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Big data – Small budget Unlocking the power of Google Analytics for your business


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Big data is helping your competitors understand a lot about customers. Many small business owners don’t feel they have the budget or expertise to compete on this level. Not so, says Marie Wiese who has tested 5 important buyer-specific markers in Google Analytics for businesses on a budget. This session will explore how you can analyze information through your online activities to boost product quality, improve marketing and further customer relationships.

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Big data – Small budget Unlocking the power of Google Analytics for your business

  1. 1. Big data – Small budget Unlocking the power of Google Analytics for your business Presented by Marie Wiese Social Business Now November 27, 2014
  2. 2. Your buyers’ behavior has changed… What are you doing about it?
  3. 3. 70% Your buyer will be 70% of the way through their buying process before you ever hear from them
  4. 4. 99% Of prospects will consult a website before they decide to buy anything
  5. 5. 100% Will go to your website before making the final decision to buy from you “Check out our blog post - 24 Content Marketing Stats that will Blow Your Mind”
  6. 6. Your website is the new first sales call.
  7. 7. There is gold in them there hills.
  8. 8. 1898
  9. 9. The funnel today
  10. 10. 60% of the sales funnel is taking place in the digital space… How good is the data you are using to improve your business results?
  11. 11. Do you use data to make decisions? • Google Analytics? • Back end of your website? • Your email marketing tool? • Social media stats? • Other tracking tools?
  12. 12. Your best friend…
  13. 13. Google Analytics The good news… • It’s free • It’s full of important and useful information • It provides markers about search engine optimization
  14. 14. Google Analytics The bad news… • Its tracking everything about your website • Its difficult to keep on top of changes • Its tricky to manipulate • Google makes you play by their rules
  15. 15. Top 10 things you should be tracking 1. New versus returning visitors 2. Where people entered and left your site 3. Time on page 4. In-page analytics (where they click) 5. Geography 6. Goal completions 7. How conversion tools perform 8. Referring sites 9. Keywords 10. Visits by traffic type
  16. 16. 1. New versus returning • Depending on your strategy these numbers are good or bad • Good if your goal is lead nurturing • Not so good if your goal is lead generation • Insert pic
  17. 17. 2. Where people enter and leave your website • Home page • About us • Insert pic
  18. 18. How do people use your website?
  19. 19. 3. Time on page • Need to determine strategy and decide if time on page good or bad?
  20. 20. 4. In-page analytics
  21. 21. 4. In-page analytics • Look at where people click • Which part of your navigation is performing? • Does your eye tracking strategy work?
  22. 22. Do people take the next step you want them to?
  23. 23. 5. Geography • How important is local search to your business? • If you’re getting traffic from the wrong place, your keyword strategy is off
  24. 24. 6. Goal completions • Track everything • Map to buyer process • Steps in buyer cycle
  25. 25. 7. Conversion tools • 0.1% is a good conversion number • Be realistic about goals
  26. 26. Do your conversion points perform?
  27. 27. 8. Referring sites • Who is driving leads for your business? • Is there a way to get more?
  28. 28. 9. Keywords • Develop a keyword strategy for your business • Determine which words perform • Track and adjust every 30 days
  29. 29. 10. Visits by traffic types • Stop doing things that don’t drive traffic • See what strategies perform
  30. 30. The Content Marketing Success Loop
  31. 31. Getting the buyer to raise their hand • Customer-centric business problems in blog topics and social media • Email campaigns with good headlines • Headlines create links in social media • Paid media test headlines • People engage with content that matters to them • They go to see if they can afford something they need • They download the brochure
  32. 32. Case Study
  33. 33. 30 day results
  34. 34. What we learned from the data… • 5 people were interested but not ready to engage • 10 people wanted to learn how to buy software • 10 people were ready to engage when they downloaded the brochure and provided a phone number • 2 people were interested in starting the sales process • 4 people were interested in buying the software
  35. 35. Reverse funnel path
  36. 36. Content popularity
  37. 37. Results?  Every 30 days add 5-10 qualified leads to the sales pipeline  In 6 months the program has paid for itself via sales  Company now understands how to use tactics and data to achieve measurable business results
  38. 38. About Us Since 2003, Marketing CoPilot has been providing small and medium-sized businesses with digital marketing strategies that produce measurable business results. Marketing CoPilot integrates deep technical and creative capabilities with a proven methodology to help organizations turn their websites into powerful lead generation and lead nurturing tools. 100% of the companies that implement the Marketing CoPilot Content Marketing Program have reduced the cost of lead acquisition and increased revenue. Marketing CoPilot Inc is a registered trademark in Canada. Copy right @2014. Not to be reproduced or reused without full attribution. Marketing CoPilot Inc. | 500 Yonge St, Ste 1901 | Toronto, ON | M2V 7E9 | 416.218.2009
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