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Fat burning foods


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Here are some great tips for eating your way to a slim, and fit body. There are many types of Fat Burning Foods to eat, but its hard to know whats good, and what isn't. Check out
for a great recipe book, that has many delicious Fat Burning Foods to try out!

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Fat burning foods

  1. 1. Fat Burning Foods
  2. 2. Fat-burning foods – a myth orreality? When you hear about fat-burning foods, what comes to your mind? Probably red hot chili peppers and other exotic spices that allegedly increase your metabolism helping you burn more fat. Theres a hint of truth to it. The fat-burning (thermogenic) effect of spices do exist. ◦ helps increase your metabolism, but at a small level ◦ doubtful whether they actually aid in fat loss.
  3. 3. Fat-burning foods – a myth orreality? A great alternative to spices is consuming protein. ◦ considered to be the most thermogenic food (the body uses a LOT of energy to digest them). Lean meat such as turkey, chicken breast and other lean red meat are good sources of protein.
  4. 4. Other fat-burning foods Salmon and tuna (and almost all other types of fish) ◦ Fish is a great source of protein and Omega 3 fatty acids, which helps boost metabolism. ◦ Omega 3 fatty acids help control leptin levels in your body, which results to more calories burned.
  5. 5. Other fat-burning foods Whole grain cereal and oatmeal ◦ Complex carbs and fiber are digested slowly in the stomach which helps keep insulin levels low after eating. ◦ Foods containing simple sugars spike up insulin levels in the blood which signals the body to store fat.
  6. 6. Other fat-burning foods Green tea ◦ Green tea contains epigallo-catechin gallate (EGCG) which gives a small but significant increase in metabolism for 24 hours. ◦ Unlike other caffeinated drinks, Green tea does not increase your heart rate, which makes it the ideal tea to drink.
  7. 7. For some great recipes, check out