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The future of social media

Presentation for Social Media Marketing in Tertiary Education Conference, 19 February 2013

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The future of social media

  1. 1. The Future of Social MediaSocial Media Marketing in Tertiary EducationCriterion Conferences @malchia
  2. 2. “Communication tools don’t get sociallyinteresting until they get technologicallyboring”Clay ShirkyHere Comes Everybody @malchia
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  5. 5. Social media is going to get A LOT bigger. @malchia
  6. 6. Expansion of the social web (not users) willslow.The social universe will consolidate arounda few platforms. @malchia
  7. 7. @malchia
  8. 8. There will be networks for everybody.Facebook has it’s own gravitational pull.Twitter continues to grow and grow. AsGoogle+ has shown, there needs to be acompelling reason for people to switch. @malchia
  9. 9. And those for a few.Nicheworks will continue to rise.Communities of interest that will fragmentlarger social websites or splinter off intotheir own. @malchia
  10. 10. The web is becoming socially enabled.A whole new generation of web propertiesand technology is emerging that leverageour social graphs to become inherentlymore valuable. @malchia
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  13. 13. Context + Relevance = Value @malchia
  14. 14. Our networks are getting smaller.The era of friend collecting is over as weredress the balance of signal-to-noise andmake better use of our connections. @malchia
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  18. 18. Social can’t be an afterthought.In the attention economy, real-time isparamount. You must be ready to act at amoments notice. @malchia
  19. 19. Social taps into the zeigeistFast turnaround + relevance + surprise +humour = moment owned. @malchia
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  22. 22. How mobile is your social?Smartphones are changing the way weinteract with the world around us. @malchia
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  25. 25. A picture paints a thousand words.While words will continue to dominate,pictures and video can convey yourmessage faster. @malchia
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  29. 29. So where to start integrating? @malchia
  30. 30. Start with analytics and the strategy.How many?Where are they coming from?What’s delivering value?How does it align with your objectives? @malchia
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  32. 32. What content are you good at creating?Don’t force something you’re not good at.Only put out content that is genuine andisn’t going to reflect poorly on your brand.There’s enough bad content out therewithout adding yours to the pile. @malchia
  33. 33. Resource appropriately.Set enough time to manage yourcommunity and proactively identify contentopportunities. Even better, create a contentcalendar. @malchia
  34. 34. Questions? @malchia
  35. 35. Mal @malchia