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Re-Wired Bob Moesta Chris Spiek Jobs to be Done Business of Software Conference 2013

Slides from Re-Wired Group's talk on understanding and uncovering 'Jobs to be Done' at Business of Software Conference 2013.

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Re-Wired Bob Moesta Chris Spiek Jobs to be Done Business of Software Conference 2013

  1. 1. The Re-Wired Group Jobs Consumers Are Trying to Get Done Innovation from the Consumer’s Perspective Presenter: Date: Location: Bob Moesta & Chris Spiek | The Re-Wired Group October 28thth 2013 Business of Software
  2. 2. The Re-Wired Group Bob Moesta Designer, Engineer, Salesman, Marketer, General Manager Innovator, President, CEO, CFO I have been blessed with the opportunity to work directly with some great mentors in Clayton Christensen, Dr. Genichi Taguchi, W. Edwards Deming, John B. Palmer and many others. “ A struggling moment is the seed of innovation. ”
  3. 3. The Re-Wired Group Chris Spiek Serial Entrepreneur, Business Model Designer, Product Development & Innovation Consultant I grew up in the web space, and have experienced first-hand the pain, frustration, and failure that comes from not understanding what it takes to get people to switch to a new solution. What is “ The Switch:start usingthe consumer going to stop doing when they your product? ”
  4. 4. 4 The Re-Wired Group I Have Helped Develop & Launched +3000 New Products November 19, 2013
  5. 5. The Re-Wired Group What is a Job-To-be-Done? The premise is simple: customers don't just buy products They "hire" them to do a job. “People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill… The SOLUTION (WHAT) Product Language – Features & Benefits …they want a quarter-inch hole!" The JOB (WHY) JTBD Method Job Language – Outcomes & Value Theodore Levitt Harvard Business School October 28th 2013 at
  6. 6. The Re-Wired Group Value = f(Context, Do, Candidates, Product, $) Content vs. Context People don’t just buy stuff. They buy what stuff does for them. Content is what you make for them Context is what you mean to them People buy on emotion and justify with logic. October 28th 2013 at
  7. 7. The Re-Wired Group Technology Independent Hiring Criteria The Context I am in Hiring Criteria What I am Trying to Do Product or Service I Hire to Help me Make Progress The Progress I am Trying to Make October 28th 2013 at Firing Criteria
  8. 8. The Re-Wired Group From Descriptive to Perscriptive Jobs-to-be-Done Analysis JTBD Interview Looking Back (Descriptive Model) October 28th 2013 at JTBD & Hiring Criteria Looking Forward (Perscriptive Model)
  9. 9. The Re-Wired Group Two Key JTBD Frameworks 1. The Forces Diagram 2. The Timeline Bonus: The Kano Model of Quality October 28th 2013 at
  10. 10. #JTBD Forces Of Progress The Re-Wired Group Struggling Moment Business as Usual New Behavior Two Forces Promote a New Choice Push of the Situation Habit of the Present The tug of historical allegiances Jane Doe Problem solving – Make it better Pull of New Solution Attraction of relevant news Anxiety of the New Solution Uncertainty surrounding a new choice Two Forces Block Change October 28th 2013 at Concept Of New Way
  11. 11. The Re-Wired Group #JTBD Timeline First Thought Passive Looking Event #1 Event #2 “Finished” Or Experienced Buying Active Looking Or Deciding Consuming October 28th 2013 at Satisfaction
  12. 12. The Re-Wired Group The Kano Model of Quality October 28th 2013 at
  13. 13. The Re-Wired Group Bob Moesta @bmoesta October 28th 2013 at Chris Spiek @chriscbs