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School of Information Presentation - Database Management


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Published in: Technology, Business
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School of Information Presentation - Database Management

  1. 1. The Four Marketeers Stacey Wilson, Nicole Feldman, Marisa Mendez-Brady, Sally DeBauche
  2. 2. Inspiration... We are avid home cooks who appreciate finding the finest local ingredients. In our culinary pursuits we saw a lack of centralized information about Austin’s Farmers Markets. We decided to make this cause our mission. The Four Marketeers were born.
  3. 3. Data Collection We went to all 8 of Austin’s weekly Farmers Markets over the course of three weeks, and gathered information about vendors,surveyed the scene, talked to shoppers, and soaked in the vibe. This information became the basis of our database.
  4. 4. Our tables
  5. 5. …scrollin’ down
  6. 6. Take Aways Expandable ● produce, updated seasonally, room for new markets, expanded to nearby markets outside of the city limits (shoutout Sunset Valley) Finding the right market for you ● hopefully this database allows people to choose a market where they will feel at home
  7. 7. Special Thanks Jessie Curry - HOPE manager Beckett Hills - HOPE manager Rod O’Connor - JBG Manager Grayson Oheim - SFC Manager Everyone at Barton Creek!! (and Oh Kimchi Austin for the Snacks)