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Week 35 -day_3-_unit_10-_splat_and_geobots_and_study_guide

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Week 35 -day_3-_unit_10-_splat_and_geobots_and_study_guide

  1. 1. Good Morning! 1/10/12Good Morning! 1/10/12Good Morning/Afternoon!Good Morning/Afternoon! 4/24/134/24/13EQ: What are the 3 most interestingcountries/physical features youlearned this year and where are theylocated?HW: Unit 10 Test next Friday, May 3rd.SpongeWhat is the function (the reason) foryour geobot?
  2. 2. Geobots Directions#1. Work on your Geobot travel journal. Eachparagraph must be 5-7 sentences.•If you think you are finished, raise yourhand so Mrs. Hurst or I can check yourwork.#2. Work on your Geobot map.#3. If you finish early, work on yourAustralia study guide.
  3. 3. 4/24/13Dear Journal,Today I visited the western coast of Chile so that Icould go to the Atacama Desert. Did you know that theAtacama desert is not only the driest place in SouthAmerica, but in the whole world? Even though itslocated near the Pacific Ocean, it doesnt get much rain.It also doesnt look like other deserts, especially theSahara with big sand dunes. It looks more like a barrenwasteland, with a few small trees and shrubs. I decidedto visit the Atacama because it gets plenty of sunlight,and as a solar energy producing Geobot, it seemed likeit would help me to create a lot of power. Tomorrow, Ithink I will visit the Great Victoria Desert to comparethe two. Sincerely, "Sunny" Geobot