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FACEBOOK MARKETING SUCCESS: Proven Ways To Generate More Traffic, Leads and Profits by Mari Smith at HubSpot's INBOUND 2015 Conference

Whether you’ve reached a plateau with your Facebook marketing, or you want to optimize your presence to meet specific goals, this deep dive with world-renowned Facebook marketing partner and expert, Mari Smith, is for you. Mari's proven Facebook marketing success system will help you to launch a new product, drive in-store sales, increase online sales or simply build brand awareness. Using the right methodology, Facebook can help you reach the right people, at the right time, on the right devices... come to this session and find out how, step-by-step!

During Mari's lively session, you can expect to learn:

* The top mistakes many brands and businesses are making with their content and relationship marketing strategies on Facebook – that are causing them to lose money;

* Proven ways to effectively integrate what you’re already doing on Facebook into other channels to massively improve your results;

* Which types of posts you should be amplifying, which ones you should not … and why;

* Three Facebook trends you must begin integrating into your marketing plans now to generate more reach and revenue;

* Simple techniques to improve organic reach and get your content in front of more of the right audience.

Get ready to take a ton of notes! You’ll leave this session with plenty actionable steps that you can put in place right away. It’s time to start driving droves of raving fans to your business that love you and love to buy from you.

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FACEBOOK MARKETING SUCCESS: Proven Ways To Generate More Traffic, Leads and Profits by Mari Smith at HubSpot's INBOUND 2015 Conference

  1. INBOUND15 FACEBOOK MARKETING SUCCESS Proven Ways To Generate More Traffic, Leads and Profits Mari Smith CEO, Mari Smith International, Inc. @marismit h
  2. INBOUND15@marismith 1. Three Critical Facebook Trends 2. Top Facebook Marketing Mistakes Businesses Are Making 3. Clear Objectives: What Are You Selling? 4. Content Strategy: Facebook Power Tips 5. Mari’s Four-Phase Social Media Profit System 6. Amplification  Lead Generation Strategy AGENDA
  3. INBOUND15@marismith Seeing your content Not seeing your content 6% The problem with Facebook organic reach… …explained in a single graphic
  4. INBOUND15@marismith 6% • More content, more friends, more pages • 1,500-15,000 potential stories • 100,000+ algorithm weights • 300 stories selected • Content is affected by user interaction (or lack thereof!)
  6. INBOUND15@marismith TREND #1 Facebook is disrupting television and video
  7. INBOUND15@marismith
  8. INBOUND15@marismith (general blank slide) Can Facebook overtake YouTube? Yes!
  9. INBOUND15@marismith Mobile video • Mobile video traffic to grow 55% each year until 2020 • 600M LTE subscriptions; 3.7Bn by 2020
  10. INBOUND15@marismith Media channel Facebook is 10 times larger than the biggest TV channel on the planet
  11. INBOUND15@marismith TREND #2 Huge emphasis on Messenger for Business
  12. INBOUND15@marismith Response time • Respond to 90% of messages • Maintain median response time of 5 minutes
  13. INBOUND15@marismith TREND #3 Brand story telling
  14. INBOUND15@marismith The Herbivorous Butcher • Kale & Aubrey – brother and sister • Quirky, fun, personal
  15. INBOUND15@marismith People-centric “To make the world more open and connected.”
  16. INBOUND15@marismith
  18. INBOUND15@marismith • People complain – tried and failed • So many businesses trained to ‘just try it’ • BUT… • User error! • Unclear message? • Confusing landing page? • Wrong target, or too wide? • KEY = education! Facebook ads don’t work? 
  19. INBOUND15@marismith 1. Not RESPONDING to fan posts and comments. 2. Your posts are overly PROMOTIONAL. 3. Using only the BOOST button. 4. Promoting posts without a measurable ROI. 5. Targeting the wrong AUDIENCE. 6. Not having a BUDGET for ads. 7. Placing ads without one of the six TRACKING pixels. Facebook Mistakes
  21. INBOUND15@marismith • PRODUCT • LEADERSHIP • MARGIN • SALES and MARKETING? Which is most important?
  22. INBOUND15@marismith “NOTHING happens until somebody sells something.” ~Darren Hardy
  23. INBOUND15@marismith  Drive traffic to your website  Increase online sales  Launch a new product  Build your email list  Build brand awareness  Improve customer service  Drive in-store sales  Get more check-ins Example objectives
  25. INBOUND15@marismith Create content that STANDS OUT… …but is still CONTEXTUAL
  26. INBOUND15@marismith Inform Entertain CTA 3 content ‘buckets’
  27. INBOUND15@marismith 1. “SHAREABILITY:” Craft content with your audience’s audience in mind. 2. PROMPT response wins. Every time. 3. Personalize your posts. Write as I/We when appropriate. 4. Address commenters by first name. 5. Moderators should sign off with his/her first name. 6. Be friendly and upbeat, but don’t try “too hard.” 7. Humor often works with all audiences, if done tastefully. 8. Monitor other Facebook Pages to see what catches your eye. Content & engagement tips
  28. Grow Your Business with Special Promo Pages! Facebook Approved Technology
  30. INBOUND15@marismith 4-Phase Profit System PLAN 1 year in advance  quarters Add value + build community + test, track & measure CORE Phase • Fundamentals • Everyday posts • Quality content • Engagement • Community • Listen • Identify superfans BUILD-UP Phase • Anticipation • Empower affiliates • Count-down • Contest • Big reveal! PROMOTIONPhase • Free (webinar) • Replay • Encore • Paid promotion • Cart opens • Early bird • Sale cut offs FOLLOW-UP Phase • Still time to join! • Last minute specials • Testimonials • Case studies BusinessPage+PersonalProfile
  32. INBOUND15@marismith Value + engage Pay to amplify the reach of your BLOG POST content containing helpful tutorials, resources, tools, etc.
  33. INBOUND15@marismith Retarget! • Create ‘dark posts’ with offers • Target your Website Custom Audience • Target Lookalike Audiences
  34. INBOUND15@marismith 1. Post more native VIDEO (use Facebook Live!) 2. Experiment with posting outside business HOURS 3. Mix up frequency—try posting LESS often! 4. Mix up post TYPES 5. Test post LENGTH 6. Include @ TAGS of other Pages 7. REPOST popular posts 8. Pre-select target AUDIENCE (post-gate) 9. Drive traffic from other sources 10. EMBED posts and videos on your blog Organic reach tips
  35. INBOUND15@marismith Facebook Live • Game changer • Verified Pages • Public Figures • Mentions app • Instant native video • Highest organic reach
  36. INBOUND15@marismith Example • Focused • Breaking news • Relevant • Highly shareable
  37. INBOUND15@marismith Secret to Facebook success? Be a MEMBER first, marketer second
  38. INBOUND15@marismith
  39. INBOUND15@marismith • How to create CONTENT? • How to keep up? • Where to FOCUS? • How to “do it all”? • How to COMPETE? • Organic vs. PAID? • How to measure ROI? Biggest business challenges:
  40. INBOUND15@marismith
  41. INBOUND15@marismith Cheers! 