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Combining Email with Social Media

This presentation tells us why email and social media integration is very effective as you can have the best of both worlds. With social media, you can further define your target audience. Using this info, you can create customized email campaigns with more targeted messages, which in turn significantly boosts conversion rates. A key focus of this presentation is the 6 creative ways in which you can achieve email and social media integration.

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Combining Email with Social Media

  1. 1. Why??? Two Questions.
  2. 2. So, Why Integrate? Simple, to have the best of both worlds.
  3. 3.  Benefit #1:  With social media, you can further define your target audience.  Use this data to create customized email campaigns with more targeted messages.  Benefit #2:  Integrating social media with email is one of the most effective ways of growing your email list.  For example, including a call to action button (for example, a Sign Up button) on your social media page is a great way to increase your email list and generate new leads.
  4. 4. Hold your horses! Before we begin, you need to check for two things.
  5. 5. #1 - Whether you have a sound email marketing strategy
  6. 6. Elements of a sound email marketing strategy Clear-cut goals A sizeable and segmented email list Well-defined target audience Explicit methods for testing and refine marketing campaigns
  7. 7. #2 - Whether you have a well- charted social media strategy
  8. 8. Elements of a well-charted social media strategy You know your target audience You know which social media channels your target audience frequents You have a content strategy in place You are monitoring your performance and improvising to be better
  9. 9. Got these in place? Great, let’s see how to combine email marketing with social media to optimize your ROI. There are 6 ways to achieve this.
  10. 10. #1 - Include social media buttons in your email newsletters Word of advice: Keep the buttons positioned in such a way that they are easily visible.
  11. 11. The social media buttons are clearly visible and easily draw your attention.
  12. 12. #2 – Upload your subscriber lists to your social media channels
  13. 13. Here’s how you do it on Facebook
  14. 14. Here’s how you do it on LinkedIn
  15. 15. #3 – Create exclusive groups for your email subscribers
  16. 16. Now, LinkedIn will send emails to members of this group. From the Interests drop-down, click Groups. Scroll down and click Create a Group. Here’s how you do it on LinkedIn!
  17. 17. #4 – Incentivize email subscriptions on social media. Give them a reason!
  18. 18. Case in Point: Social Media Examiner
  19. 19. Case in Point: CoSchedule
  20. 20. #5 – Hold contests on your website, which requires an email to enter.
  21. 21. Case in Point: Sprout Social Take note from Sprout Social. They publicized their contest widely through all of their social media channels.
  22. 22. #6 – Set email notifications for all your social media channels. All that you need to know, is now in one place!
  23. 23. How and what social media marketing channels to use?
  24. 24. “Facebook is responsible for 8% of all pageviews on the Internet (other sources put it at 20%). LinkedIn and Twitter hover closer to 1% of all pageviews, and Pinterest around 0.5%.” - Alexa That’s easy! Facebook, of course.
  25. 25. Well … it is not the only tool. Yes, Facebook dominates B2C social marketing. But, LinkedIn and Twitter rule B2B social marketing.
  26. 26. Good Strategies Facebook Ads Facebook Page Posts LinkedIn Groups LinkedIn Ads Twitter Posts
  27. 27. One Last Piece Of Advice Each social media site has its strengths. So, personalize your strategy accordingly for best results.
  28. 28. Get started with integrating social media and email marketing right now! Click here to read our complete article on integrating email and social media Click Here To Get Started Right Now! Need help with sending powerful emails? Check out Mailee.Me, our one-stop solution for all your email marketing woes!