c: ».V at the wcckzm/ . 3 Match the follow-up questions in the box with the sentences. Then write answers. Really? who did you visit? What film did you see? Cool. Where did you go? Did you win? Reaily? -Wlaatdida/ ou-buy; 1 lwent shopping. [¢ea'. 'l1‘7___-{ital did you L211? A CD . =.r; d . a l7‘. 'D 2 I went to the cinema. 3 I went out with some friends. /4 We visited some relatives. 5 I played in a volleyball match. Complete the conversation with the questions in the box. What did you watch? Did you have a good weekend? What did you do on Sunday? What did you do on Saturday? what did you read? Chris i Peter Yes, I did. Chris Peter Chris Peter Chris Peter Chris Peter I read a book. A detective story. I stayed in and watched ‘IV. A volleyball match and a film. 5 Write a conversation like the one in exercise 4. with five questions and five replies. Use activities from exercise 1. A Did you 7 B Yes. A What Saturday 2 B A B A What 8 A 8 Unit 2 - Mnning and losing ‘ ‘I7
  19. 19. I can write an article for H xmdcltr nutgatzinc. Preparation 1 Complete the text with the words in the box. Match the people with their achievements. 1 i , won the Tour de France cycle race seven i times in succession. 2 #___, e won 18 singles titles. 31 women's 2 Match the headings (1-4) with the paragraphs (A-0). doubles titles and 10 mixed doubles titles. 1 Eanv Successes 3 Pfi wolngggozlctl n12e. rioall)s at four Successive . . ara mpucs ram 0 . 2 WWI admue mm ‘ A _ - won the World Heavyweight Boxing 3 Fam'lV ""1 “my V93“ —- Championship three times. 4 1-3l9fY93'5 5 T was the first gymnast to receive a perfect , l ~ score of 10.0 at the Olympics. retell‘ 6 . is a retired American athlete who won five Olympic gold medals. Ferent Puskas was a 7 v , is the only footballer ever to win three Hungarian footballer He was born in world Cups 1927 m Budapw H“ fame’ was A 8 _j was four times World Figure Skating football ' , so Fe'enc champion. started playing at an early age 3 At the age of i6 Puskas yolned Honved lootba= l club and helped them to _ five Hungarian league titles In 1945 he ‘ Ior Hungary to! the first iIFT‘C, and was a member of the ‘ . that won the Olympic Gold medal in I952 In I956 he left Hungary, and in I958 he ' Real it/ ifldild. Although he was already in his thirties, he won the Spanish league five times and the European Cup three ttmes before he in I967, at the aue of forty 3 Katafina win [3 1'anniGy9y. Thomp5on E I ' him because he ' in almost every match he played in ~ 357 goals in 354 ' for Honved, 154 goals In 179 rnatches for Real Madrid and 83 goals in 84 matches for Hungary‘ Writing task 3 In your notebook write an article (130-150) words about a sportsperson or another famous person. Divide your article c Nadia Komaneci d Michael l0hn50n into three or four paragraphs. Choose one of these topics for each paragraph: 0 Family and early years 0 Early successes 0 Later years 0 Greatest achievements - Why you admire him/ her C / rent your work D atitapayourarnctjeutto each with its E «:30-15o words? D spelling and punctuation? ~ 1 Martina Navratilova h Muhammad Ali f7 7 . 18 Unit 2 - Mnning and losing
  20. 20. SELF . . : —. ; ; 3 ead the clues and complete the crossword. . .‘~. .a'§1£'-E1 gas; Across (-~) 1 3 A 1 It raining. It was hot and S sunny. 6 7 6 . 3* . 8 We playing rugby when it j 1‘ 9 started to rain. 10 9 rang is the past simple form of '7 fl 1‘ ‘5 ‘O The past simple form of win is '0 13 The past simple form of cheat is , ‘. 76 17 Rooney a penaltyin the last minute. so England lost the match. 19 18 ‘What are you doing this evening? ‘ much. ’ 19 John in three races in an athletics competition. Down (ll ’ 1 He arrived we were having I CAN «- lunch. Read the statements. Think about your progress and tick (J) one of the 2 My brother me a CD for my b°"e5- bl”hd“V- = I need more 5- V = I sometimes t c + ‘< = No problem! 3 ' dld V0“ 3°? ‘ ‘T0 the Pall‘-' practice. find this difficult. lo Last weekend I surfing. 5 ‘ ~’ ‘~‘ ‘ Ican talk about sports i like. (58 p.14) , I can describe past events. (53 p.15) 7 Federer only lost one nn that I can understand information about a sporting game. 11 ‘Did you a goal? ’ ‘Yes. it was event. (58 p.16) , the only goal in me match‘, I can tell a shon story using past tenses. (58 p.17) 12 D I can understand a ma azine article. (SB .18) g s p / . I can chat about what happened at the weekend. 16 ‘Did you have a good weekend? ’ ‘Yes. I did. (53 P-20) what you? ‘ I can write an article for a student magazine. 15 ‘Did Sarah's team win the volleyball (53 9-21) . match? ‘ ‘N0. lhev Self Check - 2 (19 '
  21. 21. OOOOOIIOOOOIOOOOO ‘nu: Reading 0 Read the paragraphs quickly to find out what the text is about. 0 You don't need to understand every word to do the task. Try to guess the meaning of new words from context. 0 Read the text again more carefully and match the headings to the paragraphs. Don't forget that there is one extra heading. Read the article and choose the most suitable heading (A-G) for each paragraph. There is one extra heading that you do not need. Olympic Flame Every four years the world watches the Olympic Games, which start when somebody from the host country carries a torch into the stadium and lights the flame in the opening ceremony. The flame continues to burn throughout the games until it is extinguished iii the closing ceremony 2}, This is a tradition that started in ancient Greece, when a fire burnt throughout the ancient Olympics, but it wasn't introduced to the modern games until 1928. The modern world welcomed the idea of an Olympic flame with enthusiasm In 1936 Carl Diem, a German sports official, came up with the idea of an Olympic torch relay for the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin Since then the torch relay has been part of the Olympic Games The Olympic torch is lit many months before the opening ceremony at Olympia. the site of the ancient Olympics in Greece. Eleven women take part and one of them lights the torch from the sun using a special mlH0l, After "115 there is a ceremony in the Athenian Panathinaiko Stadium where the Athens city authorities deliver the torch to the officials of the host city. This ceremony IS then followed by the torch relay Traditionally, runners, including athletes, celebrities and ordinary people carry the torch on a yourney from Athens to the host city The relay lasts for many months and goes through many countries Sometimes the torch travels by boat, or by plane. The relay ends when the torch arrives at the Olympic stadium where the Games will take place. The final carrier of the torch is often kept secret until the last moment. and IS usually a famous sportsman or woman They run around the track and towards a huge cauldron, which IS usually at the top of a staircase. They use the torch to light the Olympic flame ' 20 ’ Getreadyforyourexainl 6 the torch relay represents the passing of Olympic lf&(l| lI(]l‘l‘. from one generation to the riexl Originally the flame represented the ‘endeavour for protection and struggle to’ victory‘ Since it was introduced again in 1928, I‘. has come to represent the light of spirit, knowledge, and iile A The end ofthe journey B The history of the flame C The beginning of the Olympics D The symbolic meaning of the flame E The end of the Olympics F Carrying the torch G Lighting the torch 0 E ‘hrs: Use of English : I Read the whole text quickly to find out what it is about. : 0 You need to flll in the gaps with words like prepositions. : modal verbs. auxiliary verbs. linkers. articles. relative : pronouns. etc. 3 0 You can write only ONE word in each gap. : 0 when you have finished. read the text again to check your V answers. EXAM TASK - Read the anecdote about Pablo Picasso. write the missing words (1-8). Use only one word in each gap. There are many anecdotes about Pablo Picasso, the famous Spanish artist and sculptor According I , his mother, Picasso learned to draw before he A‘ speak and his first word was pencil‘ He was not a very good pupil and he —‘ to leave school because he could not remember the letters of the alphabet When he became a worldfamous artist, he '2 ()ll(‘ll visited by other celebrities Once Charlie Chaplin ‘- to see him in his studio While Picasso was working *> one of his paintings. he accidentally spilt ’ . paint on Chaplin s troiisers Picasso immediately offered to get some alcohol to reiiioiie it but Chaplin said, ‘Please. “. Just leave the pain: where it is, and make sure you also sign my trousers ‘
  22. 22. E PIEPAIIATIOI: Listening 1 Read the instructions and the notes below. Try to predict what you will hear in the recording. Answer the following questions: 0 How many places are listed in the notes? 0 What types or places are mentioned and what can you do there? 2 Try to guess what kind of vocabulary you might hear in the recordings. OOOOIOOOOOIOOOIO ‘ LISTENING 1 Listen to the information about places to nsrt. Complete the notes. - ut. 5P‘Ild<. VwU '- you cqnrwvc,5et_fitotndh«vr. ortaJtymuIl Q 4 brand new ffiffdltflflt Facilities - - ‘ Jwimming pool: 1’ . indoor aw! outdoor team‘: court: 4 - rt fitness room ‘-' ' Opening hour: 35 iagygrydqyfiam, ’ l. M.N. . erupt on Sunday , _- 9 ' ibtcmwley ' 4“ IMF: under one roof 4 ' P‘""‘i'U f" ' com § QMEEM5 SQIMRE 5HOPPI/ V9 a_= -mg '34 omsuxy SAFARI rwuc '1. . may have " specie: * Opening hour: # - all day o'clock in the Momiug to J '——-—"‘ *9” - wtralnbefu f/ .__. ’ for children. 4 children. under Jot/ D1; "_____ for adults; £" 00000000IOOOOOOIOOOOCJIIOOOD ‘hrs: Writing a magazine article - Read the lnstnrctions and the questions carefully before you start to write. 0 Brainstonn ideas for each question in the task and make notes. 0 Organise your notes to form a writing plan. Use a mind map if this helps you. - write clear paragraphs for each point to want to make. i Remember to give your own opinion. The editors of an intemational student magazine have asked you to write an article (120-180 words) about young people and sport. They would like you to include the following points: ooooooooooooo-cocoon 0 What experience does the average teenage have of sport in your country? 0 Do you think it's important for teenagers to play sport? 0 How do famous sportspeople affect teenagers‘ lives? TIPS: Speaking 0 Ifyou have to answer general questions about yourself in the speaking exam. don't give lust one or two-word answers. Give details and examples wherever possible. Try to use the correct tenses when answering the questions. e. g. the present simple to talk about habits and routines. the past simple to talk about your last holiday. etc. If you don't understand a question. ask the examiner to repeat it. Look at the Functions Bank on page 101 to find i useful phrases. work in pairs and ask each other the questions below. Your partner must have the book closed when you ask him/ her the questions. Then change roles. IOOOOOOQOOOOOOCOOOIIOIOO 0 Questions What do you most enjoy doing when you are at home? Describe your best friend. How do you spend your free time? What's the most exciting thing you have ever done? What would be an ideal career for you? Where's the best place to spend a free afternoon around here? Where did you spend your last holiday? 8 Do you think computers will replace newspapers and TV in the future? Getreadyforyourexarnl ( 21 ' V oV‘bMJhlb-5
  23. 23. Town and country VOCAESIJIARV AND LISTENING Landscapes I can ducribc a place in the town or wrmtry. 1 Look at the pictures and complete the puzzle. Find the word that isn't illustrated (1). ‘IIIIIII ’IIIII ’IIII A IIIIIII 6 ‘IIIIII IIIIIIII ’IIIIIIIIII ‘IIII °IIII : IIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIII BEIIEEEIII “IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIII “IIIIIII 1"IIII “IIIII 2 complete the sentences with prepositions of movement. and match them to the pictures. 1 Mark walked the postbox. 2 Sylvia ran the pavement. 3 lamie went _ the bridge. to Beth rode the fence. 5 lessica drove _, , _ the gate. ‘ 22 I Unit 3 - Town and country 1 ZI 3 i . '8 _ : ,1~* 16 3 Complete the text using compound nouns: the noun in brackets plus a word from the box (before or after). Use a dictionary to check whether they are written as one word or two. Last Saturday I went shopping with my parents. We went to the new 1 (shopping) near our town. I bought a new 1 , (shirt). My sister bought the new Britney Spears CD. I don't like ’ (music) very much. so I hardly ever buy CD5. In the aftemoon I went to the sports centre with my friends Jake and Patricia. I always go there at ‘, (week). There's a really good 5 , _7_ (swimming) there. but we didn't go swimming. We played ° , (tennis) and 7 . S (ball). In the evening I did my he (home). and then I played (games) with my sister. u’ L
  24. 24. Complete Penny's e-mail to her penfriend with some and any. . i 2 . ; l‘ — i. .'li3'li: l '; w.- -, w.i. i'r~? v. i-: -it snrrjl I li. i'. ~eri t sent you 1 ' -3. Wt (Fri. bis? l n¢ii. i3ri‘t hsid *‘ ' (_; Ci"i3 E"t: -ppiiig " l-Jew Yolk tiimorrow with * ’ Yul‘; "p-_A'. ‘,‘ (Mattie: lhr-ri‘- aren't "‘ 2' ‘if! i'loll‘ié--'. s"i: ips in l<‘i‘. ‘."‘; ti-iit tt“iey'r-2 e>i. t)enSn. ie Are there-‘ 1:‘ i-L‘-C'l’l 2 Look at the picture. Choose the correct expression to complete the sentences. l t There is a lot of / ‘ a little traffic. DJ ma There aren't many / ' any fields. There are a lot of I a few street lights. There aren't many / any pedestrians. There are a few I a lot of advertisements. U) l vi 6 There aren't a few i’ any hedges. 3 ’. '.‘riich endings for these sentences are correct? ‘Fck (J) A. B or both. 1 in this village, you don't see many A cars. 8 traffic. On the High Street. you can find a few A rubbish. 8 shops. 3 Our house is in the middle of a lot of beautiful A fields. _ The village doesn't have much A pollution. 3 street lamps. S The petrol station sells a few A food. 8 books. 6 Can you see any A water? i. ) B scenery. B roadworks? ii : ... '_. . Asome, any, much, many, a lot, a few T, emails fé'CEf‘lll‘, ' lead exarns ali last week’ I think Vl'Sl. .lfS yet Have you got ‘ ‘riianrts were going to the department stores department stores near my h()U'>t" There are 7 1 can talk about qiuriitlitiu. exams th is term? good shops where you live? ll Complete the description of New York. Choose the best words. New York lS one the most exciting cities in the world ’ There are ‘lots of / much things to do in Manhattan, the heart of New York There are hundreds of museums, restaurants, cafes. clubs and theatres to visit, and 1a little / a lot of exclusive and expensive shops. In the past the air was very polluted. but now there isn't ’some I much pollution In fact. New York is now a very clean my There's ‘much I a lot of beautiful scenery around the city On Long Island, only 5a few/ many miles from New York, you can find °some / any fantastic beaches. and to the west of the city even ’much I a few mountains where you can ski New Yorkers are very welcoming — you won't find ”much / many unfriendly people, So come and spend "a little / a few time in New York. You won't regret itl CHALLENGE! Write five sentences describing the place where you live. Use the words in the box to help you. blockofflats car factory farm fresh air noise busyroad hill lane night-life pollution scenery traffic wood ‘lhcrr aren't many factories in my town ‘there's some bc. =.~. itif.1il scenery around my V1“33C 1 l| buHhJ Unit 3 - Town and country (23
  25. 25. 1 Complete the sentences about Wales with the words in ‘ The United Kingdom the box. industrial spectacular Celtic farming independent kayaking population situated 1 Wales is not C . Il's part ofthe UK. 2 Most of the olwales live in the south. 3 In the north. there are lakes, valleys and rivers. 1: The most part of the country is the south. 5 Cardiff is in the south. 3; 6 Welsh is a language. ‘ 7 People come to Wales to go , on the rivers. 8 is an important industry in Wales. Read the text about Scotland. Match paragraphs 1-4 with the missing first sentences. There is one extra sentence that you don't need to use. a The scenery in Scotland is spectacular. in Many famous people come from Scotland. c Tourism is an important industry in Scotland. d Scotland isn't an independent state. e People in Scotland speak English. SCOTLAN D E It is part of the UK. It is situated in the north of Britain. It has a population of about five million and the capital is Edinburgh. Most of the population live in the south of the country. 5 gi The north of Scotland is called the Highlands because there are a lot of mountains, including Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK. There are also beautiful lakes and woods 5 There is also a Scottish language called Gaelic. which is a Celtic language. However, only about 60,000 people in Scotland now speak it. Most of them live in the Highlands. Q . Edinburgh and Glasgow are two exciting cities in the south. Many people visit the north of Scotland to enjoy the clean air and wonderful scenery. One of the most famous tourist attractions in this region is Loch Ness, home of the Loch Ness monsteri ‘ Zli i Unit 3 - Town and country . ' c. -it m: t(cr: .’r. i-. :.t' zi1fcv'ri~. .rrio»1 in .2 . ;:«. i.i'cbcc. ‘<. 3 Complete the fact file about Scotland. Location ill the. north of or-tzaiii Population Capital Highest mountain Languages and Important industry Famous tourist attraction 1! Read the sentences. Are they true or false for the place where you live? Write T or F. There aren't many people here. There's a lot of beautiful scenery. There’s a lot for young people to do. There's a lot of pollution. The people are very friendly. It's an exciting place to live. It's a very industrial region. It's difficult to Find jobs here. atwosuna-wnua 5 Write two advantages and two disadvantages oi living where you live. Use ideas from exercise A or your own ideas. Advantages: Disadvantages: CHALLENGE! Do the quiz about Wales. Then check your answers with a partner. 1 What is the population ofwales? A 3million B 13 million C 30 million 2 How much ofthe population speaks Welsh? A 100% B 75% C 20% 3 What is the capital of wales? A Dublin 3 Edinburgh C Cardiff it Which of these cities is in Wales? A Swansea 3 Liverpool C Manchester 5 What is the name ofthe highest mountain in Wales? A Snowdon 8 Everest C Fuji 6 Which of these famous actresses is Welsh? A Angelina Jolie 8 Catherine Zeta-lones C Penélope Cruz
  26. 26. LI . I I run correctly rue Xi / mt’ and 'ri'ic' .‘th | v‘. Ot. (|I. f, , / i -plete the sentences. Use a or an and the words in the 15 Read the Look out! box and look at the countries below. : : Then add three more similar sentences about famous Write The or tick V) if no article is needed- , ::: Ie in your country. 3.. .: mini‘ actress artist composer footballer 'ician singer We don't use The with the names of countries, unless the country's title includes a word like: republic. kingdom, - state . seethoven was . We was 1 TI‘! United Kingdom 16 South Africa ; -: _W Blah is 2 . Great Britain 5 United States _ rnny Depp is 3 Republic of Ireland 6 Czech Republic 5 5”" '0'“ i5 ' 5 Complete the text with a/ an or the. : Dablo Picasso was iatherinc Zeta-Jones is : Z‘i‘lplEtE the sentences with a or an in one gap and the in ' 2 other. ~<r. ~ lives in small town in north of Scotland. I So-2'5 computer programmer in army. 3 “"5 °"'V 995°“ 3" me Ph°‘° ‘”h°'5 ""’°3’i"8 We recently moved to South Milton. which is‘ 3 "'3‘- small village near the sea. My dad's 3 doctor, and - She's journalist with New York fimes. he go, i new Job hm, A, (N. , though‘ 5‘ was 5 I always watch DVD at weekend. .i mos, bomq place m x. _ whole Wow. 7 head leach“ 3‘ "W 5Ch°°l "35 3°‘ "°‘” bc-cause ': nearest; town is 15 kilometres away 53‘ But I have new hobbies now - "W ENE’ is lead Singer of rock group‘ I love going to the beach and going out to sea in my 5 teacher at my school lives by sea. kayak’ whim IS . Smau boa‘ Igo every day when . '.‘nich sentences need a definite article (the) and which are -“ weather if. good, and even when its bad! generalizations? fick (J) or complete. I also haw, I. ‘Ob W ; .. Magc, post Om“, 1 don't like Mondays. -/ to earn some money I really like my | :te -n *3 2 ill see you at ‘W weekend. countryside now 3 1 don't really like heavy metal music. — ; really like new Black Eyed Peas CD. 5 2 never wear jeans. CHALLENGE! 6 tigers live in Asia. Complete the advertisement. write a, on. the or a tick (I) if 7 Polar bears don‘t mind cold weather. ‘W a'“‘'9 is “ewe”- 8 : ‘m not enjoying cold weather this winter. ls? -’ iun important for you? Do you enjoy -‘ excitement 9 HE'S reading new HEW Poltei book of I big cities? Or are you looking for * relaxing break? 30 = d0“'l is-‘id b00’<5 db0I-ll magic‘ Whatever you need. we have the perfect holiday for you. Spend '> few days in North Wales ~ 5 scenery is amazing and there are lots of lakes and rivers for people who like I’ water sports. Or how about 5 . , , weekend in New York? Spend the evening in a jazz club, and then climb ‘’ Empire State Building for great views of 1"» city at night. ‘ ' '- Unit 3 -Town and country ZS ‘
  27. 27. 1 can undcrrtand oi ncwrpoipcr article. St Kilda Revision: ‘3ii. dr-r'l‘*. E; /., v.~i. pagv: P: -l Match the two halves of the sentences. The house was empty - It's an enormous city - She's an extraordinary woman - He isn‘t lonely — it's a rural village — The roads are silent — it's a tiny fann — she can speak eight languages. the population Is about 8 million. there are fields all around it. there are only a few sheep. there aren't any cars. nobody was at home. he's got lots of friends. QQOQHUH VOKUIDUIKDU-l Choose the correct word in these sentences. it’s a stressful I relaxing place to live. Everybody is busy all the time. The town centre is modern I old - it was built less than thirty years ago. its a very dangerous I safe place to live. There isn't much crime. The air in the city is very clean I polluted because of all the cars. it's a very boring/ exciting city — there's a lot to see and do. A lot of tourists visit the lake because it's very pretty I uslv. The village is quite noisy I quiet because it’s very near a big airport. 3 Read the first sentence of each paragraph and match each paragraph with the correct topic. The Edge of the World a it isn‘t an easy place to get to. it's in the Atlantic Ocean about 65 km west of the Outer Hebrides islands, which are to the north-west oi Scotland. It takes 14 hours to get there trom Scotland by boat. A iew people visit the tiny islands of St Kilda every year, but not many. ’ 26 ’ Unit 3 - Town and country Q Read the text and check your answers to exercise 3. 5 Are the sentences true or false? Correct the false sentences. 1 St Kilda is 65 km west of Scotland. It takes 1!» hours to get from Scotland to St Kilda by boat. Not many people visit St Kilda. A Many inhabitants of St Kilda moved to other countries to find work. 5 In 1930. the final 36 inhabitants wanted to stay on St Kilda. 6 On 29 August 1930. the final 36 inhabitants went to Australia. 7 There are only scientists on the islands today. 8 There isn't any entertainment on the islands. in About two hundred years ago. the population of St Kilda was about 200. They had their own way of life. They climbed up the cliffs and caught sea birds for food. They had meetings in the village streets and made lhelf own laws. They didn't have much contact with people from other places. But life was hard for the people of St Kilda. and many decided to leave the islands and travel to the USA or Australia to look for work. They wanted to earn money and have a better life By 1930, there were only 36 inhabitans left. They decided that they wanted to leave too. and on 29 August. a boat arrived and took them to Scotland. They never retumed. Today, there aren't any permanent inhabitants of St Kilda on the islands. However. the islands are not empty. Scientists live and work there, studying the sea birds and other wildlife. There are also a few soldiers. There isn‘t much entertainment, but at least there is now a sauna and a bar!
  28. 28. .1 u- 1 DJ ; Giving directions / _ "i%; v:nvrrAr. :«_: rrr: Lisrr‘; » t‘ Look at the map. Complete the sentences with the prepositions of place in the box. next to behind between near opposite on the comer of CAR PARK SUPERMARKET NORTH STREET ElflN3/V )lVO the sports centre and Z ‘"9 clothes shop is C"e disco. 2 "-2 hospital is South Street and Oak L . e’iu8. 3 ‘as school is the cafe. the supermarket. the clothes shop. the hospital. - "'9 car park is 3 "he disco is - ‘fie train station is r te the words in the correct order to make directions. S‘. -'aighl I on I go . . IA rd to I go I the I the / road I of _< "'5: take I’ the right - "attic turn I lights I‘ the I’ at I right ll‘ gs past I church I the ‘. :rth along Street / go I rm: undcrrrrmd u. nd_qivc J. ,il‘t’. £li0ll, J. 3 Look at the map again. Use expressions from exercises 1 and 2 to complete these directions. You Man You Man You You Man You Man You Excuse me. is there a supermarket near here? Yes, there's one in North Street. Can you tell me how to get there? Yes. = and tum right. ' and the supermarket is on the leit. ‘ the sports centre. Thanks. Excuse me. Is there a cafe near here? Yes, there is. Can you tell me how to get there? Yes. * traffic lights. the church and 6 . The cafe is on the right. " the school. Thank you. ‘I Choose two places from the box. write similar dialogues giving directions. clothes shop disco car park train station You Excuse me. is there here? Woman Yes, there's one You Can you tell me " ? Woman Yes. You Thanks. You Excuse , . . is , ? Man Yes. You Can you _ ? Man You Unit 3 - Town and country ( 21 ‘
  29. 29. -if I can write .1 lcaflcf A dc. rci’tbiit. y p1.'(c‘. § 5.’ iittcnxrf. S ': v.‘—3"f'-‘ I Pfeparaflon 2 Complete the adiectives. Use a. e. i. o and u. 1 Complete the leaflets with the phrases in the box. 1 h , S I _ I , C “Tim 2 w _ n d _ r f , I a the beautiful sandy beaches 3 b I f l b wonderful parks 14 5; : n n: g c the stunning views ‘ 5 7 n C M d the Ashmolean Museum and the Museum of Modern ‘ 6 If n ‘ - S ‘ - C Art 9 the historic Colleges 3 Complete the holiday activities with the verbs in the box. f climbing. waking’ kayaking You need to use some verbs more than once. buy climb eeioy go relax spend take visit wander H ° t ' rt ls , ', it 1 "1101 a wonderful view _ 2 the day in the mountains i’ at the beach L” 3‘ *"" 3 souvenirs - wander through ‘ lg IE cg ’ H , _ , . / . . me wee“ and 7 ~. ~ It skiing / cycling; walking, si. vimiriing_ etc. mm 5 a museum / gallery / church / ' zoo. etc. *7 6 on the beach university. 7 shopping Take a boat trip on the beautiful River Thames and 8 a trip to 9”J0V ‘ht’ b90U1'iU’5CE"‘WY 9 to the top ofa tall building , i’ tower Don't miss the beautiful paintings at to through the streets ~— a be writing task Climb the 127 steps to the top of the tower of St Mary's Church and enioy stunning views of the ancient city It In your notebook write a leaflet about a beautiful or interesting place in your country. Use the Writing Bank on page 103 to help you. Write 70-80 words and include this Relax in one of Oxfords ‘ information: ' a title to attract attention. - information about interesting places to see and visit. Come to Snowdonia - information about what people can do there. in the Heart: of Wales , =7;/4"-v' - '1 I/ ’/ '. '/I/ / Y 0 If you like outdoor ai: t.ivities. Snowdonia is the place for ' « ' you. You can go ‘ Have you 3”‘ '°“ "‘°'°' used bullet points? ' Don’! larger to visit the seaside. Wandcr along used a variety of adjectives to make your descriptions ‘ i or “kc , , interesting? walk along the c“fi$_ written 70-80 words? ‘ _ checked grammar, spelling and punctuation? ‘ Visit the histonc town of Caernarfon, with its historic castle. 'Climbtothetopof ‘ g _. ._ Snowdon. Britain‘: V x _ Wu’. ’ J. . second-highest mountain. : .§. - ; ._u: '_5 gin. and entoy ‘: fig . ;, _ —‘. 9;} V w? Unit 3 - Town and country . 3-ii" 7
  30. 30. ‘é SE! .F. ..w. .=t§L 3 : .: the clues and complete the crossword. - The bus got stuck in a so we . -.-ere late for school. 7 The bank is the cinema and the post officc. 5 We live by sea. 9 There are two clothes shops in the shopping actor. pollution in our ‘2 '. 'y uncle is '- There isn't . ;.: age. Turn left and go The shop is on the left. There are school. the church. to fields near our ‘9 i've got a black jacket and a brown jacket. i like black jacket best. Down (1) '- r'. 's very dark. They should turn on the 2 Close the the garden. 3 About 200 people live in my 5 Hurry up! The train goes in when you leave minutes. :3 weather wasn't very good vesterday. 9 we waited for the taxi on the of Green Street and Newtown Road. '3 There's a rubbish bin to the post box. ‘.1 me. is there a library near here? ‘3 The dog ran road. '5 Are there shops in your village? '3 Go straight and turn right at the traffic lights. EU the gate into the 1 2 3 S 6 l . 7 T . l l 9 10 11 I2 13 11. :6 i 18 11 19 I CAN Read the statements. Think about your progress and tick (I) one of the boxes. = I need more 1.: = I sometimes : E.'—'. *'L! = No problem! practice. find this difficult. I can describe a place in the town or country. (SB p.2/r) I can talk about quantities. (58 p.25) I can understand infonnation in a guidebook. (SB p.26) I can correctly use ‘a/ an‘ and ‘the’ with nouns. (SB p.27) I can understand a newspaper article. (SB p.28) I can understand and give directions. (58 p.30) I can write a leaflet describing places of interest. (SB p.31) Self Check - 3 29 tax
  31. 31. ——. .—g‘ In the spotlight V0(ABUlARY AND LISTENING At the cinema 1 com talk about different type: of film. A 1 Read the definitions and write the types of film. ; ’A'c: Li's| *iam I This kind offilm often includes scary 2 This kind of film usually has a story 3 This kind of film includes sont-Z5 arid characters like vampires and zombies. about cowboys in the USA. dancing. hogor itlrL sisterad ilfm 9)’ d 0 T" ‘3 tinmaaea lilill It This kind of film makes you 5 Studios like Disney and Pixar make 6 This kind of film is about a large and laugh. ’ this kind of film. terrible event. like a tsunami, an earthquake or a huge fire. 2 Complete the definitions with the types of film in the box. an Extension: -ed and -ing adjectives 1 . _ , show a specific period in the past. You C Complete the sentences by adding -ed or -ing. can see how people dressed. spoke and behaved in 1 lwas annoy rd because I missed the beginning or those davs. the film. 2 j j — 3'9 film-5 about 501G395 and b3m95- This romantic comedy has a Very surpris ending. 3 e often Show the future. They I'm not interest _ in war films. I think they're sometimes include aliens. bonng_ 4 j — j — 3'9 l0V9 5l°"i€5 "lat 3“? 8'50 'U""Y~ I sat next to the wrong person in the cinema. I was so 5 are fast. exciting films that often embanass ,1 contain fights and car chases. 3 Choose the correct word. 1 The film was really gripping / moving. It made me cry! 2 I don't like war films. They're too funny I violent. 3 I couldn't watch the end ofthe horror film ~ it was too entertaining / scary. 4 The special effects were OK but the story was really boring I gripping. I fell asleep! 5 I enjoyed the musical - the songs and dancing were really entertaining / violent. 6 The story is funny / gripping — you really want to know what is going to happen. 7 I laughed a lot ~ it's a really funny / scary film. " so ) Unit! )-Inthespotlight Most of the film wasn't very scary. but the ending was really frighten , . It was a confus film — the plot was very difiicult to understand. I love action films because they're excit , . The film was too long. I was bor by the end. I loved the story. I was gripp from beginning to end. I really liked the story. but I was disappoint by the acting.
  32. 32. l-I ) ' ll T‘; Comparatives and superlativesg/ . ‘. . -‘rte the missing forms of these adjectives. ‘~f: :r, ' = .:. :-‘ tr —. ;-n €‘e»'OL1S bigger all J-Ll worse W , : booking the 5(. .5l'l'. ‘E-l the coldest the most serious the ugliest re true sentences using the comparative form of the * : actives in brackets. _: net gold (heavy) ‘ 4 '1 My rt‘ il‘)‘. l : .‘. ‘.r: ‘ ‘. :«r. -ray / ' Brazil (warm) ; C")l January (short) ".1 J , unk food (healthy) -ngary , i’ Poland (small) > its Ferraris (expensive) ‘ gs. -rs horses (dangerous) I: -plete the sentences with your own ideas and the , *parative form. - 'stc-n Dunst is beautiful but ll ills ‘firrrw. i~: — rr‘orr__t; r.': .iii'fi. il_ Matrix is gripping, but r Ca-trey is funny, but "rims are exciting, but 5 ; «‘. lomma's House 2 is a bad film. but ‘r'~. «'cedes cars are expensive. but '">. ~ England football team is good. but l (mt nmkc campiirt. rci—t. r. 5 Complete the questions with the superlative form of the adjectives. Then choose the correct answer. Jupiter is (large) tltr l. ir§, cst rl The Volga is (long) , fitanic is (successful) The Caspian Sea is (big) , London Heathrow is (busy) , Djibouti in Africa is (hot) , __, &l@V1bL9No4 d planet in the solar system. e country in the world. f disaster film of all time. river in Europe airport in the world. U’ c lake in the world. Complete the text with the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives in brackets. Naomi watts isn't one of the = .Il)¢_. t0Uni‘«, N (young) actresses In Hollywhod — she was born in 1968 — but at the moment, she | S one of the -’ , (popular). Some actresses become famous almost immediately, but for Naomi, it has (long) and *« , (difficult) process. Her ‘ been a ' (org) role so ‘lav is Ann Darrow in King Kong, one of the ' (successful) films of 7005 However, she has been a film actress since i986 and before King Kong. appeared in many *' (small) films. CHALLENGE! Complete the questions with the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives. Then answer the questions. 1 Whatig Tl)! bi.3.3e= ..i (big) country in the world? 2 Is the Atlantic Ocean (large) or (small) than the Pacific Ocean? 3 Which is (cold) continent in the world? 4 Is gold (heavy) than silver? 5 What's (high) mountain in the world? 6 which is (near) to the sun: Mars or Earth? Unit is - In the spotlight 4*
  33. 33. :. ,/i ‘Licensed to kill — Z I ‘at. -.~i'1.g't1i. i«. - til-Vi: -lIl_~.1.~¢_’gi‘gi'giIraiifig 1 Complete the summary of the Student's Book text about James Bond. Use the words in the box. actors agent author character charming . _. ioumalist part Service thrillers War The British are not famous for action films. but the Bond films are very successful. The main 1 James . . . He is reckless. but — especially with women. Bond first Bond, is an intelligence -‘ also -1.. appeared in books by the British ‘ Heming was originally a 5 British intelligence I ' . He started writing 5 have played the *1‘ films. The most recent is Daniel Craig. Ian Fleming. during the Second World in 1953. Six of Bond in 2 Look quicklythrough the text. Find the name ofthe man in the photo and his organisation. 1 The man's name is 2 His organisation is called | The most famous Boncl villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld is a lictianal character who has appeared in seven James Bond lilms. Several J ‘ ~. ‘| dillerenl actors have played the part. ’ ln the earliest lilrns, the audience never sees Bloleld’s lace — only his hands as they stroke a white Dcrsian car. We see his lace lor the lirst lime in You only Live Twice. In the lilms and in the novels, Bloleld is the leader ol a terrorist organization, S. P.E. C.T. R.E. , which is trying to dominate the world. in the lilms, we don't leom very much about his life; we iust know that he is a cold. evil and very powerhrl man who is an enemy of the British intelligence Service and in particular James Bond. However, Ian Fleming gives us a lot more inlormation in the novels. Fleming tells us that Bloleld was born on 28th May, i908 in Gdynia, Poland. His lather was Polish and his mother was Greek. Bloleld was a student ol economics and history at the University ol Warsaw, and then studied engineering at the Warsaw Technical Institute. later, he got a job with the Polish government. In the Second World War, he secretly worked lor both sides and alter the war, he moved to South America. He started S. P.E. C.T. R.E. by bringing together the most violent and dangerous criminals in the world. /32) Unitb-lnthespotlight who worked for the l mu ! .~.1k »'bi3‘l(A' . i fnntczu film rii. v.r. zc! cr. 3 Read the text. Answer the questions. 1 In how many Bond films does Blofeld appear? 2 What pet has Blofeld got? 3 In which film do we first see Bloield's lace? 4 What is S. P.E. C.T. R.E. trying to do? 5 Where was Blofeld born, according to the novels? 6 In which city did Blofeld study? 7 Which side did Blofeld work for during the Second World War? 8 Where did Blofeld go after the war? ‘I Number the events of Blofeld's life in the correct order. He worked for the Polish government. He moved to South America. He studied economics. He started S. P.E. C.T. R.E. He worked for both sides in lhe war. He studied engineering. CHALLENGE! Think of characters from other films. Write information in the chart. Illrtlhl "1-Int- -iii-Ir. lIll—4 Doctor t~'o‘rand a. :tmn ill-it cirrmt 1%t. ai. ~rn my 0ilT. ’F Evlnirld. Iarrzrs Bonn t7lm: , 'ir). .". cr' of 5 V6 C1 F1 i
  34. 34. .3 9.! hi . : 2'» at the information about Jeff Smart and Hannah i‘-rwn. Then write sentences using as as or not as as V: the adjectives in brackets. ixtgl 11"‘. ii .3’: 'iC‘ ’: ~'i p‘l". '._ . :=. )1_: i’iii. 'i"l '§rl'(i§: .i‘. ‘Elli I "eavyl I ' znl - successful) 5 Z-. .‘S'y) ‘. an write sentences comparing yourself with left Smart or —: nnah Brown. . oung) 2 mill 3 “L-avy) _ tn) 5 ousyl Ccrnplete the sentences with enough and the adjectives : -ad nouns in brackets. ‘-H) ** '''‘{{l' to reach that cupboard. (tall) to ask Kim for a date. (confident) to make pancakes. (milk) to play tennis. (warm) to watch TV. (time) to visit Britain? (good) _ '-Larch isn't 2 Ben isn't 3 We haven't got - it ; sn‘t S l "lever have 5 isyourtnglish ? ewrite the sentences using too or enough and the opposite adjective from the box. Don't change the meaning! nasty generous impatient old popular short slow wet 1 We're too late to see the start of the film. .-Jr ‘: *‘7"il rt-". -1 rz‘i"iii. '.‘i' to -use ‘he strl of the ‘. .'im 2 l'm too young to see that horror film. 3 Those jeans aren't dry enough to wear. 1. His car isn't fast enough. 5 He's too mean to pay for my ticket. 6 The film wasn't long enough. 7 He's too unpopular to win the award. 8 She isn't patient enough to wait. (not) as as, too, enough / I can tut. Jiffcrcltl Jlmcmrca to M. -.kc (Gi'rlpflt‘l55ll. l'. Jeff Smart Age 32 Height I72 Cm Weight 75 kg Money 552 million Success 2 awards Work 2 days a week Hannah Brown Age 26 Height l72 cm Weight 65 kg Money S12 million Success 2 awards Work 5 days a i. -veek Write as or than. 1 2 3 It 5 6 Today isn't as cold Are girls more hardworking yesterday. boys? You didn't get up as early mo. Spiderman 2 is more boring Spiderman 1. I'm not as stupid _ you think I am. Are you as confused ‘ me? CHALLENGE! Complete these common English similes with words in the box. Can you think of similar expressions in your language? @l0U| baDN-i ABC a hat a picture a bee ice a tree lightning a mouse He's as cold as She's as pretty as . He's as quiet as ‘ She's as quick as He's as blind as , T -7 . She's as busy as it's as easy as He's as tall as Similar expressions in your language: Unitli-ln the spotlight ‘ 33 ‘
  35. 35. ’ 30 ) Unitli-In the spotlight Sofia Coppola Revision: Sli. ri<-ni's Soul: ji. igi'= 7.8 Complete the sentences with words from the box. 1 You can study . at some universities in the UK. but you won't necessarily get a job in the , when you finish. A _ 4 needs to have interesting characters and a good story. Action films are more exciting when you see them on a big s , . The famous film . Martin Scorsese made a }- . __ about the singer. Bob Dylan. Sometimes. a film is very popular with but doesn't win any Walt Disney made the first film In 1937. _ animated 1 Read the text about Sofia Coppola quickly. which paragraph contains infonnation about: 1 her work as an actress? 2 her private life? s 3 her work as a director? A Sofia Coppola was born in New York. USA, in 1971 and appeared in her an: mm. 11» Grxlfirtber. in 1972. (She played the part of: baby boy! ) As she grew older, she appeared in several other films. However. she was never verysuecesst'ulasanactress, andin1990receivedtwo joke awards called ‘Renter’, one for Worst New Star and one for Worst Supporting Actress. Today, Sofia is better-known (and more successful) as a director. She wrote and directed a short film in 1998 and made her first full-length film, 11:: Virgin Suicida, in 1999. That year. she won an MTV Movie Award for Best New Film-maker. in 2003. she wrote and directed her most successful film. Lost In Thmrlatrbn. and won an Academy Award for the script. I can underxtaiid a profile afar famous film director. ‘*9 3 Choose the best answer. 1 As an actress. Sofia‘s first part was A as a boy. 3 as a young girl in The Godfather. C in the worst film of 1990. D as a young woman. 2 She received two 'Ra27.ies' because A she was in several films. B she wasn't a very good actress. C she was very young. D she was a new star. 3 The Virgin Suicides was the name of Sofia’s A lirstfilm. 3 short film. C first full-length film. D most successful film. 4 She won an Academy Award as A a writer. 8 an actress. C a director. D a joke. 5 Two members ofSofia's family are big names in the film industry: her A father and daughter. B brother and sister. C husband and mother. D father and cousin. Q What happened in Sofia Coppola's life on these dates? 1971 1972 _ 1990 T T _ 1998 , 1999 7 and 2003 and C Sofia grew up surrounded by people from the film industry because she is the daughter of the famous film director, Francis Ford Coppola. She 18 also the cousin of actor Nicolas Cage. In 1999. she married film director Spike Jonze but the marriage ended in 2003. Many people in Hollywood believe that she is now in .1 rclanonslirp with Quentin Tarnntino — another famous din-ciur!
  36. 36. lzf RYDMFSflGl. I5H~‘‘ ; ' J 7 Buyi tkets / ". e the questions in the correct order. Then tick the best I‘S‘NEl’S. 1 'epeat I you / please I Could / that / ? A Yes. I said, 7 o'clock. 3 Thank you. 2 ~. Cr's'-BED / is / ‘ Which ,1 it x’? A Warofrhe Worlds. 8 Screen 2. 3 number / ' Can / have / your / I / card I? A 03/07 B 4657 2192 9383 7126 - zare / What's I expiry I the / 7 A 0/«X08 8 14637 6773 148.714 278/. » 5 sock , l I / Can / tickets I the / for/ U2 concert / ? A That's £50. 8 l'm afraid it's Sold out. C: iT. i7l, "t~'tli“: ' is Film Guide ll—l8 March Screen 1 14.00 16.00 Charlie and the l8.00 Chocolate Factory : :?l: l:(al€ PG Screen 2 11.00 2000 King Kong 22 O0 Iemlicale 12A Screen 3 H00 1330 Madagascar I530 ‘Z-srllvcate U Screen 4 19.00 2t 00 Mr & Mrs Smith 1Zerrii. cate 15 Tickets Aduitst £5.50 Children (under l5), OAP$: £11 Box Office Tel 986545 Book online at i. w.~. -.uGlilzyClncom 1 (mt buy tickclr for a concert crfilm. 2 Read the film guide and the infonnation about UK film certificates. Then answer the questions. 1 I'm 13 and my brother is 11. which films can we see together? 2 l'm1A and my sister is 12. Which films can we see together? 3 l'm1S and my brother is 13. Can we see Mr& Mrs Smith? I» I'm 16 and my friend is 15. Can we see Mr& Mrs Smith? 3 Imagine you are going to see one ofthe films on the film guide. Make notes. 1 How manytickets? .chiIdrc-n ) 2 Which film? 3 Screen: I: which showing? . , 5 Total price: £ (adults 0 Complete the dialogue using your notes from exercise 3. Clerk Hi. Can I help? You Yes. I'd like tickets for . please. Clerk Sure. Which showing: or 7 You Clerk Adults or children? You . Clerk OK. So. that's for the showing of lhat'll be £ . You OK. Here you are. Which is screen is it. please? Clerk Screen You Thanks. UK film certificates U - Universal: suitable for including young children. PG - Parental guidance: suitable for everybody, but some parts may not be suitable for young children. IZA - Children under 12 can only see this film with an adult. I5 = Only people age I5 and older can see this film. I8 = Only people age 18 and older can see this film. Unit 14 - In the spotlight
  37. 37. _ ‘- _. Afrlm review Preparation 1' ctirrt L-. rt! :' . rc‘. tea. -5?‘ .2 I: Z 3 1 Read the review. Match the headings (1-4) with the paragraphs (A-0). 1 The story 2 Susan's overall opinion 3 Background information about the film 14 Other aspects of the film Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End by Susan A one of my favourite films l's Pirates 0.’ the Ctrmtxxairr A! Worlds End. it's an adventure lrrn, starring . l0l'tr‘it‘ty Deop anc Ketra Kn-ghtley, and its the third film in the sores 8 The Story :5 set Kt arr rrrragtrtd'y m; >rr'd of f7ll'(it'I"") ElrZ(rb€. 'tt_ 5 will and Captain Barbarossa rescue (aptarrr Jack Sp. atfO‘-' from a nrortster cailed ‘The Kra'-; nn‘ Hcw. 'ew: r, tfvray tften fair: the evil Davy Jones and a Chnese p rate c. r?‘ed Sao Feng C Tl re spc-cm‘ effects were rr-ally amazing, espaztally the terrifying face of Davy rows The acting was exce lv? t'tt zoo. in srnite of the fact that rte 5(r(~ort; ;-lay v~. asn‘t wry hood I especially I '-zed Kora Krr. ght*ay, and Bi‘? Nghy, who p’. ,-ryird rm part of Davy Jones D L: l;e the other films in the SC-T'iPS_ it is ml 0‘. action and iE‘r31.‘y' excttinr), although I think the second ‘film in the sr>r'v3s was :1 bit better l*. 'ewertltc-Tess I U‘-Olougt liy re(Ort: rr‘ettd it given). l 1 ‘ series. i The film is set in the real world. ‘ The acting was better than the screenplay. Susan wasn't keen on the music. uwc~w~ l series. ’-{I-3:3 Unit 4 - in the spotlight Read the review again. Write T (true). F (false) or NG (not There are two other films in the Pirates 0/the Caribbean This film is a very different from the other films in the int. In the review underline the following phrases for expressing contrast. 1 although 2 however 3 in spite ofthe fact that It nevertheless Add the words in the box to the sentences below. Join them with phrases from exercise 3. Sometimes two answers are possible. Brad Pitt wasn't very convincing L-4+3 ' lake-50% t-he-songs I really enjoyed this one it was supposed to be a horror film they spent a lot of money on them 1 Overall the music was quite good. 11's’ . ... .t, ... , , :'tt't'rttit, r' i A rtt ivrr -, rr r ‘. l't t: . »r. ._~ 2 The acting was very good. 3 I don't usually like romantic comedies. It The special effects weren't very good. 5 The film wasn't very scary. Writing task In your notebook write a review ofa film you liked or didn't like. Use the Writing Bank on page 1014 to help you. Write 130-150 words and follow this plan: Paragraph 1: Introduction - name of film, type of film. actors Paragraph 2: The story - What happens? Is it gripping? is it convincing? l. ‘J. ".. tt about the ending? Paragraph 3: Other aspects of the film - the acting. the music, the special effects, the screenplay. the stunts. the location, etc. Paragraph 4: Your overall opinion 0 why you liked I didn't like it 3' . ../11. ‘/ //’/ L‘/ /// i Have you written four paragraphs? used some phrases for expressing contrast? written 130- 150 words? checked grammar. spelling and punctuation?
  38. 38. T SELF . ;.: ;;: it . -2:‘ the clues and complete the crossword. I___ _, , __ , __ Across I-) 2 Shrek and Madagascar are films. 5 Who's tallest boy in the class? 8 The film was very scary — we were really 12 ‘hurts £8‘. ‘Here you are. ’ ‘£10. Thank you. Here's your ‘.1; ‘Do you want to go out this evening? ’ ‘No. I'm tired. 15 The opposite of entertaining is 17 The children were very when they got their Christmas presents. 18 Who's intelligent. Ben or Cathy? Down (I) 1 ‘I'd like tickets for one 17-year-old and two I3-year-olds. ' ‘That's one and two children. ’ 2 My little sister is really . She repeats everything I say! 3 This islhe interesting book I've ever read. A In your opinion, is Troy scarier Gladiator? 6 He isn'to| d to see thatfilm. He's only 12 years old. 7 ‘That'll be £20, please. ’ ‘Could you that, please? ‘ ‘Thal'l| be £90.‘ 8 Idon't like science films. 9 Do you like romantic ? 10 The comparative form offunny is 11 The comparative form ofbad is 13 Is Diana as tall Susan? 16 I'd like to a ticket for Batman 5. please. ‘E 10 11 12 >13 16 17 18 I CAN Read the statements. Think about your progress and tick (I) one of the boxes. = Ineed more J‘ - practice. = I sometimes = No problem! find this dilficult. I can talk about different types of film. (SB p.34) I can make comparisons. (SB p.35) I can talk about a famous film character. (58 p.36) I can use different structures to make comparisons. (S8 p.37) I can understand a profile of a famous film director. (SB p.38) I can buy tickets for a concert or film. (SB p. Ir0) I can write a review ofa film. (SB p.61) SelfCheck-li ‘ 37 ‘
  39. 39. EXAM TASK — Read the article on a place called Hazel Village. Decide if the statements (1-6) are true (T) or false (F). ‘Every day is Sunday here’ Hazel village can be found in the middle of the countryside. iust outside the town of Gloucester, in England The village is a group of 140 homes — a small community that has been built specially for people over the age of 55 On an afternoon in summer it is like a photograph Everywhere is quiet and peaceful. From the big mansion at the centre of the village to the houses and flats around it, everywhere is silent The park is beautifully maintained. All the gardens are neat, the lawns are smooth and tidy, and the flowerbeds pretty and carefully weeded The speed limit is 20 kilometres per hour, and there is no graffiti at the bus stop ‘Every day is Sunday here, ’ says Barry Wilson happily ‘I really love it It's a totally different way of living, really calm and relaxed. ’ For the wilsons security is the most important thing. In a normal town you hear stories about vandalism and crime every day. Many old people are afraid to leave their houses But here in Hazel Village everything and everyone is safe. There are nurses who work in the village day and night In an emergency you can always call someone who will be able to help you. There are no gates to the village, it is open to the public. but strangers don't often come to visit 50 there are pros but there are also some cons You gain peace, quiet and security, but you lose some of the energy of a real town Ivan Jameson is 95% happy with life in Hazel Village But he has one complaint ‘There are no young people here Everyone is old ' ’lt's sometimes a sad place, ’ says his wife Annabel "We're all elderly people, and residents do die. ’ The residents of Hazel Village have to find their own energy, without the distractions of children and young people But there IS plenty to do, and people feel closer to each other. In a real town old people can feel isolated and forgotten Hazel Village is pleasant and calm, and the residents feel at home there Of course, no-one wants to see the village as an exclusive refuge for the old and wealthy. But realistically, that is what it is Nobody is poor and nobody behaves badly or breaks the law. There is no vandalism and no noise at night. There are no big families with lots of noisy children. It's certainly true that life is calm and peaceful here, and I admit that often I find screaming children and badly behaved teenagers annoying, but yet there is something missing in Ha7el Village The town feels a bit strange without the lively, energetic mix of residents you find outside ’ 38 ’ Getreodyforyoiirexamz §‘,17$mfiEm1iIlhsfiffiRdd 6 tiieaiiiiiorsiniuiuonlsto qrrcoimepeopteioiiveiniiuei VIII! !- Pununou: Listening 1 Read the instructions. what kind of programme are you going to hear? 2 Read the rnultlple-choice answers and underline the key EXAM TASK — . 1‘ words. Think about the difference in meaning between the answers. l~. »". .ns' GUSTENING2 Listen to the interview with an actress called Sally Wilson. Choose the best answer. A. B or C. 1 Sally Wilson decided to become an actress when she was A sixteen. B fifteen. C seven. After she left drama school she wanted to be A a musical actress. B a theatre actress. C a film actress. Her first role A came as soon as she moved to Hollywood. 8 wasn't an important film but it helped her to start. C attracted attention because the film was so popular. The role in The Vio/ inma/ rer's Daughter was very demanding because A she played a disabled woman. 8 she had to learn to play an instrument. C it took a long time to make the film. The I/ ioIi'nmaker's Daughter was important because A she won an Oscar for her music. 8 she made lots of money from the film. C she won an Oscar for a film that meant a lot to her.