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Understanding Facebook Places


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Published in: Technology
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Understanding Facebook Places

  1. 1. Facebook Places <br />August 2010<br />Yes, that’s a four in a square<br />
  2. 2. Overview<br />_Up-Front<br /> What is it?<br />_Checking In<br />What’s it for?<br />How does it work?<br />_The Place Page<br />_Tagging Friends<br />_Privacy<br />_Partners & the API<br />_Thoughts & Questions<br />1<br />
  3. 3. Up-front<br />What is it?<br /><ul><li>A location-based service for Facebook
  4. 4. Only in the US for now, but will be global
  5. 5. Only on iPhoneapp, or touch website (for Android
  6. 6. BB &Android apps to come, but no timeline</li></ul>2<br />
  7. 7. Checking In<br />What’s it for?<br />There are three main use cases:<br />Share where you are: leave a trail and create a timeline of your life<br />See who is around you for serendipitous encounters<br />Discover new places<br />3<br />
  8. 8. Checking In<br />How does it work?<br />4<br />Start of with a list of Friend check-ins – sorted by nearby and elsewhere<br />See a list of nearby places – places appear by proximity but also by what Facebook thinks you like<br />Tap on a place and tap to check in<br />See a preview of the story and select “Allow”<br />Creates a new story on the Place Page and a story in your feed<br />
  9. 9. The Place Page<br />What’s on a Place Page and how do you create one? <br /><ul><li>If the place isn’t there, you can add a place from the app
  10. 10. Each place will have its own page with a news feed, “Recent Activity” - you can comment & like everything
  11. 11. There is a “facepile” that lets you see friends who have been at this place
  12. 12. The “Here Now” section let’s you see friends (only friends!) who are checked in at the same place</li></ul>5<br />Anyone can report on any place: incorrect info, abusive, permanently closed, duplicate<br />
  13. 13. Tagging Friends<br />How does that work? (Here’s where it gets a bit tricky)<br />Tap “Tag Friends With You”<br />Get a preview of story and…<br />A notice to “Allow” or “Not Now”<br />6<br />If you clicked “Not Now"<br />It acts like a status tag (@friend)<br />The post shows up..<br />On your friends wall<br />In the recent activity on the Place Page <br />It does not show up… <br />On your profile<br />You do not appear in the “Here Now” or "Friends Who Have Visited"<br />If you clicked “Allow”<br />The post shows up on your wall<br />The post shows up in recent activity on the Place Page<br />You appear in the “Here Now” section and “Friends Who Have Visited" section <br />It's like you checked yourself in – just<br />another way of doing that. <br />So you can't check someone in without publishing that you are there too.<br />
  14. 14. Privacy<br />What are the default settings?<br />For Check-ins:<br />Visible to friends only<br />You can always remove any check-in <br />For “Here Now:” <br />Only shows up if you tap “Allow”<br />Automatically defaulted to off if any of your other settings are lower than friends of friends<br />For Tagging<br />You can only tag friends<br />You can only tag friends while you are checking in<br />You're notified whenever you're tagged<br />You can always remove any tag <br />7<br />Or…you can completely opt out of letting friends tag you.<br />
  15. 15. Partners and the API<br />Who are they and what are they doing?<br />The API<br /><ul><li>The Read API lets you: pull check-ins, friends’ check-ins, info about a place page
  16. 16. The Write API lets you: publish to Places, and search Places
  17. 17. Only select partners can publish to Places: Gowalla, Foursquare, Yelp and Booya</li></ul>8<br />
  18. 18. Thoughts & Questions<br /><ul><li>Public Spaces + Community: Physical reality comes alive with human stories we've told there… a sort of digital sign-post
  19. 19. There could be a page of our collective memory of an experience (a concert etc..) or a place
  20. 20. WHAT ABOUT THEDEALS? How will this effect loyalty programs?
  21. 21. Can you check into entertainment or a viewing event? (the answer is no, but it’s an interesting question)
  22. 22. Will this kill foursquare?</li></ul>9<br />