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Social Super Bowl 2015 Infographic


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Super Bowl XLIX is officially in the books. The New England Patriots have been named World Champions once again, Katy Perry wowed the world riding in on a lion, and many people now understand what it is that actually offers. After a night of parties, cheering, and some of the most prolific advertising of the year, our team here at Salesforce Marketing Cloud is providing you with a comprehensive analysis of Super Bowl XLIX advertising and social media trends.

Jeff Rohrs, VP of Marketing Insights at Salesforce Marketing Cloud, just published his annual Super Bowl advertising analysis. In it, he takes a look at advertising trends this year and how brands are (or aren't) taking full advantage of their $4.5 million ad placement with CTAs and digital engagement. For more analysis on the Super Bowl ads and their use of hashtags, URLs, and other CTAs, check out his article here.

Over the past couple weeks and throughout Super Bowl XLIX weekend, we also have been using Salesforce's Social Studio to track all the social conversations around the Super Bowl, the teams, the advertisements, and more. We tracked 13.9 million tweets (a 1.4% decrease in Super Bowl-related tweets from last year) to give you insights on how the Social Super Bowl played out in this infographic.

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Social Super Bowl 2015 Infographic

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