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Work from Home, MLM, Network Marketing


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Network marketing based business opportunity to work from home, full time, part time
aloevera and beehive products in health and wellness

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Work from Home, MLM, Network Marketing

  1. 1. FLP Business Overview Manju Gangwar
  2. 2. What Do I Do Now?
  3. 3. Identify Why You Joined FLP
  4. 4. Become aProduct of the Products
  5. 5. Develop Your 4cc (monthly) Consumer Base 10-15 Consumers – Including Yourself! One-to-one Conversations Product Demonstrations MyFLPBiz Website Repeat Business Referrals Internet
  6. 6. Make a List of Names!Who Do You Know?Accountant Actor Acupuncture Advertising Aerobics Instructor AirConditioning/Heating Airplane Pilot Alarm Sales Antique Dealer ApplianceRepair Appliance Sales Appraiser Architect Aroma Therapist Art Gallery ArtistAstrologer Attorney Auctioneer Auto Mechanic Auto Sales/Parts BabysittingBaker Banking Barber Bartender Baseball Basketball Beautician BeekeeperBicycle Book Dealer Bowling Bricklayer Bridal Shop Bus Driver BusinessConsultant Butcher Cab Driver Cabinetmaker Cable Technician Car RentalCarpenter Carpet Cleaner Chef Chiropractor Church Leader Church MembersClothing Sales Club Members Computer Programmer Computer SalesConvenience Store Cosmetic Sales Dance Instructor Day Care Dental AssistantDentist Doctor Dry Cleaning Elderly Care Electrician Employment EquipmentRental Farmer Financial Planner Fireman Fishing Flight Attendant FlooringInstallation Florist Food Catering Football Franchise Owner Funeral HomeFurniture Sales Golf Government Officials Graphic Designer HairdresserHealth Club Health Food Store Health Insurance Hearing Aids Heating/ACHobby Store Hockey Homeopathic Doctor Horses Hotel Staff InsuranceAdjuster Insurance Agent Interior Decorator Jeweler Journalist KaraokeKarate Kennel Landscaper Law Enforcement Loan Officer Locksmith ManicureMarathon Marriage Counselor Massage Therapist Medical SuppliesMeteorologist Model Train Motorcycle Musician Mutual Funds Notary PublicNurse Nursery (plants) Nutritionist Office Machines Office SuppliesOptometrist Orthodontist Pedicure Pest Exterminator Pet Care PharmacistPhotographer Physical Therapist Plumber Podiatrist Pool MaintenancePreschool Printer Property Manager Psychologist PTO Publishing QuiltingRacquetball Radio Announcer Recreational Vehicle Sales Rock ClimbingRodeo RVs Sailing Sales Sales Rep School Supply Scientist Scuba DivingSecurity Guard Skiing Skydiving Soccer Softball Sports Medicine SportsTeammate Stenographer Surfing Surgeon Tailor Tax Specialist TeacherTelephones Teller Tennis Tire Sales Tour Guide Travel Agent Trophy EngraverTruck Driver TV Announcer Upholsterer Veterinarian Waitress/WaiterWatercraft Wedding Planner Writer Yard Care
  7. 7. Host a Product Demo Every Week!Invite the people on your List…“I just started my own business working withsome amazing health and beauty products.We’re having a product demonstration in myhome next Tuesday, and I would like to inviteyou to come. Can you make it?”“I have been so impressed with the aloe veraproducts I’ve been using that I decided tobecome a distributor. There will be a productdemonstration in my home next Thursday, and Iwould like to invite you to join us. I think you willfind it well worth your time. Can you come?”“The reason for my call is to invite you to myhome next Wednesday to learn about somepretty amazing skin care products. I have beenusing them and they are the best! I know youwill like them, too! Can I count you in?”
  8. 8. Host a Product Demo Every Week!Display your favorite products – 10 at the most. Show the Product portion of the Your Dream Our Plan DVD Share your personal experiences: “After drinking Forever Freedom for about a week, I noticed that the stiffness and pain in my joints didn’t bother me as much.” Suggest they try some: “I’ll be placing an order with the Company tomorrow – would you like to try something?” 45 minutes maximum
  9. 9. “I can’t believe how much energy I have sinceI started drinking Aloe Vera!” Mention the Products to “I can’t believe how good my skin feels since I discovered a new skin serum!” Everyone “I can’t believe how much better I am You Meet! sleeping since I started drinking Aloe Vera!”
  10. 10. Tell Others About the Business Opportunity! ( Mike, I discovered a fantastic income opportunity with a well-established multi-billion dollar international company, and you were one of first people that came to mind. Would you be willing to take a look at a 10- minute online video presentation? Great! Let me send you the link to my website, and you can access the video from there. Would you be willing to give me 30 minutes to explain it to you? Great! How about tomorrow at 7?The name of the company is Forever Living Products,based in Scottsdale, AZ. They’ve been around since1978; are doing business in over 130 countries; andsales exceed 2 billion dollars a year. I can’t do it justiceover the phone; you really need to take a look at thevideo to get the full picture. Shall I send you the link?
  11. 11. Tell Others About the Business Opportunity! ( James, have you ever heard of aloe vera? I didn’t know much about it, but when I found out that there are people making a fortune with it, I decided to look into it! James, it’s too good to pass up, and I thought you might be interested. Would you be willing to take a look at a 10- minute online video presentation and see for yourself? Great! Let me send you the link to my website, and you can access the video from there. Would you be willing to give me 30 minutes to explain it to you? Great! How about tomorrow at 7?The name of the company is Forever Living Products, based inScottsdale, AZ. They’ve been around since 1978; are doingbusiness in over 130 countries; and sales exceed 2 billion dollars ayear. I can’t do it justice over the phone; you really need to take alook at the video to get the full picture. Shall I send you the link?
  12. 12. How to Start Your Business!
  13. 13. How to Start Your Sonya Business!Touch of #314 #315 or101 Autumn Hues 104 Dusty Rose282 Sonya Skin Care Collection184 Colour Concealer Wheel190 Cyrstal Clear Lip Gloss191 Vanilla Pearl Lip Gloss192 Sunglow Lip Gloss193 Berry Mauve Lip Gloss187 Alpha-E Factor233 Alluring Eyes308 NEW Aloe Mineral Makeup – Natural309 NEW Aloe Mineral Makeup – Amber310 NEW Aloe Mineral Makeup – Caramel311 NEW Sonya Aloe Deep Moisturizing CreamSonya Literature & One 2GB USB Drive
  14. 14. Training AcademyATTENDEES WILL RECEIVETwo days’ intensive personal, hands-on Sonya application and sales training.A Sonya diploma and exclusive black Sonya Colour Collection apron.An exclusive tour of the beautiful International Headquarters.ACADEMY CRITERIAYou must be a Distributor of Forever Living Products.You must personally own the new “Touch of Sonya.”You must be at least 18 years of age.ACADEMY INFORMATIONTrainings are held in English and Spanish.An Academy must have at least 10 and no more than 12 attendees.(Note: Two or more groups may be combined to make one class with prior reservations.)Each person is financially responsible for his or her own transportation and hotelaccommodations.FOR ACADEMY RESERVATIONS, CONTACT:Cynthia W. Hampton, Sonya Sales Training Manager1.800.528.6474 x4301 champton@foreverliving.comFOR HOTEL INFORMATION CONTACT:Donna Levy, Sonya Sales Development Manager1.800.528.6474 x4305
  15. 15. Miss Competition
  16. 16. What Do I Do Now?
  17. 17. Look What I’ve Done!
  18. 18. Contact Manju Gangwar Gurgaon India